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  1. I think someone did this a few years ago for a small publication that is escaping me at the moment. He mentioned how some were near impossible to get to because they were not public and by invite only. I'll have to see if I can find that article, but I'd join you
  2. Great reviews! Thanks for sharing and it's easy to see why this driver was rated so highly as all 4 really enjoyed the benefits of the club on the course.
  3. I was at my go-to range the other day and just out of curiosity looked in the Ping bin and saw a G410 3 wood sitting there for demo. I took it out and was instantly impressed. Even though the face is fairly shallow, I was banging it, shaping it, and loving it. I put it in my bag that same day. So if the driver line is anything like that of the 3 wood series, I'm going to have to take a look, even though I just put a G400 in my bag last year.
  4. Cameron Champ Winning score is -12
  5. Aaron from IL 9.2/108 Driver Speed MTB Black After the recent ball study, I did go out and purchase a sleeve of the XV and just played a round with them this past weekend. I really enjoyed them and want to play them more as well as the Z star.
  6. Tier 1: Rory McIlroy Tier 2: Tony Finau Tier 3: Zach Johnson Tier 4: Kevin Na Tier 5: Thorbjørn Olesen Winning Score: -14
  7. Aaron/Chicago Currently using 52 and 58 degree Taylormade ATV HP wedges. I would love to test the same - 52 and 58.
  8. Interesting topic and it reminds me of something I heard yesterday while watching the US Senior Open. While watching one of the broadcasters mentioned that one of the golfers (I forget who exactly it was, but I want to say Irwin), basically walked up to the ball and his caddie had already factored in, 1) Wind, 2) Elevation, and 3) any height adjustment from shot to green/landing area. I believe this was talked about on the downhill par 3 that was playing 176 yards but everyone was playing it at like 130-135. So, like the first person to comment on the thread, I think the caddies have so much data before they even hit the ball, that the pros know exactly where to hit it for maximum performance. It's an intriguing topic though, and I love to see some data from a few pros that used technology in lieu of, or in support with a caddy to see if it did in fact help with speed of play.
  9. Good luck everyone. I have an android so can't apply, but have the Arccos 360 from last year. They provide great analytics, I just question the distancing every now and then. On one hole I was playing, I hit a drive of about 265, leaving 130 left to the green so I hit a pitching wedge up. On the Arccos app, it told me I hit a 230 yard drive and a 165 yard pitching wedge - clearly not right. Other than that unusual hole here and there, I feel like Arccos is fairly accurate. So I'm curious to see how the advanced Caddie 2.0 helps.
  10. As a new member I have not read many of these reviews yet, but like others have posted, I love that we get this "intro" Stage 1 review. It's fun to understand each reviewer's background and current level of play. So, great Stage 1 reviews to the 4 that were chosen! I'm looking forward to reading the Stage 2 reviews.
  11. Congrats to the winners. This was such a fun contest I carried it over to my friends for some kicks and giggles.
  12. Tier 1: Henrik Stenson Tier 2: Bryson Dechambeau Tier 3: Rafa Cabrera Bello Tier 4: Si Woo Kim Tier 5: Steve Stricker Winning Score: -8
  13. I found this forum while recently searching for an honest review on a set of irons. I'm a father of 2, one turning 4 in 2 months and the other turning 1 in a month. As a result of having two children under 4 I haven't had much time to golf in the last four years and my golf game surely represents that fact. I used to be an 8 handicap but have now dipped to a 16. I joined a league this year and play at least once a month, so am getting the itch all over again. I'm watching more golf (both instructional and tournaments), hitting the range with regularity, and just enjoying the game again. Hoping to get some good product feedback from this site as well as just having the ability to keep up on the golfing world. Cheers!
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