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  1. I’ve played the ER-7 CS for the past two years. Very happy with it. Great build quality. Beautiful to look at. Feels really nice and The technology works. A very personal choice, but I love my Evnroll.
  2. I agree that by the time you go in for a 60 minute fitting you need some sense of what you want. Game improvement, players distance etc. You should tell the fitter your price point so they won't put you into a shaft that moves the set out of your range. That said, if you can find a quality fitter your trust then you should take advantage of their expertise. I was just fitted for the Cobra Forged TEC, a player's distance iron similar to the 585. It was not a club I planed on trying until the fitter put it in my hand. Ended up being my best fit.
  3. I had my fitting and the winner is...Cobra King Forged Tec, 5-GW. I had not hit a true hollow bodied players iron before. They go for miles. It's crazy. I tried the Mizuno HMB, Titlest T200 and a few others. For me the Cobra King Forged Tec provided great feel, tight dispersion and impressive distance. It was the clear winner. That said, the whole process was really comforting. I'm from the NYC area, and my fitting was at Pete's Golf (city location, not long island). Sonny knows his business. Quickly put me in a shaft that was firmer in the middle, and that helped a lot right off the bat. He was the one who introduced the Cobra, which costs less than the clubs I wanted to try. It's a club that was not even on my radar, which is exactly the kind of expertise you hope a good fitter will provide. I know that Cobra lofts are as jacked as they get (29.5 7 iron), but accounting for that these are a full iron longer than my Ping I25s. The decent and spin numbers were also very solid. Order is placed. Cannot way to get these out on the course.
  4. I have an iron fitting scheduled for next week. I know I want to try the Mizuno MMC and HMBs. I also want to try the T-200s. Other than that I'm open to suggestions. I'm a 13 handicap. Driver swing speed is about 101mph. Currently using Ping I25s. I have no problem getting my irons in the air. Hit a 7 iron 160 based on ShotScope data from last year. I'm not really looking for workability. I'm happy to have one ball flight and just play that. Suggestions?
  5. Stephen. Durham CT. I currently use the ShotScope v2 for yardage.
  6. Mowine4me

    Snell MTB-X

    I played the Red all last year, and upon reflection it probably did spin too much for my game (12 handicap with 98MPH SS). I got the test pack and switched to the MTBX based on track man data. I've been very happy with it. Good distance. I've had no trouble with generating greenside spin. Irons stop or pull back a bit on greens. For the price I'm thrilled with the ball.
  7. I'm usually 97-101 club speed.
  8. Stephen, Durham CT 13/98MPH Taylor Made SLDR - I have 2, a 19 degree and a 23 degree What loft you think you would choose and why- I would choose a 19 degree. I use my hybrid a lot to advance the ball on par 5s and also to tee off on short part 4s. I'm in the market to replace my hybrids at some point this season and would love to test this.
  9. Slow would be under 85 MPH. I think the data also shows that the slower the swing speed the less distance gap between the balls overall (not really surprising). My takeaway from the data is playing a softer ball with a 75-80 MPH driver speed won't hurt you, but there may also be little to no advantage.
  10. I played Snell Red last year and was very happy. Since that ball was discontinued I ordered the Snell test pack (6 MTB and 6 MTBX). Tested them on Trackman last week and had interesting results: Tee Shot- Black average Carry 237, Spin 2780 and Launch Angle 15.8. MTBX Carry 225.7, Spin 2938 and Launch Angle 13.5 Not just on averages, but looking at individual shots the MTB was consistently longer for me. 7 Iron- MTB Avg Carry 147, Spin 7115 and Launch 23.2. MTBX was 149.7, 7287, and 23.3. So no meaningful difference here. 54 degree wedge hitting a three quarter shot- MTB average spin was 6921, MTBX was 6262. More importantly with the MTB I had half the shots over 7500 spin, MTBX never got higher than 7253. I want to repeat the test, but at this point MTB has the advantage for me, being longer off the tee and spinning more on pitch shots.
  11. I think pace of play problems are caused because (1) people don't play ready golf and (2) they don't do the 20+ things each player can do to speed up a hole. For example, figure out how you're going to putt while the other player is putting. Bring two or three clubs with you to chip so you don't have to run back to the cart. After you hit a shot get back in the cart to go to your partner's location, then place your club back in your bag while your partner is getting ready for his shot. It's all those little tricks that add up. If every player took 30 seconds less per hole that's 9 minutes per player, which is 36 minutes less for a foursome!
  12. 1. Stephen 2. Connecticut 3. 11.7 4. Shotscope v2. I've played about 25 rounds with it this season, and while I like the device and the data it's far from perfect. I would love to try Arcoss 360 and be able to compare the experiences.
  13. Welcome to the forums Mowine4me :)


    We are glad to have you at MGS. Go start your first message!


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