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  1. 9 Hdcp in Bath MI Facebook=Glen Koeske. Instagram=Glenkoeske 32 rounds in 8 weeks Current: Wilson(c300 Dr) Maltby(mmb17 irons), Edel(putter), Eidolon wedges, Cobra FW's Driver: King SZ 10.5 in black/yellow tour length with xstiff rogue silver 60 FW's King SZ 5W 7W stiff Tensei Blue 65 Irons: King Forged CB/MB combo 4-P, KBS $taper 120 stiff-2 degrees flat Wedges King Mim Wedges 50,54,58 with KBS stiff Hi-rev shafts - 2 degrees flat
  2. Glen K in Michigan 11 Hdcp Maltby mmb17 Icons to test, thank you
  3. Glen in Bath Michigan Ping Traverse Durability, lots of easy access pockets, clubs pull out easily, cooler pocket.
  4. 51 years old Bath Michigan 92 mph swing speed Moderately good shape I promise I would spend the time needed time to complete the entire program.
  5. Glen in Michigan Handicap = 8.5 Current irons in Play - Adams MB2 The carry distance of your 7 iron - 155
  6. Glen in Michigan Driver swing speed = 99 current Ball - TaylorMade Project A yellow Would like to try: MaxfliTourX
  7. Glen in Michigan PineMeadow #7 model with Plumbers Neck 7.9
  8. glenk69


  9. Glen in Michigan Hcp.7.9 Current: Score 4161 52* and 60* Maltby Diamonized black at 65* I love short chips an pitches where you can play it back in your stance and put some spin on it.
  10. Minus 7 is the winning score My fifth pick would be Si Woo Kim
  11. Glen Michigan 8.8 Adams MB2 with TT Elevate stiff shaft - 7 iron goes 165. Thanks my golf spy and Tommy Armour
  12. Glen in Bath, MI Handicap Index: 9.1 Current Iron: Adams MB2 Which would you like to test: Prowler VT would be great, they like pretty sweet. A hollow head Muscle Back blade, how old school combined with new school.
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