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  1. Sounds like you had a great experience and being biased I say go Cobra since I have really enjoyed mine. Can't go wrong with either one really. Glad its you and not me picking them out.
  2. Is this a bad time to mention my degree is in Meteorology
  3. Thanks to @Lacassem I will be giving this a whirl in the driver. HZDUS Smoke Green 60 gram 6.5 it was a shaft that popped up in a True Golf Fit top result with my new speed so I thought why not. Looking forward to snow melting so I can give it a try.
  4. Have holed out from the fairway once, and might be lucky to get on in two once a year. Just the nature of the course I play the most which only has 2 par 5s and one has water short so tough to go for. Another course around here has the traditional 4 par 5s with the two on the back being much more reachable, but don't get to play enough. But gained some speed this off-season so hoping there will be more opportunities this year.
  5. No just amateurs such as myself seem to have had an uptick with the Bryson changes since it was the transformation I feel like. Off topic but Tiger, Dustin, Rory were long when they arrived on tour and have stayed there. I think Bryson captured the imagination of the average golfer a bit going from pretty long, to longest on tour (with some real high end numbers). I think it showed how much could be gained even for experienced golfers.
  6. Sub70 now offering their take on the RF iron given this offset. I can't game this for sure but boy do these look good, and a raw finish for those that like it. 649 MB
  7. These are two good ones, I am thinking throw them together in one review opportunity
  8. Srixon or Mizuno irons this year would be great to see as some brands that here have credit but lack the larger following. Also really thought the Ping Long game testing was a great set up a while back. Thats a spot in the bag many don't have dialed in like they want, myself included. Finally, who doesn't love a good driver test, right!?!?
  9. 90 I am thinking breaking 100 would be an accomplishment right there the track sounds like quite a challenge especially since I don't have that 310 carry
  10. Can't beat the free range balls that's for sure That's a great view right there
  11. Like that face pattern with just the D in the corner very clean. Looking forward to the full line up.
  12. Yeah some great views and always good conditions. Usually play a couple times a year and end up using that range a bunch.
  13. Hands down Owls Nest, not that there are many options up here, and if I tried that I would go broke very quickly.
  14. Thank for following along. It has been worth while and I might have gone a bit too hard at the beginning, youthful exuberance. I would agree with a shoulder injury like that full protocols might not work, but many have seen it work with just a couple a week and no other training.
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