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  1. I confirmed with the company it is the Ultra Base System they are using, which actually gives me a bit of comfort since that's been around for a long time.
  2. Has anyone heard of a company called X Grass? They make a DIY putting green kit that i'm interested in, but I cannot find any reviews online. Any experience with this company or any other company offering a similar product? https://www.xgrass.com/players-series-putting-green-kits.html. Thanks!
  3. Customer Service at Shot Scope is the best I've ever seen. Over the last 3 years I've had a few problems and every time I got a response within 24 hours, often within 2 hours. Every time they quickly solved my problem. Actually happened again today. Really impressive.
  4. I just had the same problem with the V3 draining overnight. I'm really surprised. This was an issue with the V2 and they did a software upgrade so it would turn off after a few minutes if not plugged in AND not in play mode. It's bizarre that the problem has resurfaced with the v3. I expect a software upgrade to rectify that in the next few weeks. I've also experienced ghost shots from practice swings, which was not an issue with the V2. I'm glad I bought the v3 because of the enhanced battery life, smaller size and more comfortable band, but overall I have not seen an improvement in picking up shots or GPS location data. This is very much an evolutionary product. Nothing revolutionary here.
  5. I've had the V2 since 2018 and have now played 3 rounds with the new V3. Much better looking than the V2. No comparison really. The new band is much more comfortable. Big improvement. I did not switch to the new tags yet, but everything has worked just fine. My upgrade process was smooth and easy. I had over 50% power when my 18 hole round was over and it charges WAY faster then the old model. If I wanted to play 36 it would be easy to plug it into a portable charger or a clubhouse plug for 30 minutes. That was not true of the V2. One major criticism is the proprietary charger. It's an odd choice, but I suppose it will be an extra revenue stream for them when people buy 2nd charges to keep in the car or to replace ones that are lost of break. Of course it will also produce a lot of angry customers when it takes a week to get the new charger. Overall really happy with the new watch. Still an amazing value and a great product.
  6. Stephen. Durham CT 102MPH i play the Mizuno 190 i also use shotscope, so I could share what data tracking says about my experience with the Honma driver.
  7. I did buy a dozen of the RB Tour X. While performance was fine, I experienced the same durability issues others have described. The ball below was played for two holes. I did not hit a tree or a cart path. I did hit a pitch shot, and there is visible damage to the cover. At least four clear and easily felt ridges. On other occasion I did hit a tree, and that impact produced similar cover damage. I play Mizuno wedges and woods. I really wanted to like this ball, but I'll be sticking with the Snell MTB-X. My limited testing didn't show a difference in performance, but in the two years I've played Snell balls they were never damaged this way from normal play. In fact usually if I bang one off a tree it still looks fine!
  8. My Rovik "disk golf" cart arrived along with the conversion kit. Happy to say, it works great and I played my first 18 with the new gear today. If you get the disk golf cart be warned there are no directions on how to use the conversion kit, so it helps to be a little handy. Pretty easy though. Basically you get two sets of straps. The longer ones fit in the upper brackets. The shorter ones replace the bottom set of bungee cords on the cart. In both cases there is a screw that fits into a bolt, so you just unscrew one and swap in the other. I will say the upper set didn't align perfectly, so I used a drill bit to widen it slightly. There is one weird plastic piece. That goes inside the storage compartment on the handle and holds up to 3 golf balls in place. So 10-30 minutes, depending on your sill level. Pretty easy, and a great solution at this point when no one seems to have a golf cart in stock.
  9. I just found a website that has a Rovik available. https://skybreed-discs.com/collections/disc-golf-bags-and-accessories/products/rovic-rv1d-disc-golf-cart Believe it or not this is the "disc" golf version of this cart. It's for frisbee golf, which is why they still have product. There is a conversion kit that gives you extra straps to hold a golf bag. Just ordered. I'll post when it arrives and see if it actually works for golf. Wish me luck!
  10. Mowine4me

    MIzuno RB Tour

    Currently playing the Snell MTB-X and I've been very happy with it. Thinking about switching to the Mizuno RB Tour-X this year just for something new. Anyone had any experience with Mizuno balls? I've heard the first batch had a problem with the covers cracking but that has been eliminated.
  11. I've used ShotScope the last 2 seasons. I also did the V3 pre-order. Hope it can arrive in May as scheduled. The two weaknesses I hope to see improved are battery life and putting accuracy. As noted the watch cannot handle 36 in a day unless you take a nice lunch and plug it in for a while. I also find I need to review and edit the putting data after every round. Usually it's pretty good, but 2 or 3 holes a around seem way off and that would destroy the accuracy of the data if I didn't stay on top of it. As a fringe benefit, reviewing my round has not become a habit. I enjoy going back through things shot by shot, congratulating myself for things well done and recommitting to fixing stupid decisions/mistakes. Overall I'm a ShotScope fan. Wouldn't want to play without it.
  12. New shaft is KBS S-Taper 120. Fitter selected it on how own, no optimizer used. I'm embarrassed to say I don't remember the old shaft and those clubs are stuck in my NYC office the moment. Not sure when I'll be able to look!
  13. I’ve played the ER-7 CS for the past two years. Very happy with it. Great build quality. Beautiful to look at. Feels really nice and The technology works. A very personal choice, but I love my Evnroll.
  14. I agree that by the time you go in for a 60 minute fitting you need some sense of what you want. Game improvement, players distance etc. You should tell the fitter your price point so they won't put you into a shaft that moves the set out of your range. That said, if you can find a quality fitter your trust then you should take advantage of their expertise. I was just fitted for the Cobra Forged TEC, a player's distance iron similar to the 585. It was not a club I planed on trying until the fitter put it in my hand. Ended up being my best fit.
  15. I had my fitting and the winner is...Cobra King Forged Tec, 5-GW. I had not hit a true hollow bodied players iron before. They go for miles. It's crazy. I tried the Mizuno HMB, Titlest T200 and a few others. For me the Cobra King Forged Tec provided great feel, tight dispersion and impressive distance. It was the clear winner. That said, the whole process was really comforting. I'm from the NYC area, and my fitting was at Pete's Golf (city location, not long island). Sonny knows his business. Quickly put me in a shaft that was firmer in the middle, and that helped a lot right off the bat. He was the one who introduced the Cobra, which costs less than the clubs I wanted to try. It's a club that was not even on my radar, which is exactly the kind of expertise you hope a good fitter will provide. I know that Cobra lofts are as jacked as they get (29.5 7 iron), but accounting for that these are a full iron longer than my Ping I25s. The decent and spin numbers were also very solid. Order is placed. Cannot way to get these out on the course.
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