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  1. Nope. We're still offering the deal and have no plans to stop it any time soon. Here's the link. We're in the process to adding the link to the form on our website, too. For the time being, we're going to leave it at the top of this thread for golfers to find. Hope that helps!
  2. Hi Har in the Hat: Which offer are you looking for? Here's the link to receive the free battery replacement. And here's the special offer for $30 OFF for the NX7 Pro that's exclusive to MyGolfSpy.com forum members.
  3. Thanks! That's awesome to hear. We thought about this a lot and decided that it'd be such a useful service to golfers -- no matter what type of rangefinder they have -- and hopefully it's a fun and positive way for golfers to experience our company. Thanks for the positive feedback, everyone!
  4. Thanks for the question, Kanoito. This offer is for ALL golfers throughout the world. We try not to treat our customers differently based on where they live, so we wanted to make this available to any golfer -- no matter where they are.
  5. We've seen golfers searching for the best deal on cr2-3v batteries, which is the kind of battery that most golf rangefinders use. We would never want golfers to go without their rangefinder and be forced to guess their yardage, so all of us at Precision Pro Golf talked it over a little bit and we decided to extend our free battery replacement program to all of you -- no matter if you own a Precision Pro Golf rangefinder or not. There's no catch. There's no trickery or tomfoolery going on. And, you'll note, that we're not announcing this anywhere close to April Fool's Day. It's easy... simply go to our website, answer five simple questions, and then we'll ship you a brand new cr2-3v battery in 1-2 days. We hope this helps golfers have better information when they are on the course. Please let us know if you have any questions about this program. We tried to make it as simple as possible, but we're always interested in hearing your feed back. Thanks! -- Precision Pro Golf
  6. Hi all! Precision Pro Golf here! First off, we wanted to thank all of the MyGolfSpy members who took the time to review the NX7 Pro. We've been blown away by the positive and thoughtful reviews. Thank you! Secondly, like StrokerAce mentioned, we care about the golfers who are using our rangefinders just as much as we do the products themselves. We believe we've made a great rangefinder that can help with your club selection and to play better golf, but we also believe that it's our commitment to customer service that truly separates us from some of our competition. And it's our goal to deliver the best customer experience in the industry. That's why we created the Precision Care Package, so that you know we'll have your back when you choose Precision Pro Golf. And the positive feedback that some of you have shared in this thread lets us know that we're on the right path. So thank you again! If you ever have any questions about one of our rangefinders, please reach out to us. -Precision Pro Golf
  7. Hi DPattGolf, Sorry to hear that you're having trouble with your rangefinder. That's no good. Have you tried contacting our customer support team yet? If not, feel free to contact them at help@precisionprogolf or by calling 888.568.6770, ext. 2. We'll try to either figure out what's wrong or send your a replacement unit that you can be confident is delivering you the accurate reading. Sorry again for the trouble, but thanks for letting us know! -Precision Pro Golf
  8. Thanks for sharing, GeekingGolf! We certainly try to do what it takes to earn an immaculate reputation from golfers. We hope we succeed more times than we fail, but we always strive to do better! Our goal is to deliver the best customer service in the industry -- hands down. We think we can do that. Hearing this type of feedback is always encouraging, though. It lets us know we're on the right track. So thanks!
  9. PrecisionProGolf

    Rangefinder issues...

    Wow! That is an awesome – and very thorough – review! Thanks for sharing, Steve. And make sure to stay hydrated during those humid Florida rounds this time of year!
  10. PrecisionProGolf

    Rangefinder issues...

    Thanks for the endorsement! We agree with you – the NX7 Pro is the best value on the market for a laser rangefinder with slope. ESPECIALLY if you're a member of the MyGolfSpy forums!
  11. We'd agree with this. Both GPS units and laser rangefinders have their uses. If you were going to choose one, we'd probably pick a laser rangefinder... but we admit that we're a little biased.
  12. PrecisionProGolf

    Rangefinder issues...

    Very observant... and 100% correct. For better or worse, there are several companies out there that sell the exact same rangefinder – literally the same product – with the only difference being the color and label that's been slapped on. To be honest, nearly five years ago, that's the first product we came out with, too. However, we quickly decided that the product wasn't good enough and that we either needed to design and build our own rangefinder or we needed to close up shop. Obviously, we chose the former, and we're proud of the products we sell and stand by them 100%, which is why we created the Precision Care Package – to show golfers that they can have complete confidence when purchasing a Precision Pro Golf rangefinder.
  13. PrecisionProGolf

    Rangefinder issues...

    Unfortunately, this isn't the first time we've heard about this type of situation from some of those bigger companies. That's not how we choose to do business. I can promise you that. Our goal is to always do right by our customers. If we're lucky enough to win your business, we think you become a part of the Precision Pro Golf family, and we treat our family right. We believe our rangefinder to be just as good, if not better, than some of those that are nearly $200 more in price. But we KNOW we offer the best customer service in the industry. Sorry you had trouble with your rangefinder. Truly. That sucks. But we hope you find one you like soon that gets you back on the course!
  14. We hope you get it for your birthday, too! So much so that we made a special discount code for you! Use code HappyBirthdayPing9 for $20 OFF our NX7 Series rangefinder. Of course... you could always just TREAT YO SELF!
  15. We have! Our Amazon stock was down a little because of incredible demand, but we're getting back to normal. Please let us know if you have any trouble, though. Thanks for choosing Precision Pro!