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  1. I have another grand daughter as of May 17. Brynleigh Mae. 3 grand daughters and a grand son. I'll be a busy grandpa in the next few years...lol.
  2. I love Ketchup. I put both ketchup AND mustard on a hot dog.
  3. Can't help you out with your dilemma.... I'm a shop guy; we drink what ever is in the pot...lol. At home, I just buy Dunkin Donuts coffee.
  4. I miss my little girls.. They are 26 and 23 now. I have grand children from both that I get to enjoy, but I still wish my girls were little. Little girls are a treasure.
  5. Some of you guys take golf waaaaaayyyy too serious.
  6. Golf is not sick and it is not dying. Speed it up or just keep it where it is.... makes no matter. This is just like the NFL is supposedly losing fans and viewers.... no, it's not! I don't like taking over 4 hours to play either, but I keep going back to do it again every week end.... lol.
  7. I agree. I'm a huge Rush fan. They evolved and really just kept getting better as musicians, but They lost me after 2112. Moving Pictures was the beginning of the end for me as a Rush fan. Rush is kind of an anomaly to me. I'll give a better example of a band that "sold out". I'm not a Punk fan at all, but.... Green Day is an example of a band that went total mainstream and abandoned their fans for fortune and fame. It worked for them, but it sucks for their original fans. Maybe selling out is the wrong term, but I guarantee that that his how the fans see it. In a way, I'm very happy Zeppelin didn't continue, because In Through the Out Door was a huge pile of s***. To put that out after Presence was just unbelievable to their long time, loyal fans. They were heading down the road to "selling out" for lack of a better term. Many bands do it.... and it always disappoints their long time fan bases.
  8. I'm not sure what you don't understand? Bands that stay around a long time tend to change there style. They lose their original fan base.... the fan base that made them... the fan base that got them to fame and a lucrative recording contract. That said, I would also sell out to more main stream, radio friendly music/style for killer money. The two bands I gave examples of did exactly that.
  9. I'm not talking about bands that struggle for years. Aerosmith comes to mind. They found a new fan base as they slowly changed. Rush did the same thing. Neither band is doing what made them big in the first place.... they are still great bands, but their original fan bases don't care for the new direction. I guarantee I'd sell out for the money too!
  10. Eventually almost all bands will sell out for the money, if they stay together long enough.
  11. Indian. But, quality arrows never hurt.
  12. Yea, Sad Wings is the Swan Song of Priest albums. Victim of Changes is epic. Halford is at his best on this album.
  13. A little Chuck Berry..... Judas Priest style.
  14. My home course has hot dogs that put any other course's dogs to shame in the area. I usually buy at least one at the turn. My drink of choice is good old Budweiser, usually no more than 3 for a round, but I've been known to have a few more than that if it's really hot.
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