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  1. I tested all the new drivers for a golf mag this year... And I’d suggest that you try the Ping G410 PLUS. Even tho I’m playing PXG gen2 myself it’s the only one that I think could kick it out of the bag.
  2. Yes please, always good to see!
  3. So a question I asked myself this year was ‘is 2019 a year of graphite shafts’? The tech has evolved so massively that I stopped trusting the ‘club purists’. When I was fitted for my first set my fitter said ‘graphite is for old men and ladies’. I was fitted with a DG S300 and that was it. Next set the same story but the shaft changed to a PX LZ. And then again KSB C-Taper Lite 110. As I’m quite often at a place with trackman I hit some Accra ICWT i105, and it was surprisingly pleasant. Then the i95 and my flight was higher, the dispersion tighter so I thought there’s something
  4. Kev, For when I’m trying to score, and not just screwing around with friends, I tee off with a 1iron or 4 iron (any par 4 under 450), driver mostly comes out when I can reach the green, would have to hit anything longer than a 5i into the green, or if reaching a par 5 in 2. On most courses that I play it’s 5/6 times a round. And irons for me are the clubs I take full shots with, so 1, 4i-50 degree. Even tho it’s 2 ‘wedges’ I do hit mostly full shots with them. But yeah, I may be checking in when iron shafts are not being talked about, but as I’m moving to graphite now I’ve done
  5. Out of curiosity - tried composite yet? I guess you did, so what didn’t work?
  6. Hmm should I give a sleeve away to 4 people or a box to one...? Sleeve can be expensive to post?
  7. That's fair enough. I'm a tinkerer and there isn't much more I can tinker with when it comes to putters, hybrids or woods so it's time for irons. I've spent a hell of a long time researching iron shafts, and well... doesn't seem to me people get excited about it as much as wood/driver shafts I'm leaving the steel world for a bit. After a few glasses of whiskey I have now the Mitsubishi OT 100, Diamana Thump 95 and Accra ICWT 95 coming this week. And a new set of heads not to screw with my gamers ;-D Planning on playing ~30 rounds with each and a few trackman sessions to see if I can
  8. So as the title says.... I really don't get why iron shafts are getting so little love comparing to driver shafts. I take my driver out 5/6 times in a round maximum vs AT LEAST 30 iron shots. Is it cause they're not as sexy as the big stick? Or people just don't care?
  9. Pretty sure they're not made in China, and they want to move their production to the US.
  10. Well... You can see my review of them now ;-D I'll be giving away a box of them soon on my IG
  11. Does she practice on a matt? I had wrist, shoulder, back and rib injuries due to steep angle of attack and hitting few hundred balls a day on a matt. As soon as I moved to grass it disappeared. As soon as I hit too many balls on the range matt it's back and takes 3/4 days to recover. So now when I do range practice I take 2/3 minutes between shots. Not sure if it'll help but it might.
  12. I play a combo set and after a gapping session ALL of my clubs are different lofts that they were meant to have. And we were looking for yardages and spin, as making them stronger will remove some of it too, so I'd suggest a trackman session and see what happens.
  13. I really don't get why iron shafts are getting so little love comparing to driver shafts. I mean, I don't know about everyone else but I hit my irons WAY more often than my driver. I decided to do some testing. Getting a set of Accra ICWT, diamanas thump, the new OT, hopefully I can get hold of Padersons too. Will play 20-30 rounds with each and then re-shaft the heads. Track stats with arccos and do a trackman session when I get them and when I'm going to be swaping them. Hopefully will give me some insight into the technology of a composite iron shaft.
  14. So, an update. On trackman the 3 piece performed better for me than the 4 piece. And it was the opposite for a pro with a slower swing speed which is interesting. However he did like the 4 piece being a lot firmer than anything else we’ve tested (prov, tp5, chromesoft). Mid iron was what youd expect from any high performance ball. Driver on a perfect strike - difference was negligible and would be 100% overriden by swing inconsistency. However on my usual miss - the ball didn’t hook as much as I’d expect, which was interesting. Now we couldn’t test high lofted wedges indoor wi
  15. I have TWO of those for sale btw. Ideally you’d want to be in the UK as it’s heavy to post. But upgrading to a JUCAD soon so can let the QODs go!
  16. I mean, I won’t really knock a product down purely cause its cheap or expensive. I try to take cost out of the equation as much as I can. At the moment Im toying depending on weather ProV1x / AVX / Willson Pro Duo. I played a chromesoft for a while and a TP5. Chromesoft I quite liked but TP5 didn’t agree with me. Project A on the other hand I quite enjoyed. EDIT: So, they’ve arrived. And for now all I can say is that I like the way they look. They have a pre-made line, which is a nice touch so I dont have to scribble on my ball. Taking them to the course tomorrow followed by a
  17. Of course they work only with PXG irons! I think I’ll include a sleeve of them with my next Driver giveaways What do you guys think?
  18. So... My Clear Balls should be arriving today If someone’s not familiar - https://www.golf.com/gear/2018/12/21/clear-golf-balls-most-expensive/ Just wondering what would you guys like to see as a review? Unfortunately don’t have the tools to cut it open. But have access to trackman and golf courses I can probably also record my face and the crying when I lose a $10 ball
  19. I played a box of oncore elxir and it’s a really great ball, however I play quite a bit on a par3 9hole course and after a round with only wedges the cover was always ripped like someone would take a saw to it.
  20. Playing C Taper lites at the moment in 110 hard stepped. I’ve tried a lot of different shafts those 2 are ones I can’t hit at my fitter. I can have either of those witout an upcharge. Thinking I may put the Diaman DF in my woods I may go brand loyal. My 7i 180 carry with my current irons and spin around 6k but working on higher launch as my attack angle is around -6. I swing my driver 109-112. Suggestions?
  21. Waiting to hear how it went!
  22. I'm giving away a G series, open world-wide. Will be doing some more drivers and some other stuff (like Clear Balls) soon So come have a look
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