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  1. silver & black

    What ya drinking tonight?

    Tonight it's Bloody Marries. I'm working 7 days a week at 70+ hours a week. I decided to skip making anything to eat and just drink dinner...lol. I'm on #3..... and it's only 5:30. Monday might really suck!
  2. silver & black

    NFL thread! What are you thinking?

    Being as they are in my division..... I feel exactly 180* differently...lol. Although, I despise the Patr*ots equally.... if not more!
  3. silver & black

    What are you listening to?

    Just..... HELL YEA!
  4. silver & black

    Where is your putter shaft located and why?

    Wow. A polite discussion sent you packing?
  5. silver & black

    NFL thread! What are you thinking?

    Great coordinators are not always good head coaches. Hue Jackson is a perfect example.
  6. silver & black

    How do you measure a successful score?

    I'm with you on this. I've had a lot better scores on days where I didn't feel I hit the ball particularly well. I sprayed tee shots to both sides of the fairway and missed greens from 100 yards and closer. By some lucky recovery shots I ended up scoring well. I'd rather play well and score higher (is that really possible?) than duff and luck my way to a good score...lol. But, as they say...... the score is what matters, not how you got there.
  7. I have never been fit for clubs ( I would like to do it), but I think lessons and practice would make the biggest difference. I have taken a few lessons over the years, and practiced what I learned. My game definitely improved. I'd like to think being fit would also improve my game, but I think the gains there would not be nearly as noticeable as lessons and practice. I also think that the more you just play the game, the better you will become just by virtue of developing a sense for what and how to do it..... your brain figures things out when something is done repetitively. Some people will never be "good" at golf, no matter how much they spend on fittings, lessons, playing or desire. Some people could be very "good" at golf, but they would just rather play the game and enjoy the social aspect of it, rather than devote a lot of time and money to it. I think I could be a "good" player. I just don't have the time or disposable revenue for fitting, lessons and practice at this time. I'm guessing I'm surely not alone there.
  8. silver & black

    What ya drinking tonight?

    Jim Beam Bonded.
  9. silver & black

    Khalil Mack to the Bears!

    The Raiders have always operated differently than the other 31 teams. Sometimes to their own detriment... sometimes not. I think this time was a time where Al would have had Mack signed to an extension before the situation became unfixable. I blame McKenzie for this more than Gruden. He had plenty of time to make Mack happy and keep his star player/draft pick. He dropped the ball. It is what it is at this point.... and I don't have to worry about Reggie screwing things up anymore...lol. Time to move on!
  10. silver & black

    Khalil Mack to the Bears!

    At the time there was literally no cap space. Also.... Gruden wanted no part of trading Mack. That was a decision between Davis and McKenzie. Gruden had no say in it.... despite what you hear "around the net". Gruden tried to meet/talk with Mack, but Mack's agent kept that from happening. It was inevitable that Mack was leaving the Raiders. His agent wouldn't talk and Mack didn't want to play for the Raiders any longer. I think it worked out well, considering.
  11. silver & black

    NFL thread! What are you thinking?

    The Steelers will be fine. The fan base is finally realizing that their beloved Steelers aren't immune to the same crap as the other 31 teams. They always thought that was the case, but the rest of us new it was just a matter of time...lol.
  12. silver & black

    Khalil Mack to the Bears!

    Nope. Mack is a great player..... a generational talent. He would have contributed zero to the rebuild of this team. He held out (under contract). He wanted $90 million guaranteed. There is no way the Raiders would or could pay that amount, considering they are paying their useless, little scared girl of a QB $25 million a year. He would have made NO difference in the outcome of this season. The Raiders got two 1st round picks....2019 and 2020.... a 6th round pick...2019 and a 2nd round pick... 2020 for him. not a bad haul for one player. Amari Cooper was also traded for a first round pick in 2019. He also would have made NO difference in the outcome of this season. Not only that..... he drops way too many balls. Now...... picks don't have to be used as "picks". They can be used to trade for players, future draft picks or to move up or down in the draft. The Raiders just hired a new GM, Mike Mayock.... one with a recognized talent for evaluating talent. He and Gruden will work well together. The initial knee jerk reaction to both trades.... especially Mack, is understandable. But, you have to look deeper into the reality of the situation. The Raiders are an especially BAD team at the moment. Great, outstanding players are useless at this time..... especially at the price they command for absolutely nothing in return.... right now. Not only that, it's not fair to players like that to languish on such a bad team and waste their careers when they can contribute to a team on the the rise and make use of their exceptional talent. The Raiders will be back. They have an intelligent GM and a head coach with exceptional knowledge of the game..... and a new start in Vegas, in a state of the art stadium.............. look out NFL.............. the Raiders are coming!
  13. silver & black

    Khalil Mack to the Bears!

    Okay..... I'm also a lifelong Raiders fan.... 51 years. Why do you think this trade sucks? I'll wait for your answer before I tell you why it doesn't.
  14. silver & black

    Khalil Mack to the Bears!

    I've always had a soft spot for the Bears. Probably because of the history... and Sayers, Payton and Butkus.... along with the whole Monsters of the Midway thing. I'll be rooting for them to win the show!
  15. A super hot wife isn't winning at life. I know a little about that.