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  1. Still lots of time to enter to win a NX7 Pro rangefinder and a GOLFTEC Game Plan 3-10 package!
  2. Hi everybody! We are have partnered with GOLFTEC and we are giving away a GOLFTEC Game Plan 3-10 Package and one of our NX7 Pro rangefinders to a lucky winner. To learn more and to enter, click here. https://www.precisionprogolf.com/golftecgiveaway/ Thanks and best of luck!
  3. Well said Tony. The NX7 Pro is USGA tournament legal. M1 is the non-slope mode for tournaments and M2 is slope mode.
  4. It's been a busy couple weeks and truthfully everything we would say was covered. We are incredibly thankful to have fans like this.
  5. We saw our named mentioned here and was going to say something but everybody has already said everything we wanted to say. We cannot thank everybody enough for all the support and love and just wanted to remind everybody of our coupon code MyGolfSpy to take $20 off. Now just for some warmer weather so we can get back out on the course!
  6. We took it out for a little 'product testing' this week during PGA Show and the magnet is strong. We tried to hit as many bumps as we could and couldn't get it to move. We wouldn't recommend hitting any jumps but it is solid (and just looks sharp on the cart too)
  7. It hasn't been a very closely guarded secret but we were excited full announce it today. We will have a few at the PGA Show for people to use so stay tuned. We think this will be a great addition to our product line and complements the NX7 and Pro well.
  8. Hey MyGolfSpy! We are excited to announce our newest and our most technologically advanced laser rangefinder to date, the NX9 HD Slope. The NX9 HD Slope will have a brighter and wider LCD display, 7x magnification and an internal-locking magnet that allows you to store the rangefinder on the side of the golf cart so it’s always within reach. Just like our NX7 series of rangefinders, the NX9 HD Slope comes with adaptive slope, pulse vibration, our Precision Care Package, a 2-year warranty and a redesigned case. The NX9 HD Slope will retail for $329.99 and will be available in early April 2019. Learn more and to sign up for the email updates about the launch: https://www.precisionprogolf.com/nx9-hd-slope-landing/ Precision Pro will be exhibiting the NX9 HD Slope at the PGA Merchandise Show (Booth 1602) next week, so stop by if you are attending and if not, check out our Instagram, Twitter and Facebook accounts for updates from the show.
  9. The cold/adverse conditions will affect an older battery like that for sure. Here's the link to our free battery replacement service to save y'all the search.
  10. We really appreciate your complements and the support! We couldn't do what we do without you. Happy holidays and happy golfing!
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