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  1. Steve Marriott...... greatest front man ever!
  2. Been listening to this guy for the past few evenings. I have eclectic taste in music.... I can listen to anything that is "good". This qualifies as good... and then some.
  3. As one who talked about giving up the game, (no way I would ever do that...lol) it is definitely about attitude and perseverance (mental). Everyone struggles with this game at times. Ya just gotta keep slogging through it.
  4. I am also a huge fan of TXG... best there is on You Tube. There are a few others I enjoy, but TXG is the bar for knowledge, truth and honesty IMO.
  5. Jon Daly - Miguel Angel Jimenez - David Feherty (even though he technically doesn't play...lol) After reading through this, I see I missed a lot of guys/gals I would like to play with...lol.
  6. .... And maybe you are what he asked if you were/are?
  7. I've seen Ted at least a dozen times...lol. I saw him come on stage swinging from a rope, in a loin cloth, with nothing left to the imagination . I saw him in '76 when he was touring his first solo album at the Richfield Coliseum (Cleveland) .... I've been a fan ever since.
  8. A little Ted..... and a little Scotch.
  9. Good stuff! They have a Saxon vibe with their attitude and topic.
  10. That's all I play. I refuse to pay $50 for a dozen balls. I'd lose $500 worth of balls a year just at my home course.
  11. I'm a Cabinetmaker. I work/ed for an exhibit company.... we build trade show exhibits.
  12. I'm kind of in a country/ roots music mood tonight. I love the words to this song.
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