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  1. Hope things open up for this testing. Currently gaming the I500s and would love to see how these stack up and perform. Good luck everyone.
  2. Though if we want to get really into the weeds here. Likely should normalize this against the players average launch angle to account for standard shot shape of each tester.
  3. Though it sounds like based on the article there was a "fit from stock" approach which means different testers were using different lofts and shafts so that might not work. Maybe a metric around the ratio between static loft and launch angle might provide some useful information.
  4. I agree that would be a much better place for yardages, with the testing pool being more homogeneous than the larger test.
  5. I agree that the percentages are a good change as it stops people from getting caught up in exact numbers and moves it to a relative conversation which is really what the test is all about, the comparisons between the drivers.
  6. As someone who loves the minimalist shoe I tried the New Balance as well and really liked them, sorry to hear they fell apart for you. A trail shoe is a good option if you are looking in the non-golf specific show with some good traction. I run in the Merrell Trail Glove and love those, minimal with good grip when running and I suspect on the course as well. Also not sure where the blisters are but another minimalist shoe company is Altra. They tend to have pretty wide toe boxes if the rubbing is in the forefoot and plenty of trail options.
  7. I also think that between the black color and some slight tweaking that top line looks a nice bit thinner than the G700 and with a little less off-set it would not at address look too far off from the I500s currently in my bag. Really sharp looking.
  8. Really like the clean lines on these. Just switched to the I500s, wish I had these to compare them too.
  9. Evan New Hampshire Ping Karsten Anser Frontline 4.0 34"
  10. ejgaudette


  11. Looking at those CBs they seem to be following the Mizuno 919 Tour/Forged moving more weight toward the toe with the cavity ending a good bit before the the end of the club. And as some mention I wonder if they have pushed this even further with tungsten in there.
  12. That connection at the end is like half a speed bridge too. Seems like it might be a bridge to no where.
  13. I have Ping I500 and I agree with Apolloshowl that the hydropearl finish wears more than you expect. I have only played 2 rounds with them and they look like I have played 10 or more with them.
  14. Great looking irons if only I had the game to even consider playing them but that is not the case. Interesting that the toe screw is for swing weight purposes only.
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