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  1. Morning everyone! We had a pretty big storm roll through yesterday evening that left us without power for 4 hours or so but it’s back and so are we! I’m enjoying my morning coffee after doing a little work already then it’s time to hit the gym. Heavy rain was needed for the golf course but I’m not sure I want to see just how wet it is today. Might be a range day haha
  2. Morning everyone! Whew was that a busy weekend! I’m almost glad to be back to the normal schedule today with work and going to the gym. No golf today since the course is closed on Monday but I’m feeling good after a lesson on Friday. Need to do some tinkering with my chipping this week but otherwise I like the trajectory I’m on!
  3. Morning all! It’s a chilly morning here but looks like it’ll clear up some this afternoon. Going to try to sneak out to the range at lunch and then maybe get an evening 9 or so after work. I’m excited for the Taylormade fitting at the club tomorrow and looking forward to hitting the Qi, MG4, and trying some new things with irons. Have a great day everyone!
  4. Morning all! I’m headed to the dentist this morning, which I am in the minority of people who enjoy their trip to the dentist (my grandfather was a dentist and it reminds me of him). After that it’s all work until later this afternoon and I’ll hit the gym. I’m battling some lead wrist and thumb pain but the doctor said he thinks it’s just tendon irritations and it’ll go away with some mobility work and time. Have any of you had the same? Other than that, it’s a pretty slow week, fitting days with Ping and Taylormade later this week which I’m excited for! I’m sure someone will convince me of some club I MUST HAVE lol.
  5. For me it’s irons and wedges. Even when my game is off I can count on my wedge play (inside 130) to be solid. For example, today I hit my drive on a par 5 straight into a tree and came down 6 inches from the trunk. It moved me maybe 40 yards forward. I chipped it to the fairway then went 5i onto the green from 230ish and had a two putt par haha. Many times I’ve said I should hit irons off the tee but the driver is too much fun
  6. Morning all! Headed to the gym now after finishing my coffee. Stayed up a bit later last night watching the March Madness and rooting for the upsets (as my team is not apart of the dance…AGAIN). I have a tee time later today but no Friday match as my buddy is busy today. Not a whole lot planned for the weekend for a change so maybe I’ll get lucky and play a few rounds between now and Monday. Let’s hope! Hit ‘em hard!
  7. I’m a tad late to seeing this but have been talking about it nonstop for the last couple of days. Callaway looking to sell hasn’t been a secret in the private equity world (I work in PE) and in fact JP Morgan just set up a “sports investing” team to help finance deals such as just this one. I won’t pretend to know what will happen but I will share my thoughts on who the players are: Callaway has thought about selling TopGolf after growing it massively and then doing an IPO for just Callaway. TopGolf has huge revenue and profit but the combination of them hasn’t led to an uptick in Callaway equipment and clothing sales near as much as they had hoped. they also are talking to potential buyers in both majority and minority roles. One such group that is AT LEAST interested is PIF. If they could get Top Golf and Callaway to partner with and promote LIV they could likely kill the PGA merger and let the fruit die on the vine there. They could use their team aspects and integrate that into games and apparel at TopGolf and have access to Saudi locations where they are trying to grow the game of golf. It checks a lot of boxes for PIF. That being said, I don’t know for sure but I would assume SSG (who just invested in PGA) will also be looking to buy and could do similar by integrating TGL teams and promoting tour players through Top Golf. whoever looks to buy will also have to deal with the traditional PE market of firms, but I doubt they end up selling to them as they likely won’t pay a premium since there would be less added benefit to other businesses they have interest in. Even though some of them do have golf related holdings. just my thoughts!
  8. Good morning all! After taking Monday and Tuesday off while traveling (and playing at Payne’s Valley) I’m back to work today. Well, I’m at the gym right now but will be working shortly. Busy day with work and some necessary errands to get done. I’m hoping I can get all that done before 5 when the men’s Wednesday night league starts. Fingers crossed!
  9. Busy busy weekend! Played a round with my brother in law yesterday and headed to visit family today for a baby shower and playing a new course with my dad. Tomorrow my wife and I will head to MO to play Payne’s Valley and enjoy a nice dinner at Osage at Top of the Rock! Super excited for both!
  10. Date 03/17/2024 Course Name Stillwater Country Club Gross Score 78 Course Handicap 5 Gross Strokes over/under par 8 Net Score to Par 3 Net Score 73 Net Birdies or better 0 Longest Drive 0 SIM Round? It took me all week to get a solid score to post haha! Earlier this week I was LOST off the tee but today things started to click again. I think I shot 83,81,84,81 all before the 78 today. Hope it helps my team! Also sorry I wrote “gross” where it should say “net”…
  11. Morning all! I’m up early this morning to head to the gym before a round at 9:50 and another at 3:30 (my usual Friday match). Golf game is changing a little but for the better, fitting next week to check some numbers with my irons as I’m concerned they’re going too far with not enough spin. I guess I’ll know soon!
  12. This is super cool @ Bridgestone ! I have seen these balls before with a few people at the club playing them but didn’t know what the “mindset” depiction meant. I thought it may have been a logo for something I didn’t know about haha. Regardless, super cool and happy to see how the Tour B XS stacks up against other balls I’ve played recently!
  13. Morning all! I’m having my coffee then getting a haircut this morning before work. Got a lot to get done today before my Wednesday evening golf group kicks back up at 5 for the first time this year since we now have enough daylight. Looking forward to the Most Wanted results today and reading all about the 2024 driver lineup!
  14. Absolutely. These are a year old and had a most of the wear shown within 2 months. To be fair, I do play a lot of golf (5/6 rounds a week) but still, the finish did not last long at all.
  15. This black seems to be holding up much better than my PXG XCOR2 set…
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