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  1. Personally, I would not like to read any elaborations
  2. Congrats on the kid! I will play just about anywhere and don't mind driving to do it, so I'm game.
  3. Gotcha. I don't really care enough to bother paying any fees to track it. I only track for my own knowledge. Arccos metrics will be good enough for me to track progress or lack thereof. I will still have my league handicap, which won't be changing. Many years ago, my work place had a golf association that decided to use a slight variation of the USGA system (taking best 8 of last 16 instead of best 10 of last 20). This was done to make sure new members could have fully established handicaps within one season instead of possibly waiting a few weeks into the next season.
  4. No mention of the Link in that release. I wonder if it's dead?
  5. It's Schrodinger's golf club - we can't play the club without knowing the specs, but once we know the specs, we can't play it.
  6. Strangely, the email I just received from The Grint has a different number than the app? It says to make sure the app is updated, but Play Store says its up-to-date.
  7. That whole post is good and I agree with many of your takes and would add that, in the case of my kids, all the pressure to succeed was self-imposed. My wife and I did not have to try to motivate them - all we ever asked was that they were making their best effort. Being at a good, competitive high school motivated them. We also did not make our kids apply to any particular college and where they ended up became an issue of budget more than anything since my wife and I promised to get them through undergraduate school debt-free. Ohio State was not our oldest daughter's first choice, but I was unemployed most of the year she graduated from high school and her first choice was too rich for our blood at that time. I went to undergraduate school at Gonzaga - no football team and the basketball team had not yet become a thing (so the argument could be made there was no bump in notoriety due to any athletics). Also, it was a small school, where almost no research was done so professors were there specifically to teach. They wanted to teach, cared about the students, and were generally good at teaching. Then I went to University of Missouri for grad school - those that taught graduate classes were pretty good, but I would contend part of that was simply due to the advanced nature of the courses and the fact that relationships between faculty and students were established due to class size and everyone being in the same building all day, every day. Many of them sucked at teaching undergraduates and really didn't have an interest since they were there to do funded research. Now that we have deviated from the topic entirely, we can get back to talking football.
  8. Nice WITB, but I am curious about the bitcoin ads. Seems odd to me....
  9. In general, I agree with you, but with demand exceeding supply at places like Ohio State - in part because of the football program - they can and are pickier about who they accept, which, I would contend, makes many of their degree programs more competitive, resulting in higher quality graduates. Since football programs ebb and flow, I suspect any improvements in academics is not sustainable. Besides, the quality of education is largely capped by the quality of professors' teaching abilities and many of them do not go to state schools to teach - they are there for research and teaching is more of a burden.
  10. Case in point - in 2018, my daughter sold her OSU/Michigan ticket for $400. Keep in mind, it was a student ticket so a valid student ID must be shown for entry so it couldn't really be sold to the highest bidder/Joe Blow off the street. and the guy paying the ever-increasing tuition bills. Right now, Ohio State seems to be in a situation where demand far exceeds supply so the administration is able to do pretty much whatever they want to the regular students and parents have to take it or leave it. I saw a tweet a little over a year ago with an OSU football player giving a tour of his dorm. It backfired greatly as many parents ratio'd him and the school over what he gets for free versus what $7000 got a normal kid in a 50 year old, non-air-conditioned. prison-cell-like room. In their defense, Ohio State has built some newer dorms, but they need to catch up with other schools we have visited on updating others.
  11. Interesting article. My daughter (junior at Ohio State) did not purchase tickets this year for some of the reasons mentioned in the article - watching blowouts isn't as fun and she preferred to hang out with friends at their apartments. The last game I attended was an OSU game in 2018. I was struck by how the TV timeouts really sucked the energy out of the building. It was also over about 7 minutes in and the weather was terrible. We lasted to the end of the 3rd before we bailed. Prior to that, my last game was the first Big 12 championship in St Louis (Texas/Nebraska) and I don't recall noticing the TV timeouts and the effect on the flow of game, but maybe because of the overall excitement, I didn't notice them?
  12. My biggest complaint about these games is the start time. If I am a fan of either team, I can stay up, watch, and deal with the inevitable day of being tired, but since I really had no skin in the game, I turned it off around half time because my alarm goes off too early. I would really like to see some data on how many turn it off before the end versus how many west coast viewers they think they are gaining with the 8:30 kickoff. Of course, their logic might be something entirely different than what I am assuming.
  13. It took me a while to warm up to it, at first I found it kind of weird and I'm not sure why, but I ended up really liking it. They should have given caddies mics, too. At times it was hard to hear both sides. It was nice that the announcers intentionally created the "space" to just listen to the players. I also enjoyed the time with Greg Norman as he was discussing what type of shot he would be trying to hit in the situation. It would be nice to try it on the tour. I'd really like it it they gave Pat Perez a mic, with a nice delay, of course.
  14. I had totally forgotten about the back injury. I hope it works out soon!
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