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  1. You will want to post a picture here in the BST posting otherwise it will be taken down based on the BST guidelines.
  2. I currently have two 3 woods in the bag. My old one is a TM Burner '07 that is supper spinny so its hard to get it past 210 carry. So it basically plays like a 5 wood.
  3. Same here, got to follow him around TPC Boston years ago, it was a great time. Also was still young enough that got close on a Tiger tee shot was well, but he was way out of it that year.
  4. First shot of the day, thankfully it was not quite all downhill from there, but it didn't get better than this. Ties my longest ever, but first tee this was great and made the birdie which is always a nice touch. Though the 3 wood to 20 ft on the first par 5 was solid too, but its all about the long ball right?
  5. Personally I think the variety is great. Last week was a tough set of conditions and winning score is in the single digits under. This week is fast, easy, and the winning score is very low. It can be fun to see tour pros struggle, and then have a tournament where a par is losing ground. Even in the majors we have this a bit. The US Open is tough, the Open can be difficult or easy depending on the weather, PGA is set up a bit easier, and Masters in the middle. Variety is fun. Don't need every event to be a tough -4 to -8 winning score. Just my opinion.
  6. Played on Saturday at my local course, went 37/39 for a 76 (+5) First hole was the best hole of the day. Plays downhill, and bombed the drive 294 next to the green side bunker, pitch was not great, but poured in the birdie putt. Lost a ball on the second, but we can skip that. Hit the par 5 5th in 2 for the first time in a while for a second birdie. Silly green side play, cost the even par front 9. Driver was hot on the front with my shortest shot being 253, but hitting driver of 294, 253, 256, 284, 284. Lost the diver a bit on the back for a few holes leading to a 3 hole bogie stretch having to play from the trees. I was very pleased with approach play today, my worst area traditionally. I found myself taking enough club, getting some better shaft lean that I had been missing, even went long on a couple holes, and only missed 12% short (none short on approaches longer than 200 according to Shot Scope). A couple of meh shots from 90 years probably kept my strokes gained from being an all time high. Looking to keep this up and I know even lower scores will come. Overall solid start to the season this year. Now if only the black flies in my yard would stop trying to carry me away so I could practice a bit more a home.
  7. Good luck on the sale, and hope the moving out goes smoothly, moving is never fun. We have a move in the near-ish future. Current house just can't support the 3 kids.
  8. I have not had any issue with them falling off with a more rounded grip. Currently have them on some standard tour velvet grips on my irons and they have not moved at all.
  9. I personally have no idea but our resident UP expert @GolfSpy MPR might have some good options.
  10. Congrats on the HIO and the great round. Nothing beats those rounds were everything seems to come together.
  11. I have used a set UW or Gap wedge a number of times and I have liked it. I think it also depends on the type of club you get. A cavity back like the i210 is not going to be too hot, so chipping with it won't be a big change from chipping with a specialty wedge, but my i500s where a bit too hot and it was tough to adjust so I had two gap wedges per say. Recently I dropped it but given the gap I think I currently have I am thinking maybe a CBX style 48 weaken my current back to 52 or so and then like a 58 as the trouble club. Ahh so many experiments and not enough time.
  12. Played 9 at small course near my in-laws on Saturday. Took it as a real practice round, hitting multiple balls, extra putts, so bunker shots here and there. The course is very tight and tree lined so lost a couple balls, found a couple. Hit the ball ok, still trying to find the consistency a bit as the year has started. Didn't keep score at all but it was a beautiful day and the green were in great shape, fast and slopey so it was fun to practice on those.
  13. This is so true. Back in high school when I was in better shape and a bit silly. I played a round of speed gold in about an hour with 6 clubs or so, and shot the same score as I did played later in the day walking with all my clubs. Golf really is a silly game.
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