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  1. Just wanted to give this a follow. Still really liking the Big Tour, launches easily for me with a flat penetrating flight. Very long, which I'm normally high spin is a very welcome sight. Cannot recommend this thing enough.
  2. Casey Bloomington, IN Handicap 7-10 range Srixon Z585/Z785 combo
  3. Figured I'd throw this out there. Thenationlimited tried to sell me something and then messaged me from the below account trying to get me to pay. I just ignored and went on my way but wanted to point out.
  4. Haven't seen much love for the Big Tour, so thought I'd throw my two cents out there. Coming from a Cobra F9 3/4, wanted something lower loft and a bit deeper head in a similar profile, which the Big Tour meets perfectly. Did a very small comparison against the Sim Ti Rocket 14* and while I liked it, felt more consistent with the Big Tour with a more preferred ball flight (mid flight and penetrating). The Sim was pretty, but the head has a slightly odd look for some reason. Anyways, I'm decently high swing speed but tendency with fairways is to spin them a bit much. Usually carry is 240-245 with little roll. I feel like I can carry the Big Tour 260-265 and get 10-15 yds of till which for me is good. Had a forced 240 carry to the flag the other day and hit a "soft" Big Tour that landed about 255 on the green and stopped by pitch mark(greens were soft with rain). Was super surprised by that carry number as with my F9 would have been a big swing to get it there. I feel like the Big Tour is a better looking better sized Sim with extremely similar performance. very underrated, don't be afraid to give 'er a try.
  5. Looking for the counterbalanced version. Want to experiment with chopping wings off and making Frankenstein square back.
  6. Just a single item up for sale. 1. Project X LZ 6.5, 7 shaft set. Raw shafts are 3-9 iron (40"-37"). My plan was to softstep into a 4-PW set but only got around to installing the 7 iron shaft into an 8 iron head as a test. The 7 iron shaft is 35.5" and played around 36 7/8" in a Z585 8 iron. Was installed and hit about 8 balls and then pulled. All other shafts are new and uncut. $185 shipped obo
  7. sorry for all the highlighting. When looking at the shot view, select the club icon and select the club you want to see averages for. Even if it's the only club on the session. Averages will then show below.
  8. Great review, just picked one up to try out, should be getting it in the next week or so.
  9. I built a set, had some $15 shafts I bought from RBG and then bought some scale weights, drilled holes for shafts and epoxied. Then used lead tape to get to exact weight And sprayed rubberized undercoating on them.
  10. I think you are still confusing models. Last year was one driver, F9 Speedback. This year is two models, Speedzone and Speedzone Extreme. F9 Speedback --> Speedzone Speedzone Extreme is a new offering and the one that was named most forgiving. I still love my Z565 although I'm considering searching for a new driver this year. I've got both the Speedzone and Sim 8*. Just sold the Sim as I needed to turn the loft up and I couldn't keep off the left side of the course. Gonna give the Speedzone a run as the few times I hit it it seemed to miss right (fade) which I prefer.
  11. Speedzone Extreme is a new model line this year for Cobra. Speedzone would be the successor to F9.
  12. If you ever want to drink a Lonestar and you’re in the northeast, drink a Rainier. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  13. Should try a Mexican mule, substitute tequila in for vodka, still squeeze in some lime and garnish with some fresh jalepeno slices. Best with a very gingery ginger beer. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  14. I've bought about every grip imaginable due to hot/humid weather and losing grip when swinging. Winn DriTac have been the best (besides best grips microperf). They do wear out faster than other grips but not horribly so. I've now got them on most of my clubs and won't be switching anytime soon Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  15. So I've been on travel for business 9/10 weeks so haven't had a chance to do anything with the swing speed. Should be slowing down in the next couple weeks so going to start this back up. Will report back in a month or so Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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