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  1. Yeah, it seems like whenever I have a really crappy round, I want to get back out immediately in hopes of erasing it from my memory.
  2. For the test, we didn't have much choice with shafts, although @MGoBlue100 was able to get a different shaft since he needed X.
  3. The irons and hybrids are in my bag for the foreseeable future. The D and 3W are good, but I think I need different shafts (too high of launch and backspin when I hit them with a launch monitor) and I plan on getting a fitting this summer to see for sure.
  4. I found most of these in my basement while cleaning this winter, the Raws I "won" in our league last year. I am soooo ready for this years' challenge.
  5. Quoting myself.... I assumed the wife would prefer me stay home after being gone a week for work, but tonight as we were trying to figure out what we have going on for the next month, she says "when are you trying to play golf in Columbus?" That means it's back on the table. Depending on how many you get or if @MattF has to work, I may try to bring another guy.
  6. I found out today I will be out of town for work the entire week prior to the 5th, so not looking good for me.
  7. I did not. Too much time spent unpacking, moving furniture, and eating. I assume we'll visit him more when moving isn't all the "fun" we'll get to have. We did make it to Hoover Dam, but yours were canceled for the day because of elevator issues.
  8. Name/State: Blake/Ohio Current Drive: Bridgestone Tour B JGR, 9.5*, Recoil 460 ES, stiff Unofficial handicap: 17 Driver SS: ~105 I don't use a launch monitor regularly, but occasionally have access to one and would be willing to rent a bay at a store, as needed. I have never played a Tour Edge Driver, but recently hit one at PGA TOUR Superstore in Feb
  9. I said I'd try the one length irons, but nooooo, they didn't pick me....
  10. Kind of wondering when the thread goes live.... I'm ready for you guys to start the smack talk.
  11. Back to the initial question, I might be able to swing it. I'll need to see if the Mrs has anything planned that weekend.
  12. Second 9 hole round tonight - Shotscope did not miss a single shot, which is great, but I did notice a couple times the locations did not quite match up and I must have bumped the pin collect on the last hole somehow because it was way off and didn't prompt me to do it. Editing is really easy though (especially on a computer), so it's not a huge deal to fix these minor things.
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