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  1. The Mizuno Tour RB X ball is another very spinny one I you want to try that with the D7s
  2. This is a good one, I think I have seen this some before. I like to imagine this is exactly the thoughts going through Bryson's head before he hits a shot.
  3. There are a few instances of that from his book. Thanks everyone for the differences given these new considerations I would imagine that I am more One Plane player than single plain. Either way easier for me than a more pronounced transition in a more traditional swing.
  4. Could be quite the year for Tampa Bay if they pull one out and the Lightning keep it going
  5. That and well is just cool as russtopherb noted so well
  6. I am a fan of the yellow color way as well and would hope they keep it.
  7. Interesting ok will need to wait for a more in-depth article to wrap my head around that one.
  8. That looks like a fun club. I like how Cobra keeps the look clean on the top generally, but then has some fun on the bottom of the club. Looks like some new weights at the front of the club, close the face. Wonder if there will be a story about this just adjust spin and launch or draw and fade biasing as well, as that is the one thing missing from there clubs lately is the draw/fade adjustment. Looks pretty close to a finished product to me, look forward to hearing more about it soon.
  9. Obviously these are expensive, but I am sure they perform very well. If this is a way to Titleist to get a little money back on irons that are closer to a very large R&D project than a full iron release. That being said I will for sure wait until this trickles down to the more mainstream offerings. Unless something happens like @Golfspy_CG2 implies and the prices get reduced or there is a smoking deal, never say never right.
  10. Nice I would also say the only think I have noticed now playing them a bit more is you really feel those thin ones. The speed slot on something like the P770 or 790 could help that, though I see a full PING bag so not sure if you are looking to change brands.
  11. I played the 08 TM Burners. I know TM started moving into this space with their M2 Tour irons and M1 irons before the filled P790. When fitting I stuck almost exclusively to this category, for better or worse. Swing was not as consistent at the time but wanted the slimmer profile. I looked at P790, AP3, I500, JPX 900 Forged, Callaway Apex 16. I liked the feel of the I500 the best, but still gave the forgiveness and have the best distance/dispersion for me.
  12. Playing the I500s they are a bit similar. The players distance category took off with Taylormade and PXG offerings a few years back, but tough to nail down an exact date or model, as it depends on your definition of player distance irons. And I am sure some with much more knowledge than myself will bring up a club like these from years back that had some of this same features.
  13. Nice looking clubs and they likely perform very well, though testing will tell us for sure. I personally would remove the large Honma logo, leaving just the small logo and club name.
  14. I know right just can't get over it. Still in shorts here for now but pants and day now. If it get really cold I have too go with like the under armour layer under the shirt.
  15. Just played last weekend too, front nine with a sweater on was 41 and felt like I held on. Took the layer off for the back 39, much better. I can do a think pull over at most.
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