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  1. Have the Puttout, but not the mat or gates! Would love to try either! Thanks for the oppotunity and good luck to all.
  2. My putting is so bad right now, I might need the Emergency Room, as another poster said earlier!
  3. Bill/Aurora, Ohio Have Have used net in past, not recently. Do not have a LM, trying to decide between SC300, Mevo, and Rapsodo. Thanks
  4. Thanks GaDawg, Will see if any of those has the right tip diameter to fit the utility. Appreciate it, maybe I'll root for the Dawgs this season since The B1G is screwin over the Buckeyes!
  5. Good morning everyone! Looking for a comparable shaft to Diamana Red 60g to put on a Calloway utility 18 degree. I have the Diamana shaft but it is for a true hybris and the tip diameter is too small and, I guess a shim(s) can't be used. I have the shaft in a couple other hybrids and I would like something very close. Anybody have any recommendations? Thanks.
  6. Bill, Ohio 8.1, 90mph TaylorMade M I've spent 50 years trying to find a driver I can hit the way I think I should, why not 1 more? SZ. Thanks
  7. Bill/Ohio FJ Snow on The Scarlet, rai during a member/guest in SC reminiscent of Caddy Shack minus the lightning! Thanks for the chance.
  8. Bill from Ohio. Current handicap 7.2 Not using anyrhing now except good, old fashioned hit and shag!
  9. Need new irons, getting fit this week. Bill from Ohio. Currently playing AP1's with GD 65 shafts. 7 iron 155 on a good day. Thanks, Bill
  10. Playing the Chrome Soft now, would love to try The Red!
  11. Anybody have any personal experience with Mevo on the practice range?
  12. Would love to test the Hogan wedges. Currently looking for new irons and carry Vokey 50/54/58 degree wedges with TT steel shafts. Thanks, Bill 7.1 index. Cleveland, O.
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