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  1. It either has to do with tolerances of the aerodynamics package on the ball, or possibly the yellow changes the aerodynamics of the ball a tiny bit. The launch conditions of the two balls are basically the same, and once it leaves the club face it's the aerodynamics that make a difference. The fact that the yellow is going higher, landing shorter, and has a larger land area leads me to believe that it's probably one or two balls on the yellow that are slightly out of spec.
  2. Dean Snell has said that compression really doesn't make a difference at the low end of the spectrum. I haven't seen any data that refutes him. That being said a low compression ball will spin less than a high compression ball, all things being equal. And knocking off spin will also usually add to distance. Of course things aren't always equal with golf balls. You can make a firmer ball that spins less.
  3. - Andrew - Seattle/WA - 93-97MPH Trackman / 14.7 - 16.5* Tour Edge Exotics E8 4W / 21* Tour Edge Exotics E8 7W / 24* Mizuno JPX 900HM 5i - Right handed My gaping at the top is all messed up and I know it.
  4. Andrew/Washington Cobra F7/10.5 set at 9.5/Mitsubishi Diamana Blue/Stiff 14.7 Handicap, 97 max swing speed, trackman Haven't played a driver, but have played fairways for the last 4 years.
  5. Andrew - Washington 14.5 HDCP / 97 MPH (Trackman) Cobra F7 Epic Flash
  6. 1) Andrew, Washington 2) 14.5, 97MPH (Trackman) 3) Cobra F7 10.5* 4) G410 Plus
  7. Andrew Washington, USA 16.8 Mizuno JPX 900 HM, Veylix Alpina 873 i500
  8. Andrew - Washington Mizuno HM 50 and 55, Tour Edge Exotics CB Pro S 60 50, 56, 60
  9. Andrew Washington, USA Mizuno JPX 900 HM 5-SW / Veylix Alpina 873 Stiff 160-165 yards carry
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