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  1. Have had 4-p,stock KBS C-Taper Tour light (note this stock shaft is an upgrade for many brands),stock LLL. Ordered last Nov (2021) recieved a month later. This model was fairly recently introduced at time. Was bought as a back up set to be used for range while gamers at CC.Change irons annually and gamers this year were Apex,PXG Gen 3 P,and currently T200 ,4-p. (2022). The 201s feel as good as most forged irons I've owned (roughly 50 sets since 1975). Distance is good and forgiveness is very good for a one piece of metal forged iron. Wanted to play them more than the few times I did but used again mainly for practice at range when not at CC. Also being I like to trade sticks often wanted to keep newish condition. Not as forgiving as my T200 or PXG Gen 3 I would say the dispersion is better. To my knowledge the price is same as a year ago $589. plus $50 shipping from Hong Kong. I don,t think you can touch many a forged iron of similiar quality with the noterity it gets from You Tube for less. Yes the DTC types can"t be demoed without cost thus the lower cost.
  2. Fwiw my two new current sets are Tacoma Forged 201 with Kbs C-Taper lite 105 reg and 2021 T-200 with AMT White reg. Last couple years owned PXG Gen 3 0311 Ps with MMT 80 stiff,PXG 0211 with same MMT 80 stiff. 410 Ping irons with Sieelfiber 95reg. Finally had 2015 Apex with Recoil i95 reg. Right now even at 75 I prefer wieght of steel and don,t have issues. All these shafts felt ok and differences but nothing major. Smoothest is the Recoils and dispersion is a toss up between MMT and Steelfiber. Just a personal comment is I prefer look of Steelfiber probably because of playing steel so many years. Although I have had a knee and two hips replaced I still have gone to gym or use to ran daily over 50 years so there’s no issue swinging sticks although obviously not at my old 105 mph. Have checked lately but pretty sure driver is still hanging in at 90. I think going wherever you can hit various shaft options is key.
  3. Any interest in a sey of well conditioned combo PXG Gen 3 irons all with MMT 80 stiff from PXG. 5i=XP,6-p =P, GW= 0311 Forged Wedge 50*. Also have a newish (5 rounds) Takomo Forged 201,KBS C-Taper Lite reg,4-p. Many YouTube positive reviews. Can add TM or Ping putters.
  4. Thanks great input. I made a rash decision and bit on the YouTube Takomo 101 irons (price & looks). Lot's of info on TXG, others so for $459 &$50 shipping tried to order. Emailed company (HQ in Finland made ShanHai). They kept running out. Then came out with the beautiful fully forged one piece of metal Takomo 201 Forged CB. $589 +$50 shipping =$639 but I had promised myself a set of reasonably priced irons as a second set so I ordered last set in stock with my spec KBS C-Taper Lite R. These are jewels and have had success at range but course is what counts. Just sold my Ping G410 with SteelFiber i95 reg and have a chance to replace them with the 0311 P Gen 3 with MMT 80 stiff. Fiqured those will be the more forgiving but also wanted 2 sets for other reasons. Don't mean to bore you but always appreciate when someone responds so quick with asked Thanks Doug
  5. Could you give me a brief thoughts on forgiveness,distance,feel of these two irons (Pin i210 & PXG 0311 Gen3). Have owned many of those you show and close to getting the Gen3 0311 P. Thanks
  6. jacksonstorm

    Maxfli Tour

    Bought the 2 doz for $60 towards end of last season and will probably continue assuming Maxfli continues such pricing.
  7. Shep Allen Park, Mich. 10-15 HC Gamers- Wilson Staff C300 Forged,5-g,Flighted Tour KBS ,regular Backup- Mizuno JPX 900 Hot Metal,5-g, Modus 105 stiff. Either but prefer i500
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