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  1. Update kids all off and on their way this morning, now time some work and a run later. Hope everyone has a great day and I am also excited for testing season coming up.
  2. Good morning everyone, knocked out some grading now to get the kids out the door this morning.
  3. Morning everyone, up early this morning to get some grading done for the class I am teaching. Always feel great when I wake up and get the ball rolling like that for the day. Looking forward to the warm weather today. We tapped out maple tree and the sap is flowing like crazy with the weather. Got probably a gallon alone from yesterday, had to empty it yesterday afternoon and then again this morning. Won't amount to much but it is always fun to make a little of your own.
  4. PING had a data analyst role open a while back, but no remote option, if that was open I would have been very tempted to give it an apply and see what happens, but no way are we moving to Phoenix
  5. Morning everyone. Another sunny day coming our way, and warm (48) so really looking forward to a run around lunch time in just shorts and a long sleeve shirt. Really nice to be able to ditch the hat, gloves, and thermal leggings even for a couple days. Hope everyone has a great day.
  6. There is a strong possibility I unsubscribed as I have been trying to clean up the old inbox. Likely not about to switch but was interested none the less.
  7. Ball change can be a great option if it still works for you around the green
  8. The Shot Scope new offering is enticing, but I am not seeing the discount email which is a bummer, what is the deal
  9. Yes indeed your looking at shorts weather right there.
  10. Good Monday morning everyone. Looking forward to some warmer temps this week and some rain later to get rid of the snow here. Spring is in the air as many are saying. Thankfully not too busy of a week, but of course plenty of time for that to change.
  11. Love to hear it and many folks have seen that swinging faster actually helps with contact since you have to self-organize more efficiently, of course others hit it off the planet as they add speed, but glad right now contact is still good.
  12. So who got that lovely job,
  13. Good morning, looking forward to the weekend after today and some more melting of snow to get spring here. Should be nice and warm next week and no real snow. Now the road is going to be a mess with the melting but I will take it over more snow. Hope everyone has a great day.
  14. Also @RichL85 PM you address for the head cover and the most coveted golden Hammer X trophy to send your way
  15. The Results are in ..... And the Winner is ........ @RichL85 with an impressive score of 42.17 winning by almost 2 full points and gaining almost 14 mph this off season, so bombs away next year, and would love to see how this affects your game. Rounding out the podium @Vegan_Golfer_PNW in 2nd and @Getoffmylawn coming in with the bronze. Though we have no prizes for 2nd or 3rd so better luck next year guys. Thanks everyone this was a fun time, helped me stay motivated, and for sure shared some great ideas here. Would love to hear how everyone plays with the added speed. And yes training starts for next year so @Getoffmylawn that dead-lift better just what you rep is you wanna make big moves again next year. Here is the final leader-board for everyone to see who they might have beaten for bragging rights
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