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  1. Sorry to hear that you've had trouble with your Gogogo rangefinder, @ndstrand. We're obviously a bit biased when it comes to which rangefinder we think is the best, but we still wanted to share our thoughts on the subject. First off... a couple of people on this thread used the words "confidence" and "trust" in regards to their rangefinders. This is how we think about it, too. A rangefinder doesn't just measure a distance; what a GOOD rangefinder truly does is instill confidence. Our goal is that golfers will trust buying from Precision Pro and they'll have confidence in their rangefinder. This is why we have invested so much in our customer service and now have the industry-leading protection plan. It's also why we recently released the NX10 rangefinder. The NX10 is our newest rangefinder. It's customizable and interchangeable, which means you can have one rangefinder with dozens of different designs. (Image attached) However... what golfers will appreciate most is the all-new industrial design and the build quality of the NX10. You'll immediately be able to feel the difference between this rangefinder and other rangefinders -- even over our previous models. It's the best rangefinder we've ever built and, in our tests, outperforms the competition in terms of reliability, durability, and picking up the flag. (Especially at picking up the flag at over 150 yards out.) Happy to answer any questions you might have about it. We're in the works with the MyGolfSpy team to try to do some MGS Forum Testing with the NX10, so keep your eye out. Thanks, all!
  2. Introducing the Precision Pro NX10 Rangefinder! With interchangeable front and side plates, you can have a new style each time you're on the course. Get designs from your favorite golf creators or choose from our ever-growing collection of designs. Design Yours Now 11164304_NX10-ExplodingVideo-1200x1200.mp4
  3. Get ready for the golf season by upgrading your tech. Get $20 OFF every product on https://www.precisionprogolf.com/ until April 11th.
  4. Hi @scott80109, we have some answers! 1) That depends on the launch monitor you used. Most will normalize the data for you automatically. So your data should be good to enter! 2) Once you enter your data the R1 will do the rest and adjust according to your environment even if you are in the mountains, at sea level, or in humid conditions.
  5. Hi @mikewohlwend glad that you are still interested! As for your connection question, you are able to connect to the R1 and to a speaker at the same time.
  6. @GolfSpy MPRThank you for the screenshot and information. Android does a better job of running apps in the background compared to Apple so the settings you have it on are correct. Do you mind making sure the app is completely updated?
  7. @PMookie @GolfSpy MPR Thank you both for the honest feedback. We are constantly trying to improve and hearing your experiences helps tremendously. A couple of things we have noticed is first, the battery life is increasing after initial usage. Once you have played a couple of rounds and recharged it, it will begin to hold the charge longer which means it will last more rounds. The second is allowing the app to track your location when it isn't being used. This allows us to get your GPS location on the course when your phone is closed that way you don't have to unlock it. Changing that setting keeps your phone and R1 connected at all times and provides GPS for front, middle, back at the click of a button.
  8. Great point on how helpful it can be for someone to see just how much wind affects a shot! Our app uses a real-time weather API to get the most up-to-date wind information based on your GPS location.
  9. Wind Assist isn't calculated into the distance. It is a separate number you see alongside your MySlope and distance. For example, you could see + or - 11 yards depending on if you are into the wind or down breeze.
  10. Great question! If you are worried about your Trackman data make sure to select the normalization option when exporting. This will allow your data to be adjusted if you are using a range ball, if there is bad weather, or if you are inside. Even if your data isn't as exact as you'd hope our MySlope formula still does a great job giving you accurate readings for your swing!
  11. Spot on! You could even take one swing with each club on a launch monitor as long as you believe it is your stock shot. We suggest you take 3-5 swings with each club that accurately represent how you typically hit the ball. Then enter your average carry distance, spin rate, launch angle, and ball speed for each club. This will provide you with the most accurate MySlope possible!
  12. It just so happens that you're currently in luck! The NX9 HD is currently on sale for $40 off! The NX9 HD is our latest, greatest rangefinder. It has a wider, brighter display that makes reading the distance to your target even easier. It's also faster than our NX7 series rangefinders -- which means it's almost instantaneous, because the NX7 series are already pretty dang fast -- and it comes with lifetime free battery replacement services with purchase. The NX9 HD is also one of the few rangefinders that has the magnet lock feature that means it has a powerful magnet inside the casing that allows golfer to secure the rangefinder to the side of a golf cart. Hope this helps!
  13. Hi, @KronosPaul. We hope your rangefinder was either fixed or replaced by now, but if that's isn't the case, we'd like to help. (And help everyone on MyGolfSpy who has had a bad experience with another rangefinder company.) We're offering a 20% discount for all of our rangefinders when you trade-in your current rangefinder for either the NX7, NX7 Pro Slope, or the all-new NX9 HD Slope rangefinder by Precision Pro Golf. NX9 HD -- List Price: $329.00 | 20% Off: $263.20 NX7 Pro Slope -- List Price: $249.00 | 20% Off: $199.20 NX7 -- List Price: List Price: $199.00 | 20% Off: $159.20 If you're interested, just email seth@precisionprogolf.com and we'll get this taken care of. Every golfer deserves a rangefinder that they can trust! Thanks! -- The Team at Precision Pro Golf
  14. In our experience, a slow player is a slow player. A rangefinder isn't going to really exacerbate that issue if it's already an issue. He'll just be a slow player who actually knows which club to hit.
  15. Wow! That's great to hear! And don't forget, your Nexus comes with a 30% trade-in discount to all Precision Pro Golf products. So whenever you're ready for an upgrade, just let us know! That said, your Nexus should last you for many years to come! Thanks again for the shoutout, @GSwag!
  16. MyGolfSpy members save $40 on the NX7 Pro Slope now through Friday. https://www.precisionprogolf.com/product/nx7-pro-slope-rangefinder-mgs/
  17. Today and tomorrow only (7/15-7/16)! Exclusive Prime Day deals on NX7 Pro Slope (save $50), NX7 (save $40) and Nexus (save $40). https://www.amazon.com/NX7-Pro-Golf-Rangefinder-Precision/dp/B00KNNKYNW/ref=zg_bs_3411111_4?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=SG2ZFDM5SDPEM93CYESZ
  18. Win this custom Precision Pro Blacked Out Bettinardi BB0 DASS putter! 35in. Winner announced 7/23 https://www.precisionprogolf.com/putter-giveaway/
  19. We wanted to say thank you to everybody who has purchased the NX9 HD Slope so far! We had more higher demand right off the bat and we have sold out of our original stock. We should have a couple hundred more in about 2 weeks. We are taking back orders and also will let everybody know when we are back in stock. More information can be found below. Thanks everybody!! https://www.precisionprogolf.com/product/nx9-hd-slope-rangefinder/
  20. The wait is over!! The NX9 HD Slope is now available for purchase! Here's the link: https://www.precisionprogolf.com/product/nx9-hd-slope-rangefinder/
  21. Quick update everybody! We were hoping to have the NX9 HD Slope shipping at the end of this week but they are still currently sitting in customs where they have been for quite a few days now. Hopefully they will be released by the end of the week and we can start shipping nearly next week. We apologize for the delays and appreciate everybody’s patience. The first place they will be available to is an email list and if you haven’t been add to this list, here in the link to it. https://www.precisionprogolf.com/nx9-hd-slope-landing/
  22. Fathers Day is just a few days ago! Still time to save up to $40 on a rangefinder for him (or yourself). Order by midnight EST tomorrow (6/12) and get it in time for the weekend!! Shop: www.precisionprogolf.com
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