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  1. Read this article and downloaded the app. I currently use the Garmin Approach s10 watch and can track historical data and like the features but have been curious to see if similar features are available for my Apple watch. I’ve been happy using a fit for purpose gps watch for golf and will play with the app to see how it goes
  2. Hi! I attended the Portland golf show and ended up buying a wedge from a brand Indi Golf as I too was eyeing the Callaway Jaws wedges. Then I regripped my new wedge with a neon blue grip from Pure Grips - I love how they feel and the comfort and pop of color is exactly what I wanted. My short game is a work in progress, I’m finally “feeling” what I should be doing vs trying to figure out what I could be doing. Now I need to practice more Indigo Wedges: https://indigolfclubs.com/collections/atk-wedges/products/b-i-g-womens?variant=42845554442456 Pure Grips: https://www.puregrips.com/products/pure-wrap-standard-size-neon-blue Have fun!
  3. Hi! I finally found a shoe that meets my requirements: supportive arch support, waterproof, breathable, with stability, comfort and a wider toe box. I’m picky with shoes as I’ve suffered from plantar and am willing to find what I need so that I can continue to walk. The Ecco S-Three spikeless has been my favorite go to and I’ve almost worn it out over the last rainy winter. I see a new model, the Ecco M Biom C4 with BOA lacing isn’t available in ladies model, but they offer smaller sizes in mens. Curious if anyone has any experience to share using the BOA system, any other recommendations? Am nervous to shift brands (have been eyeing Squaiz possibly) and hope to have more options in the women’s category aligned to men’s offerings.
  4. Exactly! Any feedback we can give to brands would be amazing. I’d love to see better selections in gloves and shoes. Or smaller size selection of mens shoes for women. I want technical, high performance and comfort (and not just a pink variation less than the men’s version)
  5. Hi @Swood1994! Thanks for the mention and I’m really happy to see this thread. It’s great to hear your wife is becoming more interested. I’d suggest to look at the local LPGA Amateurs chapter, the closest to you: https://chapters.lpgaamateurs.com/home/chapter/NYCE and there are chapters across North America. All skill levels are welcome, she’ll make great connections, member only clinics, events etc. I’m a member in Portland Oregon and golf at least 3 days a week + weekends, largely because it’s organized and I’ve made friends who all golf. Thanks!
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