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  1. Glen in Michigan Driver swing speed = 99 current Ball - TaylorMade Project A yellow Would like to try: MaxfliTourX
  2. Glen in Michigan PineMeadow #7 model with Plumbers Neck 7.9
  3. glenk69


  4. Glen in Michigan Hcp.7.9 Current: Score 4161 52* and 60* Maltby Diamonized black at 65* I love short chips an pitches where you can play it back in your stance and put some spin on it.
  5. Minus 7 is the winning score My fifth pick would be Si Woo Kim
  6. Glen Michigan 8.8 Adams MB2 with TT Elevate stiff shaft - 7 iron goes 165. Thanks my golf spy and Tommy Armour
  7. Glen in Bath, MI Handicap Index: 9.1 Current Iron: Adams MB2 Which would you like to test: Prowler VT would be great, they like pretty sweet. A hollow head Muscle Back blade, how old school combined with new school.
  8. Glen, Bath MI 9.9 Hdcp Index, 98 swing speed Cobra f7 7 wood - I previously used a Adams A12 hybrid, but currently game a 7 wood instead. Probably the 4 at 22 degrees. I currently carry a 7 wood at 21 * and a four iron at 24 degrees. would probably replace the seven wood.
  9. Glen in Michigan. Maltby AccuSite Right hand I wanna try the TA putter, because I love mallets, love Dicks Sporting gds and I've tried it in the store and it's so easy to get online.
  10. Glen - Bath, MI - 95 MPH 10.1 hdcp - Cobra Bio Cell 3W at 15*, Cobra F7 7 wood at 21*, Maltbly MMB17 3 iron Right Handed
  11. Glen In Michigan Wilson C300 ,10.5, UST VTS Black 7X shaft, XStiff HDCP=11 SS=95 LM=use TopGolf Range regularly at my local range. Have you played a Tour Edge driver before, and what was your experience. Yes, had an original Hot Launch. I thought it was solid and had great adjustability.
  12. Glen K, Bath, Michigan 90 to 100 rounds per year Social media Accounts: Facebook, Twitter Handicap is 9 and swing speed is 95. Current Set is Wilson C300 driver, Cobra Bio Cell 3 wood, Cobra f7 7 wood, PinHawk single length 4 & 5 irons, Adams MB2 irons 6 to PW, Cleveland RTX 3 50 degree wedge, Scor 53 degree wedge, Maltby 56 degree wedge. PineMeadow #7 style putter. Desired Cobra Set-f9 irons single length 4 to PW,F9 fastback driver and fairway woods ,F9 wedges.
  13. Glen in Michigan PineMeadow RT (Odyssey 7 rip off) & Cleveland Smart Square Bettinardi putters are the perfect blend of science/technology into art/feel.
  14. Glen from Michigan Hdcp: 7.9. Swing speed 98 Current: Wilson c300, 10.5* stiff shaft xcaliber Tour 6 Would like to test: Epic Flash Sub Zero, since I struggle with too much spin. 10.5 * stiff shaft prefferred.
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