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  1. MaxEntropy

    POLL: When's Your Next Round?

    You suck! Enjoy your trip!
  2. MaxEntropy

    POLL: When's Your Next Round?

    We will usually get a warm enough day late Feb/early March and there are a couple courses in the area that drain really, really well, so I'm guessing in the next month. Would have liked to be able to select two options to add I hate winter.
  3. MaxEntropy

    Death of the Two-Person Cart

    I saw a video the other day about a traditional cart that could get near 50 mph. My first thought was that I see enough dumba$$es in the slow ones, I can't imagine if the average Joe were given something faster.
  4. MaxEntropy

    What equipment are you thinking about?

    Downers Grove, IL. We were visiting some friends over the weekend.
  5. I didn't see any effect of the wind either, but then again, it's Ohio and not usually more than a stiff breeze. I still want to try the Blacks, though.
  6. MaxEntropy

    What equipment are you thinking about?

    I was at a PGATSS over the weekend hitting just about any driver they had laying around for "self service". The only new model laying around was the F9 (which I really liked), everything else was the year old stuff. An M3 was by far the best, by around 15 - 20 yards (average and max). I was also pretty floored by the accuracy. Now I want one.
  7. MaxEntropy

    Best irons for a high handicapper?

    You forgot one.... Bridgestone JGR HF2
  8. MaxEntropy

    Random Thread

    Agreed. I don't want to say I was burned out on golf, but I didn't "miss" it until the first big snow. Then I wanted to go somewhere warm and play... a lot.
  9. MaxEntropy

    Weather in your neck of the woods?

    That's gross!
  10. MaxEntropy

    Penny makes a comeback!

    That's awesome news, Rev!
  11. MaxEntropy

    Weight Loss Thread

    Last week was kind of a bust for me - only made it to the gym once and struggle to control my appetite. I felt like I was starving all week and tried not to snack, but failed.
  12. MaxEntropy

    Rust on clubface

    I was going to suggest this, too. I've seen YouTube clips where people rub rust off chrome bumpers using Coke and aluminum foil.
  13. MaxEntropy

    Farmers Insurance Open

    That's awesome! I saw the video clip on Twitter last night!
  14. MaxEntropy

    Mizuno jox919 hot metal “PRO”

    Do you feel like they are diluting the brand a bit by adding a 4th JPX line? It seems to me they had the space pretty well covered with the Tour, Forged, and Hot Metal. Admittedly, I haven't read any of the pressers or other stories on what the supposed benefits of the Hot Metal Pro are.
  15. MaxEntropy

    2019 PGA Show Driver Bonanza

    I would venture that most of us never really "need" anything when it comes to clubs. Just sayin'.