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  1. :woot: I feel special! I managed to finish in the top half, for a change!
  2. It occurred to me last night that, like some of you have done, I should have started this thread a couple years ago to track my progress on league night.... Oh well, it's never too late, I guess. After a good round a couple weeks ago, my league handicap* dropped to a 6 (for 9 holes). This is my fourth season in this league, so I've really only had a well-established handicap for ~2.5 seasons as it takes pretty much an entire season to establish. Looking back at my history, my handicap was a 10 when we started the 2019 season and a 9 when we started last year. This has given me some perspe
  3. That sounds kind of creepy, but however it works in your world.
  4. It was a pretty windy evening for us - gusts up to 20 mph. Still played pretty well considering the wind. Struggled off the tee a bit, but scrambled around pretty well for a +5. Decent chipping and 14 putts never hurts.
  5. Oh crap.... The hat had become sentient. I may need to golf with @MattF more so a slightly more normal personality can rub off on it.
  6. I'm glad to know there was a name change - I was almost sure "Valley" was in the name somewhere, but Google Maps wasn't helping. It was also ~30 years ago.
  7. Congrats to a great group! I'll be very interested to see how the fitting process goes, especially for the guy that lives in one of the more remote areas of the contiguous 48. @GolfSpy MPR's distance to a qualified fitter? I'll say 200 miles.
  8. No changes since the START of the season, but switched to an M5 and new RTX Zipcore wedges in the off season. I'm cautiously optimistic that the M5 will be ousted by an Epic Speed in the next few weeks.
  9. I figured out what I was recalling - #5 at Latah Creek. It's not a par 6, but measures 630 from the tips.
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