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  1. On 8/27/2022 at 2:43 PM, T2WIN said:

    Well to be honest I didn't think you were interested in the clubs. One you only have 2 posts and that includes your first post here. Your other post after being a member for over 2 years was (WOW).

    Who ever buys the set will get the box that comes with the set. But will have to add a little towards the shipping because of such because it's a big box as most know who know about this set.

    I've provided great pictures and details of the clubs on here and the box is no big deal is the only reason I didn't take a picture of it. I've never once had any issues with anything I've sold to anyone in over 2 decades. Maybe you have had an issue with someone in the past is why you go around making such posts even when you aren't interested in the items. If so sorry you had to deal with such people and had an issue. 

    Yea, ignore that guy, he was never a serious buyer. 

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  2. 20 hours ago, Thumper68 said:

    What are you looking for? Blade, cb, brand etc? Or you just wanting some x100 shafts for a set?

    OP mentioned what he was looking for in the opening comment.

    "Looking for a set of players irons with x100. Possibly P7TW, miura 1957 CB, or similar."

  3. I have a very similar golf smith machine. Looks like same model but different generation and it is very useful and accurate as stated. 

    I really wish you were closer because I been wanting that style stand for mine. I been clamping mine to my portable chop saw stand but 20hr round trip is a bit too much

  4. Damn near Mint Condition, 9.5/10 at worse.

    Butt Trimmed the Shaft so it plays 45" from stock specs of 45.25"

    All Honma Shafts are spine aligned (Pured) and designed to not lose shaft orientation when making adjustments like Callaway. 

    Pulled the grip & added 4 wraps to make it more a midsize grip. 

    Headcover & Adjustment Tool with Manual 

    Will include email between Honma and Myself of them explaining the head positions better

    $200 OBO Shipping Included 



  5. 1) I chose this model because after suffering an injury at work in September that resulted in my right arm completely paralyzed from the elbow down, I need to move away from blades and relearn my swing with something that has forgiveness but I don't really need the extra distance that the "x" model offers. They will still have that blade like look but easier and more forgiving to hit. I was cleared to golf in May and I just need that extra help.

    2) Jason / Emmaus, PA

    3) Ben Hogan Fort Worth Blacks

    4) used to be a 2.1 handicap prior to my injury but now shooting between 85-93

    5) of course I'll participate Screenshot_20220801-215500.png.fe342f21f626b2cab7c180d4a0d55441.png




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  6. 4 hours ago, Josh Ross said:

    I'm really close to buying that 5 wood but the last time I had an Atmos in a fairway wood we didn't get along at all. I've been trying to decide between one of these and a Sim Ti 5 wood because both are so good.

    I have the same exact 5w with Aldila Rogue White msi 130 80x. Originally it was the Atmos but I also didn't get along with it. After loving the 5w so much I got the 3w in same setup

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  7. Damn, Love my Fort Worth Blacks and PTx Pros. 

    Outperformed my original p770s handily. Made the switch from the p770s to Fort Worths in 2019 and haven't gone back. 

    Wanted to get my hands on the Icons also but they don't look as good as the fort Worths to me and the 4iron was chunky vs the Fort Worth 4iron


    I still got the first gen equalizer wedges and was gonna try the equalizer II but guess I'll give Edison a try now 

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  8. Good luck on finding an Epic Max under $275 - $300

    Just recently I sold my old Rogue for $200, my old Mavrik Sub Zero, head only for $200 and those are older generation club. Hello I sold my g410 with stock alta shaft for $300. 

    You could find an old epic flash or GBB Epic in your price range, but not last year's model. 

    Callaway Preowned is a great reference for what people will sell for. The cheapest they have listed is around $330 in the lowest condition rating

    Good luck on your search

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