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  1. This guy is an enigma to me. It's clear he isn't well liked by fans or other tour players. Also, many think he is really loose with the rules of golf. However, one cannot deny he is very talented and nothing seems to phase him. I think that in the game of golf once someone has been labeled as a cheater it's almost the kiss of death for their career. This does not seem to be the case in most other sports, business and of course politics where disregard for rules and norms is actually sometimes praised. Golfers are held to a higher standard and personal integrity is just as important as a good
  2. Hoganman1

    Titleist AVX

    Well I just did a ball fitting and it turns out the ProV1 is actually the best ball for me. I'll probably keep playing the AVX until I run out this Winter, but my next purchase will be ProV1s.
  3. Hoganman1

    Titleist AVX

    Thanks for responding. If I run out of AVXs and cannot find any more, I can always go back to the ProV1.
  4. I was a confirmed walker for decades. I really enjoyed it. However, father time finally caught up with me. I played football in my youth and my knees are not what they used to be. I started riding last summer during the hot weather and discovered I actually play and score better using a cart. I may try to go back to walking and carrying this Spring because I still feel guilty taking a cart. Our course offers pull (or push) trolleys but we have a lot of hills and valleys so the trolleys can be hard to manage. Also, we don't have access to caddies as we did years ago. To those of you who walk an
  5. Hoganman1

    Titleist AVX

    So it sounds like there might be a lag in delivery. I guess I can get the previous model from a source other than Dick's until the 2021 version hits the stores. Thanks for the info.
  6. Hoganman1

    Titleist AVX

    Is Titleist going to drop the AVX? My local Dick's does not have any and their web site only offers the 2020 version at a discount. I chatted online with a guy on the Titleist web site and he said " The AVX is one of our premium balls and we have plenty if you want to order a dozen". He did not say whether or not they were keeping the ball in their line-up. Maybe it's just my local Dick's decided not carry them, but I'm curious as to if anyone has heard anything about the ball.
  7. I think (hope) my bag is set for 2021. Ping G400 Driver, Callaway Mavrik Max 3,5 and 7 fairways, Mizuno JPX 900 Forged 4-GW, Cleveland RTX 3 SW and an Odyssey White Hot Tour Putter. My ball is either the Titleist ProV1 or AVX.
  8. I love Mizuno irons too. I was a Hogan guy for years. I switched in 2015 to JPX 850 Forged. I recently decided to go with graphite shafts (I'm 71) and luckily found a used set of JPX 900s. I'm only three rounds in and it's Winter, but I think I'm going to like them as well.
  9. Speaking of Legends in Clermont, do any of you remember Palisades? It closed in late 2015. While it wasn't always in good shape the layout was great. Also, it was right across Lake Minneola from my vacation condo. I think it opened in the mid 90s. It was supposed to be an exclusive private club. The recession changed all that and I think it struggled for most of it's twenty year existence. Anyway, I played it two or three times a year and still miss it. I really wish someone would buy and restore it, but I doubt that's going to happen. The same applies to Sugarloaf Mountain. However, SM only
  10. Thanks so much. We're planning on coming in March. Hopefully, it will be open by then. I really like the course and I've come so close to breaking 80 there several times over the years. I've shot in the seventies on almost every other course in the Clermont area except Sugarloaf Mountain which closed several years ago. In full disclosure, my 77 at Mission Inn El Campeon was when I was in my 40s. I doubt I could do that today even from the senior tees.
  11. I'm pretty sure Musgrove is private. You might be able to get a complimentary round if you call and inquire about memberships. Thinking about Harbour Town reminded me of Wild Dunes Links Course. I haven't played there in a long time but it's very tight. If memory serves me correctly, missing the fairway by a few yards could easily result in a lost ball. Hopefully they've softened it somewhat since the 80s and 90s.
  12. I would have to say Musgrove Mill Golf Club near Clinton SC. I was a non-resident member there in the mid 90s.I was an 8 hdcp on my home course here in Charlotte, but in my three years of playing Musgrove once a month I only broke 80 twice. Back then I played the par 72 6950 yard tees with a rating of 74.4 and a 153 slope. If I played there today I probably wouldn't break 100 even with my 10.8 index.
  13. This course closed a couple of years ago, but I've heard it might re-open. We have a vacation home in Clermont and I've played Legends many times. We haven't been to Florida in a year due to COVID-19. I'm really hoping to go in the Spring and would love to play Legends if it has in fact re-opened. Does anyone on this forum know the status?
  14. Sorry, I didn't realize this ball has been around for years an does not conform to USGA specs. Also, I found an old thread that covers this. My apologies.
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