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  1. Not to get off the subject of putters but the one company I found that is relatively new and has inexpensive clubs that are very high quality as far as I'm concerned and that's Lazrus. I bought eight of their clubs five irons two hybrids and a seven wood and I love how they perform.
  2. I have been playing the Wilson staff Duo Plus and I really love the feel especially with the putting but I decided to try the maxfly tour and I must say that I'm getting an additional 10 yards on drives with the Max fly that I was with the Wilson Duo
  3. I have been using the Wilson staff balls. I have tried pro v1s I have tried just about every other premium ball on the map and yet I get as good if not better distance with the Wilson ball than anything else that I've tried
  4. I totally agree with the idea of getting rid of the green reading books that these guys have. If you're a professional golfer or a professional caddy you should be able to read greens you don't need a book to tell you
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