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  1. I hear ya. I did significant damage to myself early on in my life with Martial Arts, Mtn. Biking and Tennis... and a few other dumb things...lol.
  2. Old?... you??? Not even close yet, my friend.
  3. Ezra Brooks Bourbon. 45% (90 proof) on sale for $18.00. ALL DAY LONG!
  4. I just asked some questions. You answered. Thanks. No need to get snarky.
  5. Really? Who says? How do you know this? What makes "us" so special and sensitive to what Saudi Arabia is doing compared to the rest of the world? Also.... growing the game is just a bunch of bunk... across the board. I won't go any further with this because I already went where we aren't supposed to go because my questions will be/are considered politics. MODS... feel free to remove my post and reprimand me if you must.
  6. My hands dry out badly in the Winter... crack and peel the whole season. I work in a cabinet shop and I'm always in dust, stripper, stain and chemicals of different kinds on a daily basis. I use a product called Working Hands. It is not greasy at all and it works wonders when used every day.
  7. Yesterday was a long, hot day. We started with a twosome in front of us that had a fivesome in front of them. We should have asked for our money back and went home... hindsight and all.. The fivesome was incredibly slow; the twosome was incredibly bad. They were everywhere off the tee... couldn't get to a green in less than 4 shots each and probably 3-5 putted every hole. I know people have to learn how to play, but pick some time other than prime time weekends to do it! Anyway... I shot 39 on the front. At the turn (after 2.5 hours) we figured more beer was going to be needed for the back. We were right! We waited no less than 10 - 15 minutes on every hole. The beer didn't last long. I ended the back with a 44... after 3 hrs. 15 min. Not a terrible score considering, but I don't understand how my brother and I always seem to have these people in front of us instead of behind us. The twosome offered to let us play through, but we would have had to wait on the fivesome anyway. So, we just drank beer and waited. It was an enjoyable day, really... just loooong! I don't understand why courses will let a fivesome out on a busy weekend. Oh well.... I hope next week is better. It almost has to be...right?
  8. I look at it this way... this is my home course. It's where I play 90% of the time. I take care of it and do my part to keep it in playable condition.... fix ball marks, fill divots, don't run the cart through wet areas, etc... normal common sense things. I know I'm not the smartest knife in the drawer, but this aint rocket surgery! I need to add.... I do the same on any course I/we play on... common courtesy for someone elses home course.
  9. Now, yous can't leave................................... 'A Bronx Tale'.
  10. I must be the only one that doesn't care??? A new professional league?... cool! Will it succeed? I guess we'll see. Politics aside... I see nothing wrong with another professional tour. If it wasn't Saudi, would it be as big a deal???
  11. All of them are good. It depends on what you like and what you hit the best. I know that's a pretty generic answer, but it's the truth.
  12. My league has a one time $1.00 mulligan off the tee on any hole you choose to use it. If putts are given, it is your opponent's decision to give it to you or make you putt it out. If your ball is against a tree or other obstacle, you can move it a club length no closer to the hole. That's about it.
  13. I completely understand how he feels. I'm a Cabinetmaker by trade. I don't wear $80.00 polo shirts and $60.00 shorts/pants to play golf in. I've been told I'm not the kind of guy that should be playing this game. I've been playing for about 25 years. It is better now than it was when I started playing. My home course is a family owned public course that caters to anyone that wants to play. Most times you'd be hard pressed to find any "business types" out there. It's mostly guys like me. We have a city muni where I live, that I flat out refuse to play. The city was sold a bill of goods and lies in order to get it passed and built... along with the citizens. It costs way too much and the snobbery is off the hook. I played there 3 times... all 3 times I almost got into it the "business snobs" that thought my kind souldn't be allowed to play on "their" course. Fine... I don't! I still play nicer courses but, I don't care what anyone has to say to me, I just tell them to f*** off!..... you get the respect you give. Find a small public course that caters to "working" people. Your buddy will have a much better time. I find it funny that Golf still has this problem... perceived or otherwise. Without "us" the wealthy players could not sustain the game.
  14. I don't really care about any of it. I just want to watch good Golf being played. Social media is the ruination of... well... almost everything.
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