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  1. I really wouldn't know, Nifty. I started playing golf at 40. I'm 59 now. All I have ever played... and still do, is Vokey wedges. I use a 54* in the sand the majority of the time.
  2. silver & black

    What are you listening to?

    Sorry guys.... more Justin Johnson. The guy is just that good.
  3. silver & black

    What are you listening to?

    The girl playing the harmonica is Indiara Sfair. She plays solo and with other acts. Very talented player.
  4. silver & black

    What ya drinking tonight?

    Last night was Talisker 12.
  5. silver & black

    What are you listening to?

    After rocking out all day at work, I'm listening to Evelyn Glennie... with a nice, healthy pour of Talisker 12. She has been called the world's greatest percussionist, which is all the more remarkable because she is............ deaf.
  6. silver & black

    Will golfers mentality change?

    Well... yes... but it also takes money. I'd really like to get fit, and I'm going to try to do that over the Winter. Some of us aren't in a position to spend the money on a driver/iron fitting and then purchase the clubs too. I know I have more pressing needs/responsibilities than being fit for golf clubs.
  7. silver & black

    NFL thread! What are you thinking?

    Every week is football free for me this season...lol.
  8. silver & black

    What are you listening to?

    One of the guys at work turned me on to this dude last week. Incredible guitar player and talent. Justin Johnson.
  9. silver & black

    Do you “really” enjoy Golf??????

  10. silver & black

    Got Problems?

    I don't make enough money to have problems... I just have troubles.
  11. silver & black

    Groove Rule, has it really affected you?

    The groove rule didn't affect me one iota. I'm not a "good" player. I don't count on spin on the greens. If I hit the ball hard enough to impart spin.... I'm going to be waaaayyyyyyy long. I'm a bump and run player, so ....... no, it hasn't impacted me at all.
  12. silver & black


    Jack Daniels is "Tennessee Whiskey", as is George Dickel... by their own definition. Both go through the Lincoln County Process, which is, the whiskey is filtered through 10' of Maple charcoal. By law, both can be called Bourbon, but because of the filtering process they are technically Tennessee whiskies.
  13. silver & black

    Got Problems?

    As long as as any non golf talk is contained in non golf specific forums... what's the problem? If someone doesn't want to read non golf topics they have the option to skip right on by... no harm, no foul. Stoping in a non golf forum to ****** about what is posted in the non golf forum is pretty silly, IMO. Grown men getting their panties in a bunch over something as trivial as what is posted in a forum is.... well..... I'll just leave it at that.
  14. Men are from Mars, women are from Venus.... duh!
  15. silver & black

    College Football

    I do too, Nifty. I can admit it was a BS call.