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  1. I've been using this method for 10 plus years (pre-Jordan). it has helped quite a bit with distance control and a little with direction compared to my previous method(s). I think it helps with longer putts more than the 3 footers. hitting it fat does happen infrequently and this method doesn't work at all when the collar of the green impacts your backswing. Not so good from a heavier fringe either. when my putting is on I can be in the 1.5-1.75 putts per hole. green reading has always been my downfall. i believe that looking at the hole makes your brain subconsciously make minor adjustments to your putter face. obviously something we need a large government grant to study in detail. how many free throws can you make without looking at the basket? but as my pro (at the pro shop) said when I asked about changing the grip on my putter to help me. your grip is fine, practice more 5 & 8 footers. any method will work but you need to practice (1/3 of all strokes)
  2. Jon California See More original FGP brass blade putter, FlatCat Lamkin grip Frontline Elevado Slant Neck Putter I play 2-3 rounds a week and practice putting an average of once a week but would add to that if selected. I'm 60 and am currently a 12 handicap but vary from 10-13 during the year typically. I've used the a SeeMore FGP brass blade putter for over 10 years and recently added a FlatCat Lamkin grip. It works but I'm definitely open to try some new putter technology to improve. I play Ping G400 clubs, Driver, Hybrid (2), Irons and Ping Glide Wedges plus a Cobra hybrid (3-4) adjustable to fill the gap and course layout.
  3. I thought it bit odd but thought what the hell so I started the process to sign up the dog (now a few years deceased) to get a sleeve. Then the $1 shipping fee AND the auto subscriptions popped up... The bottom line is the dog (still deceased) will not be getting any golf balls as she doesn't have a credit card. I think that golf ball company is run by a Nigerian prince. BTW my filter for this stuff is I sign up the dog for most freebie offers and requests for info. It's worked out well as it keeps us off many lists and it is also a great indicator for future junk mail. Regularly getting LTC flyers, annuity sales dinner requests and (unsolicited) dating mailers to her on a regular basis. Oddly no one from the dating service has ever responded to her interests of home cooked dinners, snuggling by the fire and long walks on the beach. your credit card company should help you take care of it but it may take a while to get the payment back. If you ever wondered who falls for this stuff, now you know.
  4. Jon California, USA Cobra Bio, steel, 2 degrees upright, reg flex 140 yard 13 index I need some distance, please
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