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  1. Nice looking putter. Terrific job on the milling process. I'm assuming you milled it or had it milled. I've liked the original anser design especially the shorter length (heel to toe) design in the originals and later in the redesigns. With that said, I've never been able to putt well with them. As others have stated, I prefer mallets or the thin old fashioned blade putters. Years ago, Dunlop offered a putter with a fitting process before fitting was popular. It featured a neck similar to your putter that was easily bendable and perhaps a little longer. I don't think it was copper but it was a different color than the blade. Your blade looks great and the copper dot stands out nicely. Some people like an alignment aid on top and some don't. I'd be concerned that the copper neck (presuming it is relatively soft) would be subject to being jarred out of alignment during normal use in pulling the putter out of the bag and replacing it. Good luck with your project and grade for the assignment. Do you see value in the multi material design? As others have mentioned, it all comes down to feel. Multi-materials for only the sake of having them is not feature for me. Do you like the simplistic design? I agree with another reviewer in that I'd prefer the use of "traditional" design. IMHO, it would appeal to a lot of golfers. I do like the look. What is your favorite and least favorite part? Clean lines are my favorite part. Don't have a least favorite part. Would you be excited to use this? I'm a sucker for putters, so yes, I would like to try on a putting green. Would you consider purchasing this putter if there was a limited release? My consideration would be based on the price. Low price, yes. High price, no.
  2. I have favored the Footjoy athletic style for many years. Just bought the Sketcher's Go Golf Arch Fit 10.5 Wide. Have walked 2 rounds of 18 holes. Most comfortable golf shoes I've ever worn. Very light but good side support. I wore them around the house without my custom orthotics and chose to pull the inserts and use my orthotics on the course. Still very soft feel. I have a wide foot and high arches. Terrific shoe.
  3. Thanks for the Clic gear upright accessory recommendation. Bought one!
  4. Great wedges. Recommend them. Easy to bend if you want to change lofts and lies.
  5. Lee/ Taylors, South Carolina 80 Callaway Mavrik Max UST Mamiya Helium - Regular No
  6. Lee Taylors, South Carolina walk 99.9% of rounds have Clicgear 4.0 push cart have read a lot of good things about the Motoaddy carts
  7. Lee/Taylors, SC Yes, we get some short sleeve weather occasionally in December and January Don't use fitness device
  8. Lee Taylors, SC No, haven't used one Used ON only during a fitting session with an without a net
  9. Lee/Taylors South Carolina 10 1/2 Wide Footjoy Walking comfort. I walk every round unless required by the course or tournament.
  10. Lee / Taylors South Carolina I am right handed 18* Recoil ES 75 FE regular shaft / 3 Wood 14* MRC Tensei CK Blue 70 gram regular shaft 4 Yes, I play hybrids now Titleist 27*, 24*, & 21* Thanks Lee
  11. Lee Taylors, SC Callaway Mavrik Max 4.0 80 mph TSi2
  12. Lee, Taylors, SC I putt on a Momentus Putting Mat and one other mat. One is a little faster than the other. Also practice at my public course that has an annual fee for seniors and others. Medium speed would be good. Our green speeds at the course vary during the year from 10 to 12 on the Stimp Meter Quote
  13. Lee, Taylors, SC Titleist T300 48* SM7 54, 60 Test preference 54, 56, or 58 Thanks
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