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  1. It was 28* today, so I practiced with a bottle of Old Grand Dad Bonded. I think I got it to where it's repeatable.
  2. For 90+% of us, I seriously doubt it makes a whit of difference if the ball is new or slightly used. Other than looking pretty and shiny, I very much doubt even "good" players can tell a difference. I'll just stick with purchasing used balls. My game doesn't know the difference and neither do I.
  3. Ummm...... I missed an M?... "your mileage may vary"? My apologies if you took it wrong. I most certainly would never talk to anyone like that on this forum... or any other.
  4. I understand that. But just like you don't like modern golf equipment, I don't care for what football has become, either. I prefer the way the game was played back in the day over the ticky tac, rules laden game we have now where refs decide games... to a certain extent. YMV.
  5. I won't bother.... everyone knows why.
  6. The game was a lot more physical in the 70's. It was harder to win consistently when the QB was fair game and WR's got mugged all the way down the field. Defense won championships. Today, defenses aren't allowed to play. In the 70's there was the Steelers, Raiders, Dolphins, Cowboys, and maybe throw the Redskins in there as pretty much dominating the decade. Today there is only the Patr*ots that really dominate. I'll leave out why that might be...lol.
  7. If he would have done that, you wouldn't be able to see it as clearly.
  8. Can someone explain what the different grinds do/are for?
  9. I have two aces and my lowest score was 74...twice. I would take consistently shooting in the 70's over the aces any day.
  10. I only shot in the 70's 4 times the whole season. I attribute that to work schedule, no practice and too much beer while playing. I had a great time this year on the course. Maybe 2020 will be better scoring wise, but if not, I bet I'll still have a great time playing golf. Disclaimer: I'm just not as consumed with my score as I have been in the past.
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