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  1. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you... and remember to be thankful for what you have.
  2. Agreed. I will probably play a few more years with them. As far as distance goes, I have to take one more club than I used to, but that's not a big deal.
  3. I still play MP 64's. I have thought about buying new irons for the last 3 years, then I think... why? I have lost distance, but that isn't the clubs' fault. I'm older now and have nagging shoulder and back problems. Maybe in the near future I will see about new irons to get some distance back, but I still love my 64's.
  4. You can carry 20 clubs if you want to. I sure don't care.
  5. If you're not on the green, what good does your putter do you?
  6. I gave my 60* to my brother. He's a 20+ HC. He hits that thing way better than ever did...lol.
  7. I think you should play the way you like and don't worry about my cooler full of beer.
  8. I couldn't say, as I have never tried pot in my life. If it's anything like alcohol, it is/would be detrimental to my game...lol.
  9. I'm not nearly as serious as some of you...lol. Beer. A hotdog at the turn sometimes. If it's really hot, I'll have a bottle of gatorade or equivalent, also.
  10. That is an option. If you keep a handicap, how does that figure in? The other option is to play the hole from the same tee, but play it to your skill/distance level... stay short of the hazard and play your second shot from there? My home course has a hole that requires a 200 yd. carry over a pond off the tee. Lots of guys just lay up to the pond and play from there. I guess I don't understand the dilemma?
  11. Are you on the wrong tees if there is only one hole on the course that poses this situation and all the rest are manageable?
  12. Oh, hell no, Stu. I was refering to a few of the newer guys that seem to be upset over this...lol.
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