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  1. I think one issue is that if one wants to get fitted for clubs, they usually have to go with the current models. Maybe some independent club fitters do offer older models, but I haven't met one as yet. Our club has fitting sessions all season long with the popular OEMs. I've attended a Taylormade driver fitting and the only options were the M-5 and M-6. I've never had a fitting at Dick's but since they usually have some of last year's models in stock, they might do fittings for those clubs as well as the "latest and greatest". I do think it's important to have clubs that are properly fit. One less expensive way to do it is to pay for a fitting session and then buy the club (or clubs) from one of the many pre-owned sites online. I usually do this with drivers. Sometimes it takes awhile to find what you want, but it will save some bucks.
  2. My favorite putter grip is the Lamkin Deep Etch. I have been playing it for several years. However, many people like the SuperSoft grips. I tried one and it just didn't feel right to me. If you liked your old grip, I would replace it with the same style. It never hurts to experiment, but "if it ain't broke; don't fix it".
  3. I'm like most of the other posters. Most of my bag is used clubs bought online. My fairways and my sand wedge were new, but a previous year's model from Dick's. All of the sites mentioned previously are reliable. Global Golf, 3Balls and Taylormade Pre-Owned are all owned by Global Value Commerce. I think they're based in Raleigh NC.
  4. Have any of you on this site had a chance to compare these two balls? Their ads say "more speed". Does that translate into longer with the driver? I'm a senior with a slower swing speed, but I've found the '17 version works best for me in total performance. I've played several balls that are longer off the tee. However, they don't perform as well on and around the greens. I plan to give the '19 version a try when I run out of '17 balls. It's always nice to be able to gain a few more yards for us older players. What are your thoughts?
  5. I live in Charlotte and unfortunately, Dick's and Golf Galaxy are the only national retailers left. There is a locally owned business named Greater Golf Express. They have both new and preowned clubs and do excellent repairs (re-gripping, re-shafting, etc.) . Also, there is a driving range/learning center named Leatherman Golf that has a pretty good selection of clubs and a certified club fitter on staff. In addition to several private clubs, we have some very good semi-private and public courses that carry equipment as well. Several of my friends have used the Club Champion Fitting Center located here to purchase their equipment after going through their club fitting process. Good luck on your move and welcome to Charlotte. You'll enjoy playing golf here especially in the Spring and Fall and you will see some reasonably good golf days off and on during the Winter.
  6. I agree with those that say personal ball tests are the way to go. I was a Pro-V-1X guy for years, but this summer I tried the Snell MTB, the Callaway Chrome Soft X, and the TM TP5X. I found the TP5X was the beat overall for my game. I suggest anyone interested in changing balls give this method a try.
  7. I've just switched to the Taylormade TP5X. I tried several balls (Chrome Soft, Snell MTB, and the new Pro-v-1x) and the TP5X is longer and performs great around the greens. My swing speed is fairly low (mid 80s) but this ball works best for me. Buy a sleeve and give it a try.
  8. I too have started struggling with grip pressure. I tend to "choke the bird" with my driver and fairways which produces a terrible shot. I'm working on it on the range, but I sometimes revert back on the course. I've gone to midsize grips which helps. I just need to keep working until it's part of my swing.
  9. I agree with those that say "make the drive". You can go to Shaftfit to get a starting point, but a certified fitter is a must. He (or she) will put you on a Trackman and find the right shaft for you.
  10. I've been a Titliest Pro-V-1 player for years, but I decided to try some different balls this summer. I'm 67 and my swing speed has diminished due to age and arthritis. I was looking for a few more yards off the tee without giving up too much short game control.I tried the Snell MTB, the Callaway Chrome Soft, and the Taylormade TP5X. I was really surprised what I found. The TP5X was much longer even with my 80-85 mph swing speed. It also performed really well on and around the greens. I'm tempted to try the Chrome Soft X, but I'm going to stick with the TP5X for the foreseeable future. If you're not married to a ball right now I suggest you give it a try.
  11. Thanks. That makes sense. I probably need to go lighter, say 50 grams, to achieve my goal. I was just trying to save a few bucks since I already have the 60g shaft.
  12. This is kind of disappointing. If I posted this on GEA I would have at least a dozen replies by now. Oh well, I guess this forum Is different. So many folks said it was better, but I guess the equipment gurus are still on GEA.
  13. I'm trying to get more height from my three wood. It's a Callaway GBB. I kicked up the loft, but I think the 65 gram shaft may be a little heavy for me. I'm 67 and I have some neck issues that have slowed my swing speed to about 85mph. I have a GBB Heavenwood with the 65R ProLaunch set a 20* and it launches OK, but the three wood flight is pretty low.
  14. I have a 60 gram Fujikura Vista Pro shaft in regular flex from an old driver.It's 45" in length. My first question is can I cut it down to 42" to fit my three wood without adding weight? My second question is: I now have a 65R Graffaloy ProLaunch Blue shaft in my three wood. Will the cut down Vistra Pro be light enough to make a difference?
  15. I've been a Pro-V-1 or Pro-V-1X player for years, but I've been trying some new balls this summer. I played the Snell MTB for a couple of months and found it very similar to the Pro-V-1X. Currently, I'm trying the TM TP5X. It seems to be a little longer off the tee and performs pretty well around the greens. My next test will be the TP5. I also plan to try the Callaway Chrome Soft. I'll post again once my "test" is finished.
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