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  1. sippin on some good bourbon and listening to Justin. This dude can just flat out play.
  2. I have one in my 3wd. I've been using it for the last 12 years or so. It works for me.
  3. Okay...... how does one swing fast without trying to swing hard? I'm listening.
  4. I think it's pretty ridiculous. Just another cheap ball for the masses to lose. Their targeted market couldn't care less. They willl buy the cheapest bat ball they can for all the more they play. Theyseem to be banking on "the targeted market" to WANT to be recognized as a golfer.... sort of.... a "black sheep", if you will. Not gonna happen.
  5. How does one do that.....exactly?
  6. No matter what you might think personally about this guy.....................he was an extraordinay guitar player.
  7. Like I said... I'm not against fitting. I just don't have the disposable income... or the desire to drive 100 miles for a hit or miss chance that it will pan out. I play the game because it's fun and I enjoy it. I'm over thinking I will ever be any better at my age. If I thought getting fit would make a significant difference in my game, I would probably/maybe pursue it. I really don't think I would see any significant gains for the expenditure.
  8. As a former Tennis player, I can tell you that the demise of the white ball was welcomed. The yellow ball is much easier to wrack and stays visible even when it's dirty. The white balls got gray and very hard to see.
  9. I wouldn't feel bad at all about winning the lottery. I work hard every day. I earn the money I "invest" in participating in the lottery. If my investment were to pay off, I wouldn't have one guilty feeling whatsoever.
  10. Sipping on some good Bourbon and listening to one of my all time favorite players.
  11. Veterans rock.... thank all of you for your service to "our" country.
  12. I have experienced assholes from every age range. I'm 60, and I think I heve encountered more assholes in my own age range, to be honest...lol. I have two daughters....almost 27 and 23. Their generation is waaaayyyy different from mine.... and likely, your's. Notice I said different, not worse or better. "Most" of the assholes I encounter on the golf course are my age and older. Take that how you will.
  13. This is why I don't dwell on that stuff (golf related). I tend to be exteremely anal about the "tools" I use to make a living. I really try hard not to do that with the tools I use to have fun/a good time with. I love to PLAY golf. I don't need/want other disractions that prevent me from ENJOYING my time on the course/with the game.
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