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  1. Name: Blake Location: Akron, OH HC: ~15 7-iron distance: 160 Oh wait, this is not a testing thread? DAMNIT!
  2. Done. It would seem to me that more demographic info would have been helpful for your analysis (race, geography, education, etc.), but obviously I don't know what you are trying to learn.
  3. That is a good thought! I typically use midsize grips because they seem to reduce discomfort in my slightly arthritic left hand.
  4. I wonder about the fringe benefits.... Deeply discounted/free clubs? That would be fun if I were younger.
  5. When I'm hitting the ball decently, I'm similar to @DaveP043. When things are a struggle, I have trouble quieting all the swing thoughts that might correct things that could be going wrong.
  6. Received this email today. It's a good sign - this course drains incredibly and is always the first to open but it means we're close!
  7. My car has Brembo brakes on it - I needed brakes last Spring, but because of COVID-related shipping delays, I could not find pads anywhere. I called the dealer and they wanted $700 for just the pads. I laughed and told the guy I was on the Brembo site and could get the pads for $135. He was convinced I was looking at the wrong pads, but I read him the Hyundai SKU. I suggested they should be embarrassed with that amount of mark-up.
  8. BTW, your name change freaked me out - I had no idea who was mentioning me until I saw the profile pic.
  9. The last few weeks in my basement I have been chasing a more repeatable putting stroke. Recently it seems I have had good success by focusing on keeping my elbows in - it seems to help prevent me from getting "wristy" and just rotating my shoulders. We'll see how it works out if winter ever ends.
  10. Looks like we have a location for one of the Ohio meet-ups....
  11. I just caught this.... You're replacing the Tour Edge? I thought you loved that thing?
  12. With the terrible inconsistency of my driver, I have been known to swap in my old Callaway 3W in the driver slot - it is a bit longer than the Bridgestone 3W, but a bit less accurate. Once I buy @MattF's M5 and I figure out which of the two shafts works better for me, all my driving woes will be over, right?
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