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  1. Yep.... so.... make the fairways so you don't get 40 yards of roll. That is a far easier and cost effective way of 'fixing' the distance 'problem'. Maybe I'm too simple?
  2. I have stayed out of this... mostly because I think the whole thing is ridiculous. If bifurcation is what they/we want, do it. Personally, I see no need for it. I'm sure I'm not alone in my feeling that 'we' get to play/use the same equipment that the pros use. 'We' can choose to practice and work as hard as we like to improve in this game. Granted, most of us can't play/practice as much as the pros... nor do we possess the God given talent to be as good as the pros. I'll use tennis as an example. I was an avid tennis player in my younger days. I was a very good player. I used the same rackets, balls, courts and nets that the pros used, along with the same dimensions/size of the court and net heights. I could never have come close to beating any pro player... but it was cool to see how good the pros played using exactly the same equipment and court that I played with/on. I feel the same way about golf. Roll back the golf ball and the long hitters will still be the long hitters. They will still have the shortest clubs to the green, be it a wedge or a 9 iron. It will still be 'bomb and gouge'... only a club or two more. What has been accomplished by it? My vote is no bifurcation or roll back of the ball.
  3. I was/am a huge fan of early Rush. I don't hate the post 2112 stuff, but I have to be in the mood for it. This a different take on a song from the first album.
  4. I use KBS Tour 90 shafts. I'm not sure how much lighter I can go...lol. I think most of my distance loss is due to just age and a self induced "don't hurt yourself" swing that I've subconsciously developed. I'm looking at the new MP 243's now...lol.
  5. I use Lost Golf Balls for my purchases. I never buy 'refurb' or repainted balls. I only buy the mint balls.... as they are. I have noticed no difference between them a brand new ball. YMMV. I never worried much about a logo or marck or two. After you hit them a time or two, they are marked anyway.
  6. I'm a huge SAHB fan. These kids killed it.
  7. I jumped on the EVNroll train the first year they came out (2016?). I have used the ER2 ever since. I doubt it will ever leave the bag, but I've learned to never say never.
  8. The anchoring thing is ridiculous. Just my .02.
  9. Looking for bands from back in the day, I found this. I forgot about her. Your welcome Lynyrd Skynyrd...lol.
  10. The best golf I ever played was in my late 40's - early 50's. I could shoot in the high 70's most of the time. I practiced a lot. I played 4 times a week. I took a few lessons from the local pro. He didn't change my swing... he worked with what I had. He changed my grip from interlock to Vardon. I told him how I had no confidence in wedges, other than right around the green. He showed me how to use my 9 iron from 80 yards and closer and be successful with it. It is the single most importent change I made... I no longer freak at the though of skulling a wedge from 50 yards...lol. I suppose if you want to be as good as you can possibly be, you need to commit to a lengthy time of practice and patience. I have no desire at this point to devote the time it takes. I enjoy playing golf just as much as I did when I was a better player. My scores are low - mid 80's with the occasional high 70's thrown in. I'm fine with it.
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