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  1. Ah that’s a bit of a bummer. I hit the six and the Gw during my fitting. I feel like the 4 and 5 iron really show what it can do. The rest are great but the 4-5 feel insane and are definitely built to help.
  2. the hot metals are super nice. the 4 and 5 iron particularly feel incredible but the whole set is nice. i have nippon 950 stiff in mine and have been able to hit them a couple of times so far and they are awesome. also did you get to hit the GW for the mizuno set? it's made to match the rest of the set but it's not made of the same stuff as the irons. it's super easy to hit.
  3. i have this exact shaft in my rogue - my fitter called it "project x hzrdus green" and from some googling it looks like it came out initially with the epic
  4. What a coincidence I just ordered a sampler of the 4 and 3 piece and a couple of sleeves of yellow and orange. Travis is super helpful. Hope the balls are as good as their service is.
  5. thanks patrick. i figured as much when i was giving them a go on the irons. seems like more of a gentle reminder than a smack to the head.
  6. as anyone posting or reading knows...once you get the itch it's tough to get rid of it. I broke 90 for the first time this year and as a reward for being such an amazing golfer i decided to get new clubs. i went for a driver about 2-3 months ago and got fitted for the rest, sans putter, over the weekend. they're still not here yet but i can't contain myself. callaway rogue 9* - project x hzrdus green callaway rogue 3w 15* - stock evenflo blue callaway rogue x 3h 18* - stock evenflo black mizuno jpx 919 hot metal 4-GW - nippon 950 mizuno s18 in 55 and 60* i tried to hit the forged but honestly what i could kindly call a cut or fade turned into a slice rather easily. they're the best looking clubs that i tried to hit but i'm just not there. i also hit some pxg because as my fitter said...if you're in the showroom you should drive the ferrari. i mean...they're too expensive but WOW. i got the golf pride mcc aligns, which i'm a little bit worried about with the wedges. does it feel weird opening it way up if i have to? that's the one thing i didn't do in the fitting and am kicking myself for it. i also didn't try the vokey's when i should've but the s18 felt really nice anyway. i didn't get fitted for a putter as i figured what i really need there is a lesson and to really drill down on understanding what i'm doing before i buy something. i run hot and cold and i think it's because my actual mechanics and setup are all over the damn place with the putter.
  7. those new mizuno irons. good lord they look nice
  8. i can only speak as a guy that just got fit for a driver only...i've played more golf than i ever have this year and rewarded myself for finally breaking 90 by getting a fit for a new driver. 1. i'm basically an off the rack standard size guy, 6ft and 180 2. i had no idea what my swing speed was and my last driver was an off the rack 12* tm aeroburner with a "regular" shaft 3. where i went the guy tested the actual stiffness of my shaft and his findings were that it was actually stiff and not regular. 4. then i got in the bay and started hitting. first he found my swing speed, which was between 95-100 5. from there he got me trying different heads. all the new stuff. the pings, the 2 taylor made ones, the rogue, and i think one other. 6. the main thing was finding the combo which got the tightest dispersion which is really what i wanted. i can regularly hit the ball 250, and sometimes a lot further, with the 12* i had. 7. from there he tried to max my distance with a few other shafts but we decided on what seemed to give me more forgiveness/what was in or closest to the fairway. i ended up with a callaway rogue 9* with an off the rack shaft option which was the same sort of performance of some fancy one that was like 200 bucks or whatever. the main thing, for me, was knowing i was fitted for something that really did match my swing and i saw working. now that it's taken care of in that way, i can't blame the club can i? haha. really though that's the best thing i got out of it.
  9. 1. Matt - New Westminster, BC 2. 23 3. Your dream bag of Cleveland gear (check out the new stuff at Cleveland's website) Driver - launcher hb 10.5 3wood - launcher hb all 3 hb hybrods - 19, 22, 25 5-P - cbx irons Wedges - those cbx look good to so, 52, 56 Putter - either the huntington beach 3 or 4...both look sick. o/s grip too!
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