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  1. Nothing fast about rounds at my home course. The place is packed starting at 7:00 am. No time between groups... as soon as it's safe to hit, the next group is off. It's usually a 5 minute wait or longer at every hole. It took 4 3/4 hours to play yesterday.... and that was a faster one. Usually 5 + hours. I need to find another place to play...lol.
  2. The TS3 and I are becoming friends.... finally.
  3. I used to be a Cabinetmaker. I don't don't what I am now....................... probably an almost drunk, that sits in front of the computer all day, because, well.............. you know.
  4. I need to mow...lol.
  5. I've decided that I'm going to regrip in the very near future. It's between Iomic and Lamkin. My question is about Lamkin. Does the Genesis tech. run through the whole line?
  6. Obviously, I need a new putter... mine isn't nearly that long.
  7. I know. I have a friend that tees his driver like that. Other than actually hitting down on the ball like an iron, I don't see how you could ever hit the center of the face. His drives take off and balloon way up and then fall out the sky.
  8. I tend to hit line drives when I play it lower. They roll a long way...lol.
  9. That's what I was getting at. Without swinging down on the ball, I couldn't see any way not to hit off the bottom of the club. I do use a lower tee height in the wind and keep the flight lower, but I always hit off the bottom of the club.
  10. Only 37 candles? I had that many 100 years ago.... or so it seems.
  11. I have a question for you guys that are way more knowledgeable about the swing than I am. With the driver...how do you make the "correct" sweeping swing that is supposed to catch the ball as the club starts an upward path, in the middle of the face, if the ball is teed low?
  12. I'm thinking about MP20 MMC irons. I'll probably just be thinking about them for a while...lol. I need to see how work goes when I get back.
  13. To my understanding, there is no rule about what clubs you have to use or carry.... just the number of clubs in your bag. I see no reason why it wouldn't be okay if you don't want to play driver/woods on a particular day.
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