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  1. I'm in for whatever.... 99% certain Mike will be interested, too.
  2. This year will be my 4th year in this particular work league and I've played in two others in the past. To me, the best thing about it is it gets me out once a week, otherwise there is a good chance I'd only get out once or twice a month due to other commitments. I was a supposed to start in a second league last year, but it ended up being canceled due to covid (mostly older guys who didn't want to commit). There is another work league that has pretty frequent subbing opportunities. I'm going to make sure I'm on the official sub list this year.
  3. This. I was playing around with a new configuration last season and knew by the second hole I didn't like it. Emptied my bag on the 3rd tee and put things back. I generally have a setup like @cnosil, but the downside is when I'm not walking and the bag is on a cart, it makes access to the shorter clubs a bit more painful if the putter well and pockets face the proper direction. I really like @chisag's idea of putting lesser-used clubs in the middle. I may have to try it and see if I can overcome the OCD that likes everything in numerical order, left-to-right, top-to-bottom.
  4. I would actually like to see some testing of online swing fixers/lessons. I recently received an email about the Hank Haney 1-swing slice fix. I watched about 20 minutes of his info-mercial, and he sounded a bit like a snake oil salesman. Anything to it? I have no idea. I have to assume there are others that seem somewhat shady. Compare those to "legit" online lessons?
  5. She did a study abroad in Paris a couple years ago and would definitely be open to it. Her mother? Not so much. Since this thread was bumped, perhaps it's a good time to update everyone that she started her first job in October. She is working on a transplant team at OSU's Wexner Med Center, doing the lab tests to confirm donor/recipient match. Pay is pretty good for first job out of college and state benefits are nothing to sneeze at.
  6. Congrats @GolfSpy_BOS! Please ban @Headhammer
  7. Absolutely. I've only got the timing right like twice and felt comfortable and was fast. It generally feels awkward with bad balance.
  8. That was seriously cool. As I recall, it lasered 179 to the flag, dead into the wind. Arccos claimed it was playing ~220. He must have landed in the rough just passed the bunker since the only ball mark was clearly made by a guy from our team. Other than my own HIO, I've never witnessed another until yesterday. It was definitely cold, but I had a blast. The length of the round didn't even really bother me - it really didn't feel that long to me.
  9. I'm old enough and have been married long enough that I have given up on looking better naked. The sole reason I do any sort of workout is to benefit my golf game.
  10. Even though Pebble Beach is Pebble Beach, I might find it hard to part with that much money - I've become a little more miserly in my old age. It would depend on the circumstances, though. Places like Augusta or Pine Valley might get the wallet open a little faster. Maybe it's because I know I will never play either of those, whereas I can get on PB. The most I've ever paid was $150 in Mexico and it was one of the best experiences on a golf course I've ever had, even with rental clubs.
  11. @ejgaudette nailed it, at least as it was explained to me by the SuperSpeed folks last year. Two of the tests are related to how well you use and the ground and your lag. I can't recall the third (balanced rotation maybe?), but I passed all but the lag, so I Incorporated that one once a week and to replace one of the 3rd level workouts per week.
  12. I believe SuperSpeed recommends getting into the advanced protocols once you reach level 3. At the start of that level, I did the various tests and (with the help of SuperSpeed) started incorporating the "lag" protocol one day per week. Unfortunately, that was right near the end of being able to do it religiously (I'm space constrained and have to go outside). I started back up this year, but never really got back into full swing of things. With that said, I didn't really lose any of the gains from last year - maybe a couple mph.
  13. I have not listened to Adam's arguments, but based on the responses, I think I get the gist. Like many, I don't agree that fittings should be free, but I suppose it depends on what you mean by "fitting". Should someone be able to walk into a GG or Dick's, hit a few balls under the supervision of staff and learn some basic specs free of charge? Sure. Assuming these are your typical off-the-rack buyers, why not help them make a more-informed decision? A "real" fitting? I don't see how that can be done for free without the cost associated with the time and people being passed on in some other way (like higher club prices).
  14. In Tony's article, he mentions that Snells are made there and it remains to be seen if there will be any effect on supply.
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