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  1. The league I am in runs from clock change to clock change*. Early season and late season can be a little iffy with the weather, but at least we are golfing. *We will have to see what happens if/when the House decides to do away with daylight savings time (Senate has already passed) as the time change has always seemed like a somewhat natural start/stop point.
  2. I'm game and I know Mike is excited for the season to get going.
  3. I had it done about 20 years ago, maybe a little less. It really wasn't that big of a deal for me - procedure on a Friday, lay around with frozen pees on my sack over the weekend and I felt fine come Monday. The only downside was I felt well enough that I went and played softball Tuesday evening (yes I was wearing a jock strap). That was a mistake. It felt like I got kicked in the nads for the next few days.
  4. Haven't paid a ton of attention and don't know if the spots are full, but I won't be able to make it this year . Hoping to make one of these soon. @DiscipleofPenick and I were talking last week and we are looking at some sort of an Ohio stay-n-play outing for this year.
  5. Ditto. A good friend has the Epic Max LS and I have the Epic Speed and the sounds are very different, with the Epic Max LS being a little more of a muted and Speed more metallic and a little louder.
  6. I really dig the color/appearance of these. Very sexy, imo.
  7. 6' and I use a 32.5" putter. I've always been more comfortable letting my arms hang more. I could probably go a little shorter as the index finger on my low hand usually touches the shaft.
  8. Oh man, I'm really interested but won't know for sure if I can make until I get back to work on Jan 3 (pending the REAL boss' approval, of course). @MattF @Mr_Theoo @DiscipleofPenick are any of you planning on trying to go so we can car pool?
  9. To me, this is key. At many of the courses I play, I almost never see a ranger and the starter (if there is one) never really lays out the pace of play expectations. I have had a couple experiences that I think courses should do more of: 1) Warren Course at Notre Dame - the starter was awesome. He recommended tees for us (which were forward from what we were tempted to play based on length) and explained their pace of play expectations in a manner that was friendly and stern at the same time. 2) A muni in Jefferson City, MO - I have no idea if they still do this, but in the 90's, they had a time clock by the club house (like you would see for workers in a factory). You stamped your card at the start, the turn, and the end. A ranger checked the time card and if you were outside their requirements it was possible you would be asked not to return. The course was jammed on Saturdays, but everyone knew they had to keep time, so it was always a nice pace. @Reesedw's post sounds like a more modern take on this type of system. Question for @GolfSpy_APH: are there ever any pace of play issues with the system in place? Without decent rangers, I could imagine there are still people like the selfish old farts I see that just don't care (yes, I'm generalizing, I know they are not the only problem).
  10. I don't think I've heard a Sasquatch, but it can't be much louder than some of the old Cobra drivers. I can hear a guy in our league warming up on the range from the parking lot.
  11. Didn't drive the ball particularly well and playing one of the harder courses in the area in gusts around 40 mph was interesting. Best part of my game was irons, for a change, but tricky greens with lots of slope meant a couple 3-putt bogies on par 3's. Started the front with 3 straight doubles (after what ended up being the best drive of the day on 1 ). #9 was dead into the wind. The card says 357. As I recall, Arccos claimed it was playing more like 440, which makes sense given that I hit driver and 4h and was still not quite pin high.
  12. I've been debating deleting my Facebook profile since I rarely use it any more. My wife has discouraged it because she likes to browse the marketplace and doesn't want to create her own account. Shockingly, having an account proved to be a good thing last weekend. We were driving to MO to see my wife's family and she happened to be scrolling through FB and says, "hey, it looks like a couple of your old roommates are in Columbia." There is another old roommate that still lives there. It has been about 10 years since I had seen one of them, more like 20 for the other two. We grabbed some dinner, hung out, and spent a lot of time catching up. It was a great time.
  13. The forum software does it automatically. I don't think it requires any special options turned on to do it.
  14. I was just getting ready to go into a meeting when I replied. I managed to find the thread pretty quickly. Some of the info is outdated since SS has updated their dashboard and the V3 watch is smaller with better battery life.
  15. I've used both, sort of. I was a SS V2 user and switched to Arccos over 3 years ago as their dashboard was superior at the time, imo. Except for putting stats - SS made it much easier to test a different putter and get separate data for it. Shotscope has improved its dashboard, as I understand it, and Arccos has gone to the subscription model. I am grandfathered without a subscription, so when my sensors die, I will not replace them - I hate subscriptions. I have had very good luck with Arccos. Other than putts, I can probably count the number of missed shots on one hand. I think the putter sensor struggles with soft-faced putters, so I took it off and just log my putts manually as well as I can. Even when the sensor did pick up putts, the supposed "AI" was terrible at predicting the hole location, so that needed to be fixed, making adding putts not that big of a deal. I also LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the "plays like" distance in Arccos. It has been very helpful to try to pick a club on windy days and/or hilly courses. As far as I can tell, it has only been really wrong for me a couple times, but we had swirling winds that day and maybe does not refresh the weather often enough? There was actually a thread a couple years ago that compared/contrasted SS and Arccos. It was started by me if you feel like trying to go down that rabbit hole to find it, especially with forum reorgs, who knows which subforum it might be in.
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