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  1. I am in a unique location where I have multiple fiber choices - an adjacent city has community fiber that is running through my yard. AT&T placed fiber this year and a 3rd company (I was told it was Verizon, but no one was allowed to actually confirm for some reason) dug up my yard last year. It's nice to have choices.
  2. Had new fiber optic internet installed yesterday. $10/month cheaper than what we had and 20-25 times faster. We've never really had any issues but shocking how much faster streaming services load, not that it was painful before.
  3. I've tried left hand low a few times, but I can never find a comfortable position for my right hand, it just feels awkward.
  4. A few years ago, a friend bought a '63-ish Impala. Pretty sure you could fit a queen size mattress in the trunk.
  5. It's Friday.... Sock tethers are in place, in case you try to blow them off!
  6. To me, this is the crux of the problem. The pandemic is a great, catch-all excuse and certainly caused issues, but don't forget 2020 was a pandemic year (albeit with less supply chain issues). In my opinion, it was very poor timing to have so much staff changeover and try to implement a huge change in the way the testing functions at nearly the same time. We all know you guys have careers outside of this place, but that does not excuse the lack of "change management" that went on. We now have 4 new staff members along with "old timer" @GolfSpy MPR and "emeritus" staff @Golfspy_CG2. I have no clue what the other new guys do behind the scenes, but for all practical purposes, you are the face of the staff as you most frequently interact with us. Is there really that much that goes on behind the curtain or did the other guys over-commit by taking these roles which is really limiting their effectiveness? Meanwhile, two very effective staff members (at least from an end-user perspective) were let go to make room for the new guys. The "why" of these changes is none of my business. The only reason I bring it up is things ran much smoother last year (another pandemic year) without the huge changes. Even though I'm approaching old-fart age, I am not resistant to change - I actually like it when it is not change just for the sake of change.
  7. Congrats, guys! I love putter testing because, in my opinion, it allows the testers a little more creativity in what/how they do the test.
  8. Arccos has this feature, too, which is nice. In our league outing, we played a 2 man scramble, but I was still using Arccos for distances, etc. Definitely excluded that round. I also excluded a league night a few weeks ago as I picked up on a hole that was going bad in a hurry (since league is officially over, we only play for skins and I definitely was not going to win anything on that hole).
  9. Hmmm.... I may have to jump on that to give the link a try. In other news, my phone (Galaxy S21) did an update about 2 weeks ago. On Tuesday, Arccos behaved very poorly and the GPS accuracy was terrible. I assume Samsung/AT&T knew something got borked because there was another update on Wednesday, I believe. We'll see what happens tomorrow.
  10. I had a similar experience last year in NE Ohio - it's not unusual to be able to play in November, but I was playing in shorts and a polo. Definitely not ordinary.
  11. I'm not data weary, but I believe people of my skill level need to be careful. We are so inconsistent, we can't look at what happens in a single round or a few rounds - we have to focus on the longer-term trends. I know I need to reduce penalties off the tee and I know I need to hit more greens. To me, the best part is having good data on actual distances without having to spend a ton of time on a simulator I don't have easy access to. When I got Arccos a couple years ago, I gave my ShotScope V2 to a friend. He only used it a couple months and stopped because he became too focused on the data. He now has new irons with Arccos grips and hasn't even taken the stickers off.
  12. I understand and appreciate what you guys are trying to do. My biggest complaint is that the testing forum was not tested/debugged nearly enough before going live and there wasn't near enough education for the members. I don't have the stats you guys have, but I would suggest there was a huge decrease in engagement. I was part of the Callaway Epic test - there are three pages of comments. The most recent analogous test under the old system would be the TSi drivers last year with 44 (!!!!) pages of comments. If the new method was intended to drive engagement, it failed miserably (nevermind the wonky behavior that continues). I'll leave the ads and the brutal effect on user experience alone, as you guys are at least trying to address it. My preference is to view from the main page, but have been forced to use recent content on my phone because of the terrible user experience. I shouldn't have to change my preferred method.
  13. It just occurred to me I didn't update this thread after the MGS event at @tony@CIC's place. That day was probably my best driving day ever.... Irons were a mess, but fortunately this thread has nothing to do with them.... Best drive was on the second hole: This thing continues to be an anti-left machine for me...sort of. My left percentage is up a bit, but they are not big misses. Mostly me aiming left to play a fade and the ball not fading, so it's not terribly often that I'm in too much trouble that way. I am still prone to the odd high flare, but I know that's a "me" issue, so I can't hold that against the driver. There is still a little nagging feeling that I should have tried the Rogue White shaft, but we are ho's like that.
  14. I had not touched my clubs for 2 weeks due to vacation until last night. 2 weeks ago was a hot mess in league - everything with every club was right and not solid. I did not score super bad, but that was primarily the result of scrambling. It was not until my last full iron shot that I figured out what I was apparently doing wrong: I was getting super steep with everything. The dirt mark on that iron shot was at about a 20* angle and I was digging the toe in. Having that awareness, I made a concerted effort to flatten things out last night, but I overdid it a bit and had a lot of pulls last night. Things were certainly more solid. I ended up shooting +7 which is right at my league handicap.
  15. Personally, I've never had much luck with the putter sensors. Even when they did work, the accuracy seemed pretty poor. I'm sure some of it has to do with the very soft face on my StrokeLab, so I just do it manually and will probably remove the sensor. With the newer grids and tracking of your walking path in the app, it's pretty easy to get fairly accurate placement of putts.
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