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  1. Agree might make for a good thread but I think the GC3 is about the sweet spot personally. Enough data to understand what is going on without getting the full data of a Quad or Trackman which could become too much. I just think for meaningful distance and understanding of your game spin is a must. Without getting on a Quad I would have no idea that I deliver a lot of dynamic loft and spin. I could guess but to quantify it had helped me change driver ball position to help this and know that a low spin/ loft jacked irons are not a problem. Distance is nice but tough to understand how you got there with the lesser models.
  2. Yes have a great Thanksgiving everyone!
  3. I'll dive in an take the other end, that while there are no obvious gaps after the 3 Wood, but I will say if you are averaging close to 300 with the driver you should get more than 250 out of your 3 wood, I would imagine you should be getting closer to 270, and then would want to tinker with a 5W or other loft depending on the resulting 3W loft to fill back in that 250 gap. As others have mentioned the bottom is likely not as spread as you think with just a little wedge matrix work and a couple tweaks like @BMart519 mentioned. That would give you many more options at the top end of the bag. You could also just try to get a bit more out of 3W to 265, 5W at 245 and Hybrid more at 230 or 225 option. This hopefully gives you more overlapping so you can play a soft 5W or full-out hybrid to get to 235 say. All of course are valid options as long as it works for your game.
  4. ejgaudette

    Mr T

    Happy birthday!
  5. It’s not for everyone for sure, that’s why we can let them so do the work.
  6. Strokes gained takes into account how far your putts are to provide the expected number of strokes to hole out. So say every first putt is 7 feet and you are expected to make 50% of those. Each time you miss you lose 0.5 off a stroke and easy make you gain 0.5. So as an extreme example if you hit to 7 feet on 18 holes and have 30 putts, that means you had 6 one putts and 12 two putts. So you would be loosing 3 strokes putting even though you had 30 putts. This is why strokes gained was developed. Depending on how long your putts are 30 putts in a ring might be great or terrible. So make sure your putts are the right distance for that to be useful. If your first putts are marked too short that can really mess up the strokes gained. As a data person I love this tote of thing, but know it’s not for everyone.
  7. Very true indeed. Would love to get some MSG members thoughts
  8. I noticed that front CG which Cleveland brought out recently, which I am sure someone else did before them. Interested to see how they roll.
  9. Should and won't are too very different words
  10. Happy birthday, hope its a good one
  11. Just to introduce a bit of nuance for some a 3W with 15° degree is a good option if they don't deloft the club much. As someone who does this even when I used to swing driver just under 100 as 3W still had plenty of loft for me as I deliver the wood with probably about the stated loft on the club. Others who deloft the club and turn 15 into 12 or less degrees then yes the 3W probably is not the best option. So that is to say understand your game and delivery and of course see a fitter first.
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