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  1. I'd love to. Unfortunately, I have to work at least 10 more years.... probably more. I'm on the pine box retirement plan.
  2. Great..... I take between 6 and 12 ibuprofins a day. I need to try something else!
  3. A little back in the day stuff this evening. A favorite from my very early days...lol. How these guys aren't in the Rock Hall is beyond me.
  4. Streaky. I don't know why. Getting older and losing distance. Tired... playing after working 10+ hours on my feet never works out for score, although I do enjoy playing in league. Playing on weekends after making a pot of coffee and breakfast, playing with my dogs and relaxing a bit before hitting the course usually results in acceptable scores.
  5. It is, but you hear a lot of "dude.... where's my ball?"
  6. Definitely the short game. I lose my touch easy if I don't play/practice enough. I can drive the ball well at most times, even with inconsistent playing. Irons are always hit and miss, so I would call that just normal.
  7. Layout, good conditions..... fairways and greens. Must be fair... I hate what I call "gimick" courses..... total blind tee shots, severe dog legs, greens with trouble on three sides and multiple breaks,etc...
  8. That's about 45 miles from me. I could see a few of my buddies and me making that trip.
  9. I put those in a glass of water when I have heart burn.
  10. RIP Ginger baker. One of the greatest drummers ever.
  11. silver & black

    Your ball?

    Nope. They are hard to play that way.
  12. silver & black

    Your ball?

    ProV1x from Lost Golf Balls, because.... $12 a doz... and they are always readily available in the rough, water, bushes trees, on any course I play.
  13. I'm starting to see what a problem this could be. I was just looking at the simple view from the face of it. Pandora's Box indeed.
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