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  1. So second round with the 2 ball Ten Tour Lined and even more in love. Have been working on switching to a left hand low grip and everything is now feeling like it's starting to work well together. Initial alignment with the 2 ball ten is awesome and so easy
  2. Put one into play yesterday and really enjoyed it. Mine is the double bend and coming from a spider tour red with slant neck. really like to try the slant neck odyssey, but I like the feel/roll off the face, feels more lively compared to the spider tour
  3. 1. Cobra King Tour MIM 4-PW heads only in overall excellent condition, 9 iron does have some scratches. $old 2. Titleist T100 5-PW heads only. One very good condition. A few heads I must have got heat to close to back when pulling shafts as there is some slight bubbling (see photos) $old 3. Titleist TSi3 13.5* 3 Wood head only. $old 4. Diamana DF 70TX, Titleist Surefit adapter played 42.75" in TSi3 above $old
  4. That is my hope. Really is the perfect shape /size
  5. How do the King Tour compare to the Amp Forged size wise?
  6. thanks man They are 125g 6.5. Just the way the light is reflecting on the shaft. I gamed a 4 iron with a previous set bet the gapping was always so close to 5 iron it didn't make sense to me. 22* 4 iron and 24* 5 iron. I switched between the 3 iron (20*) and a 4 hybrid (21*) to feel that gap for me.
  7. Srixon combo Z585/Z785. 5 iron is Z585 6-PW are Z785. Excellent condition. Std L/L/L. please ignore 3 iron in picture. It is already sold. If buying complete clubs will include an extra PX LZ 6.5 shaft for GW. $old shipped complete clubs .
  8. Just wanted to give this a follow. Still really liking the Big Tour, launches easily for me with a flat penetrating flight. Very long, which I'm normally high spin is a very welcome sight. Cannot recommend this thing enough.
  9. Casey Bloomington, IN Handicap 7-10 range Srixon Z585/Z785 combo
  10. Figured I'd throw this out there. Thenationlimited tried to sell me something and then messaged me from the below account trying to get me to pay. I just ignored and went on my way but wanted to point out.
  11. Haven't seen much love for the Big Tour, so thought I'd throw my two cents out there. Coming from a Cobra F9 3/4, wanted something lower loft and a bit deeper head in a similar profile, which the Big Tour meets perfectly. Did a very small comparison against the Sim Ti Rocket 14* and while I liked it, felt more consistent with the Big Tour with a more preferred ball flight (mid flight and penetrating). The Sim was pretty, but the head has a slightly odd look for some reason. Anyways, I'm decently high swing speed but tendency with fairways is to spin them
  12. Looking for the counterbalanced version. Want to experiment with chopping wings off and making Frankenstein square back.
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