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  1. I just assumed he was talking about one of these.... So, if they call wrenches spanners, what do they call spanner wrenches? I'm also waiting for the perfect opportunity to get my ultimate geek on and babble like Bryson. My goal is for it to actually be legitimate instead of his pseudo-intellectual BS.
  2. The last time I played with @MattF, we were talking about this being one of the coolest tests that have come around. This will be fun to follow.
  3. Whether it is the grooves, hinges, shaft, or whatever, the Stroke Lab is helping me with distance control a lot so far. Off the top of my head, I have had one 3-putt since I started using the Odyssey and it was all my fault for badly pulling a 4 footer. One of the hardest parts for me right now is reconciling the shorter misses (~ 6 feet), which are being pulled and pushed. Is part of it a result of me coming back to reality after starting the season on a hot streak and making a bunch in 6-18 foot range or is it just a matter of getting used to the new putter? I am playing in a scramble on Friday so maybe I'll use the Ping and see if I have similar struggles with it.
  4. I have now played 140 holes with the ShotScope. As I've mentioned at other times, I haven't learned much in terms of what is wrong with my game, but I believe these stats shows me something.... The round above was yesterday - I shot an 84 (par 71) with 29 putts (if you saw my post in the Stroke Lab thread, you'll recall I reported 30 putts, but found a hole that, for some reason, kept reporting as a 3-putt that was not). I had 3, 3, 4, 2 on the par 3's and 5, 5, 6 on the par 5's. For the season so far, I am less than bogey on par 3's and par 5's and over bogey on par 4's. Why is that? I would contend that it is an indication that my iron game is a strength but tee shots are my struggle. Even though I miss as many fairways on par 5's, the extra shot gives me time to recover and apparently the recovery shots are generally successful. My current rate of up-and-downs for the season is 40% (inside 50 yards) so I know I have a reasonable chance at getting home in two once I am close to or on the green. Why aren't the recovery shots as successful on par 4's? I would guess it's a psychological thing where I try to do too much to get too close instead of taking my medicine and playing for a bogey.
  5. I think it's a little hard to say right now. The slight difference in specs seems to be taking a little longer to get used to than I thought it would, primarily in the range where I have expectations that I'll make a fair amount of them. Distance control seems much better with the Stroke Lab than my Ping. I played 18 today instead of practicing. Overall it was pretty good - I shot 84 (+13) and know I left quite a few strokes out there due to having issues with punch shots in the wet, shaggy rough just not going far enough. I ended up with 29 putts - distance control on long putts was really good, but I did miss a couple very makable 10-15 footers where I didn't start the ball on line. I ended the round birdie, par, par, which always feels good to me.
  6. Do you ever have one of those days where nothing seems right? I went to the practice green yesterday and couldn't make a putt even from 5-10 feet, with either putter. Something didn't feel right. After about an hour of troubleshooting, I decided to stop and disregard all data from the day and go hit a bucket of balls. My full swing felt all out of sorts too. To make matters worse, the grass tees were closed so I had to use a mat and with the mat in shade the lighting was so strange I had tons of trouble picking up the ball. I hit so many that I had zero clue where they went. Weird day, so I left about 1/3 of the bucket and went home, feeling totally defeated. Weather permitting, I'll try some more tomorrow.
  7. MaxEntropy

    Korn Ferry

    This is a sad and disgusting story and unfortunately for Korn Ferry, their name is in the story, too. https://www.golf.com/news/2019/06/19/caddie-human-trafficking-evan-vollerthum/
  8. Yes, but my routine seems more like DJ with quick little waves of the putter when I'm next to the ball. I suspect when i am looking at a putt from the side I may be subconsciously swinging my putter as I look. I'll have to pay more attention. Tap-ins, I do nothing but walk up and tap it in.
  9. I'm still a fan. As far as GPS accuracy, at my level, it does not matter is it is off a few yards - if I knew I could hit my clubs a precise distance every time, it may be bothersome, but until that time I really like looking at my wrist versus pulling out my phone. I honestly sort of enjoy the post round editing, although I have not had to make too many changes that weren't the result of me doing something dumb (like forgetting to pin collect or changing clubs at the last second). For the most part, all I usually have to do is make sure putt locations are approximately correct and that all the little baby chips registered. I do feel like the putt tracking needs to be better. As I have started looking at putts from different angles more frequently, the system seems to assign a putt location to something that is a very strange place, like I was putting away from the hole or 90 degrees away.
  10. OK, that's it.... I have to try to lower my score with the Molitor.... Game on! <repeating encouraging words to myself to shave 2 strokes....>
  11. My personal opinion is Srixon, although I had already voted when @Sluggo42 posted his picture which nearly made me weak in the knees.
  12. I'm off that day as well, so whatever time will be fine with me. I can check with a friend I am trying to recruit to join MGS if you need to round out a 4-some.
  13. I don't see why not.... I assume he means Windmill Lakes in Ravenna.
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