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  1. I appreciate the symmetry in this even if you would love to have scored better.
  2. Sorry to drop a new one but I see the comments are now split out for the pre-testing comments and after testing comments which great but when I add a new comment to the testing section it then takes me to a page 20, which matches the number of pages on the sign up comments. Not overly difficult to hit the back button but would be tougher if you are catching up and comment before the end of the thread. Also it just did the same thing when clicking on the thread in the recent content stream I use. It took me to page 21 not page 1.
  3. So I am on vacation so I have been able to play some more and got out on Owls Nest yesterday for an afternoon and the Max LS decided to stop playing around. I had my best driving round in a long time. On the day I had an average of 249, that was with a drive of 211 that was very poorly hit and a 223 that plays massively uphill. Other than those driver almost every drive was at least 250 and had a number over 260. The only thing that prevented bombs was all the downhill holes were into the wind. I even played the driver on a few holes that lets just say it is not needed and on one it is down right silly (white line on the last screen shot is the OB line). The 11th at the course it tight to the out of bounds on the right and a narrow opening to the green, so I pulled driver cause why not. I got the Max LS on the perfect line leaving only about 30 out and got up and down for birdie. Overall for the first time ever I had positive strokes gained of the tee against a scratch golfer. I did adjust the weight all the way to the draw as right now turning it over is not something I am concerned about. I am looking to keep this going when I get to play my next round, but overall I am loving the driver right now. The SZ Extreme is taking some big body blows and feel the knock out punch might be coming soon...
  4. Makes sense and hope you get that gapping down. Right now though the bomb setup looks fun.
  5. For hitting a golf ball no though still worry I might cut my hand picking up one that looks like this.
  6. Hope all goes well and that those give hours don't feel like 5 years maybe just 5 months. I know when my wife is even a little late I worry so I can't imagine.
  7. That four iron doors indeed looks insane. I have really liked the look of that one. Are you playing it standard or have you adjusted it?
  8. The front is more enjoyable though views are way better on the back. Only issue was wind was into on all the downhill holes so no really big bombs. And of course gotta work on that home course advantage for whatever team I am on.
  9. Got to play Owls Nest yesterday as my vacation continues. It was a beautiful if breezy afternoon. Started on the back with a short post three, but wind of the right when I fight pulls not the easiest start. But after that things got going well. For the sake of my review I hit the Max LS as much as possible. Even number 11 which for any have played it is pretty stupid but I pulled it off, had about 30 years left and got up and down for birdie. From there the iron game struggled a bit as I have not had many uneven lies given my home course it's in a good plane so had to get used to that. Finally got in a groove in the middle of the round. Especially with the Max LS. I was looking it is the tee. Even with a couple very sorry drives up hill into wind my average was 249 and Shot Scope had my performance average at 264. By far my best driving round. If it weren't for two silly the putts on the last two holes it would have been quite the round. Still ended up going 39/40 for a 79. Very happy considering I played longer tees than normal. Though not the backs so I could avoid this rediculous tee box on one par three, just for you @B.Boston
  10. Oh yeah it has been wet for sure sounds here. Even my weed patch called a yard is staying green.
  11. Great course up there and congrats on the personal best. Always makes for a fun round.
  12. Got out mid-week last week before going camping without cell service until today. Went out to my usual course and things went pretty well. Started it out 1 under through three with a nice up and down and all around solid third hole. Then I got to the first gen that had been cut for the day and let's say that I had no idea how hard to hit the putt, leading to a the putt. Started playing pretty well from there. Driver was much more in control, only lost a couple way right. Short game was on though getting up and down half the time which is big for me. This got me rolling in the back and helped me score pretty well. Went 38/38 for 76.
  13. Congrats everyone and I look forward to the reviews.
  14. Got out for another round today with the Epic and things are still going well with the driver for sure. Swing is getting back in shape a bit, though still fitting the over fade a bit, but hit some really good ones. First time in a while I have had three over 250, and two over 260 in a round, still feel there is more there two if I ever play in the afternoon on a nice dry course. Today I also hit some comparisons to the SZ Extreme and it still confirms that the Epic is playing to my game much better. For the whole year against a 5 handicap I am gaining 0.62 shots per round, this is across both drivers (no way to see SG for each club as best I can tell). Now in the the last 5 rounds tracked with the Epic (I missed one, but I felt I hit it good then as well), I am now gaining 1.53 shots per round with the driver. Still mostly playing on my home course with my same shots. I can only attribute this to the Max LS giving me more control and just being more comfortable with it, as distance is literally the same with the two clubs, the Max LS is the yellow one outlined one below (though that one 295 with the SZ might be skewing this a bit as the LS has seemed longer this whole time). Getting close to being ready to put this to bed and send the SZ packing, but I have a session with a QC Quad in a couple weeks that I will bring both to and hit some shots with both. Though more with the Epic to hopefully get some good data for some charts I want to build.
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