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  1. Matt Young Nashville, TN I walk 80-90 percent of my rounds. Currently using an old TopFlight two wheel push cart.
  2. Matt Young | Lexington Kentucky Handicap 9 Current wedges: Vokey SM7 I like the idea that the raw wedge maintains the launch and spin characteristics over time, whereas finished wedges often see their standard deviation grow over time.
  3. Matt | Lexington, Kentucky | USA Current, Ping Sigma B60 Heppler Tyne 3
  4. Matt Young. Lexington, KY 9 HCP Titleist Vokey SM7 49* 10 54* 8 60* 4 Flopping and high spinners close to the greens to get up and down.
  5. Rory's opening 3 holes Friday morning have everyone's free driver hopes m e l t i n g away...
  6. This happened all day yesterday. Its a terrible live stream, really disappointed. Im hoping today is much better.
  7. This featured group coverage is EXCRUCIATING!!!!! 3-4 minute long commercials must switch 'channels' between the two featured groups cannot switch channels during the long commercials 15 second ad every time you switch channels. Somebody at the PGA championship needs to call the Masters or PGA Tour Live and get some hints on how to do some live streaming. **UPDATE** The live stream keeps crashing, and a black screen with 'currently off air' comes on the featured group coverage for a few minutes at a time. Aweful. **UPDATE 2** The mobile app isnt any better.
  8. I expected to see this thread be a Rory fan club so everyone could get their free TMs. Glad to see more sensibility than that!
  9. Matt -- Lexington, Kentucky 9 HC 49* Vokey SM 7, 12* bounce 56* Vokey SM 7, 10* bounce 60* Vokey SM 7, 4* bounce XW-1 Wedges 48-50*, 8-12 bounce 52-56*, 6-10 bounce 58-64*, 2-6 bounce
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