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  1. @GolfSpy Stroker, @GolfSpy MPR - a little help please?
  2. Those look quite a bit bigger than the B-stones.... True or illusion? And more offset?
  3. I did my second session of ASD 3 last night. Overall, my balance was a little better, but still a little tricky to quickly get reset and swing. I forgot to record the swings, so I'll do it next week.
  4. Congrats, @B.Boston! Great job by (almost) everyone. @GB13, I would ground you. @xOldBenKenobiX - congrats on winning the big stick, I hope you enjoy it. @GolfSpy STUDque - I'm disappointed there were no math tests this year for the fans (unless I somehow missed it). I had screen caps of most of the stats that were posted.
  5. WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS.... We had the championship match tonight. My opponent and I were next to each other on the range hitting bombs with beautiful flight. As is usually the case, we both stunk it up a bit on the course. We ended up tied on strokes (both +2 over our HC's) and we were close on holes, but I think I beat him. My partner handily beat his opponent. Overall, it was a great season. My partner has been playing in leagues a long time and figured something out - he dropped his handicap 5 strokes this season so will be bumped to A flight next year. I managed to drop mine 2 strokes, which I'll take. Tonight I started par, par, bogey and finished par, bogey so I was +7 on the other holes with 3 penalties. According to Arccos, chipping was the best part of my game. Go figure, after having the yips this weekend. Getting back to the basics and trying @Tsmithjr9's tip helped greatly. I even chipped one in.
  6. Because of the weather and amount of golf I have been playing with the end of season approaching, I ended up with a couple 4-5 day breaks. I will be doing the second session of the ASD tomorrow and will report back.
  7. Can I get an updated tester badge, por favor?
  8. It's been a hectic weekend and I didn't take as many pictures as I had planned, but here are a few. View from the first tee. GPS said it was about 230 to carry the water right at the flag (left side of picture). Wind was into us so no one tried. This picture is from the edge of the 4th fairway towards the 5th green. Note the ~4 foot difference between the tiers in that green (may have to zoom). I was right off the tee, couldn't see the surface, thought I hit a nice chip - @Tsmithjr9 even said "nice chip". Of course it ended up down there. First putt did stay up though. Par 3 15th. The course has back-to-back par 3's over the same pond, from opposite directions - this one actually has bail-out area to the right. 14 only has a little room long. Miss the green left or right and you are wet. We had three balls in the water on 14, none here. We had a fabulous time and I looking forward to getting together again!
  9. Thanks! Normally, most of my chipping is done with a 56. When things sucked yesterday, I switched back and forth a couple times between AW and PW to mix things up, but by then, the mental damage had been done, my confidence was completely gone, and distance control wasn't good since I rarely practice chipping with those clubs.
  10. Well, it's official.... I have the chipping yips. I played 45 holes this weekend. Short game is normally a relative strength for me and bails me out of many a high(er) score. Not this weekend. I've also been in about a funk where I can't hit an iron. Normally I can hit them solid, just don't have too much control over where they go. Chipping yips combined with bad irons is a recipe for high scores. Friday afternoon: Walked 9. Nothing particularly sharp. Ended up shooting a 48. Wouldn't have been so bad if not for an 8 on the 9th. Ugh. It didn't help that the course was set up for a tournament so pins were tucked in all sorts of awkward positions. Saturday: Ohio get-together at Catawba Island Club with @[email protected] and the gang. A ton of fun and Tony called in some perfect weather. The course is beautiful and pretty tough, especially when you can't hit the ball well. 48/50 with 6(!) penalty strokes. Sunday: We had our league outing at a different course than we normally play. The course was in very good shape, with the exception that they punched the greens early last week. No big deal, we all dealt with the same thing, except the chipping yips ate me alive. With the punched greens, everything landed softly and didn't roll. I could not get myself to hit the ball farther. Having the yips, that meant it was a lot of second chips that I was leaving myself with way too long of putts (fortunately only 2 3-putts, 31 total putts which I was happy about given the green conditions). I didn't feel like I was trying to do anything fancy with my chips, but it was awful, "highlighted" by a 5-chip fiasco on the 17th. You read that correct.... 5 chips. I am confident it is all mental at this stage. The only good news was I started hitting my irons a bit better, so even with the abysmal chipping I shot a 44/48. I had been playing pretty well until 3 weeks ago, which is about when I stopped hitting solid irons. This is a terrible time to start sucking more than usual as my partner and I play for the league championship tomorrow on the harder of the two nines. For our league, the back nine plays 6 strokes harder on average, so this could be interesting if I can't get my crap together. I'm half-tempted to take a couple hours of vacation tomorrow and get back to the basics on chipping technique and see if I can get past this.
  11. Congrats to all the competitors on yet another great #Cobraconnect challenge! I can't believe how fast the last 8 weeks went!
  12. My experience with using caddie to preview courses is it is terrible about knowing which tee box will have the selected tees, which could explain the difference. If you play the tips (or close to them), maybe the difference is not as bad?
  13. I heard a comment over the weekend that the 2021 season will technically have 6 majors and it does indeed start with the Safeway Open. At least that's my recollection as I generally try to ignore the announcers.
  14. I didn't see it referenced in your review, do you think you hit the second jump yet, or are in the process?
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