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  1. I've been a huge fan of her for years. Beth doing a Zeppelin song I never thought anyone could do... and do it justice. Beth kills it.
  2. I understand what you're saying. What I'm saying is: running QB's in the NFL have a very short shelf life. The NFL is not college. Every player on an NFL roster is head and shoulders above college players. The Defensive players in the NFL are miles better than what any college QB has had to face. A running QB in the NFL is just a play away from being done... period.
  3. It isn't necessarily rare. A QB should only run if he has to, or if he has a lane to gain the yards needed. It's always a good thing to have a QB that CAN run, but only if he has to..
  4. I agree to a point. The problem is that 'running QB's' are short lived in the NFL. Look at RG3. Lamar Jackson is often injured. The NFL is a different animal than college.......... all of the defensive players are large, fast and athletic. Not a good thing for a QB that makes a living with his legs.
  5. I am one Raiders fan that is not in the least upset with dealing Darren Waller. Maybe he will ball out for your team. He had two successful seasons with the Raiders... 3 and 4 years ago. I personally feel like he quit on his team the last two years. He was more interested in rapping than playing football. I hope he plays well for you. I'm happy to be rid of a player that pretty much made it known he didn't care about winning.
  6. Recreational golfers: read that.... 99% of ALL golfers in the world. Without all of us recreational golfers, the sport/game would not exist. All of this nonsense over rolling back the ball and whatever else nonsense the "powers that be" come up with for 1% of golfers in the world is just complete nonsense.
  7. I can personally attest to this being a fact.
  8. Why can't you hit the ball arrow straight with the current ball/s?
  9. The most underrated guitarist ever... and probably my #1 favorite................ https://youtu.be/HPUjWIKAYvU https://youtu.be/YTzMGVfItZs
  10. It's definitely different from his usual stuff.
  11. I want new irons also... Mizuno pro 223's. I will be sticking with my much loved MP 64's for another season. I have more pressing needs for my money, right now.
  12. Yep.... and I just ignore it.
  13. As a die hard Buckeyes fan........... Fields was great for us. I knew he would not be a good NFL QB. I still think this. He was predominately a running QB in college, as are most Buckeye QB's these days... with the exception of Stroud, who I think will be a good NFL QB. Fields will be a great back up (#2) QB for any team he's on, but he isn't a starting QB in the NFL.
  14. I was out all day delivering and picking up furniture in the sleet and snow. Came home, fed and walked my 120 lb. AmBull, took a hot shower......... Poured myself a Talisker 10 Scotch and thought.... who have I not listened to in a long time? Then.... King's X came to me. I LOVE this band. So................
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