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  1. First Name: Tom City, State: Forest Grove Oregon Current Driver in Play: Titleist 917 Handicap: 10.8 Swing Speed: 107 Which Driver Would You Like to Review TSi3
  2. Tom Keyser, Forest Grove Oregon Calloway uPro Nikon Coolshot Laser Range Finder
  3. Tom/Forest Grove Oregon I use a Nikon Coolshot Stabalized range finder.=
  4. Tom Oregon Scotty Cameron California Weakness because of consistency
  5. 1. Tom / Oregon 2. HCP 12 / 115mph 3. Titliest 917F 4. Epic Flash Sub Zero
  6. 1. Tom / Oregon 2. HCP 13 / Swing Speed 115mph 3. Titleist 917F 4. G410 Plus
  7. - Tom / Oregon - Handicap 13 - Taylor Made Tp5x - I prefer more of a soft feeling golf ball, speed hasn't been an issue with any golf ball I have used
  8. 1. Tom/Oregon 2. Mix of Nike and no name brand pants  3. Being stationed in Germany I’ve played in plenty of 20mph gusts with rain going sideways and now living in Oregon, if you don’t play in the rain...you don’t play nearly as much golf!
  9. Very well stated review and I love your attention to detail, well done sir and good luck with Stage 2!
  10. Welcome, I live up closer to Portland and just moved back to the area after many many years away and I've been pleasantly surprised at the selection and quality of golf courses that are now available.
  11. Welcome and no need to feel like an idiot!
  12. Great reviews so far (by all!). I'm continually impressed that MGS lets us test equipment and use honest feedback to review golf clubs and equipment. Keep up the good work!
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