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  1. That is very rational an thoughtful thinking and changes in your buying patterns. We here at the MGS have no tolerance for such non-sense and would prefer more impulsive purchases that we can all enjoy hearing about.
  2. I agree and thankfully with cross country skiing it is a bit different so he was truly on a very small hill, but yes helmets are still a must the trails near our house are very hilly so there is plenty of bigger hills to fall on.
  3. Good morning all! Had a great time skiing with the kids yesterday until my oldest did a hill with a bit of jump added and he fell and got the wind knocked out of him. Was starting to feel better by the time we got home, thankfully no head injury. We had a neighbors daughter get a concussions skiing this year that was no joke, always something I will be worried about. Today should be a nice Friday without too much going on work or otherwise. Not sure what we have on tap for the weekend but I am sure we will find something. Maybe some more skiing or ice skating. Only time will tell. Have a great Friday and weekend everyone!
  4. Feeling some of the fitness coming back even as the weight loss is slow going. Did a 5 mile run yesterday at 7:20 per mile pace. Have not been that fast in a couple years at least. Felt great to get moving like that.
  5. Good morning all! Had a nice day yesterday with the kids getting out to the library for a bit which seems to have helped having that change of scenery. I also was glad to get a great run in for the first time in a few days with a busy work schedule. Kids have skiing this evening and I have a morning full of meetings coming up. Have a great Thursday everyone!
  6. This is the most expected response. @GolfSpy BOS you should have known this one before you asked it.
  7. Hope everyone feels better soon. No fun to be sick on school vacation week, save that for when school is going.
  8. Good morning all! Looking forward to another nice day. Work meetings are lighter today which is always a plus. Kids will have their usual routine for the day to get themselves going. Not much going on otherwise here as another week rolls on. Have a great Wednesday everyone!
  9. When we bought our van a few years back we almost went down to Mass to buy it but then heard how hard it would be to do that given the differing registration laws. The dealership near our house ended up getting it up here for us and we bought it from them. Made things so much easier.
  10. Congrats to the testers, hope you they help you knock down more putts soon!
  11. Welcome both @Riley24 and @Box3_53 happy to have another couple NH folks in here. I live up the Owls Nest way myself and play there a couple times a year. Look forward to what you folks bring to the forum. Hoping this sunny weather keeps slowly melting the snow up here.
  12. I know this is usually @GolfSpy_APH territory but I wanted to plug @GolfSpy AFG's article on the main site today. I know he knows way more about fitness than myself and always good to get a good set of reminders. https://mygolfspy.com/news-opinion/accomplishing-your-golf-fitness-goals/
  13. I agree if they can get this integrated with other monitor data could really increase the utility. If you could match the data up to a launch monitor and say force plates you are not quite at a true Gears system with all the motion capture but you are pretty close which would be cool to see.
  14. Good morning all! Had a great time skiing with the kids last night though the snow is still a bit icy from the freeze thaw cycle we had last week but getting better and hopefully the colder weather this week will help some more. Another kinda busy day with meetings but hopefully my last one to close out the day end early. Now to get my grading started for today. Have a great Tuesday everyone!
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