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  1. Not sure who I like the most but can tell you who I don't. I won't mention specific names because it's simply not nice to slam people unless you have a very good reason. I will say it's the people I simply find very hard to understand thier english. Between talking too fast or simply thier dialect I have a hard time. Sure they sound just fine to thier countrymen. Another bigger YouTube issue is the personality trying to be a "personality" either comically or otherwise. Some amusement I'm all for be those who push the envelope and think thier entertainers or comedians I turn off.
  2. Let me know if you have any questions or want me to email coupe more pics although some are same as on here.
  3. As dumb as this may sound but DM? Dou uou know how unblock it once you tell me what DM refers to. my email is douglascshepherd@comcast.net if that helps
  4. Your title says 86 OS but your WITB summary just has them as 86s. Being I didn't see OS in pictures I just wanted to double check that thier the OS model? I have owned 50+ sets of mainly forged irons since 1975 and of those aside from my current gamers Titliest 2021 T200 and yet played C721s the only iron set I have kept are my original set of irons when I started to play =the MacGregor CF 4000s. Can you relate the head size to say the T200s or another iron aside from the 70s being I have never seen them aside from pics? Also can you relate the forgiveness factor to other irons? BTW nice round in tough weather!
  5. 50+ for my personal use since started game 1975. Of all those sets since the first set of CF4000 MacGregor irons and 1,3,5 VIP woods bought used from a customer for $75 are the only ones aside from current couple of gamer sets I have kept. Addictive.
  6. Thanks but already had and played 2 months,then sold that set last year.
  7. Nothing is wrong with my sticks. In fact I have misgivings on parting with them being I love the look and feel. Still great shape. With me it's simply a matter of compulsion of the obsesive variety. Too old for drugs,like a drink but my hard party days are over,stopped traveling even with my wife retired from 35 years at United because I'm ok having two hips and a knee replaced but my spinal stenosis makes continual walking very painfull. In gym 5-7 days a week as I have been pretty much last 50 years since playing college football however I use "recumbant type crosstrainer to take stress of back. Throw all those things together and my kick is annually changing irons somethimes twice in a year. Can't afford just buying new but that's no fun. The fun is trading and when selling hopefully get most of cost together for next set. The irons could be gold and I would still do same thing. Important to always be fair trading and selling because I use forums such as this one to transact. Learned long ago in business always make a deal fair to both parties to maintain reputation. Long winded answer but you asked,LOL.
  8. Very nice T200.4-pw,Black AMT R300,standard LLL,new professionally regripped with midsize Lamkin Hybrid +2. Bought newish condition July 2023 so little play in short Michigan golf season. $900 seems very reasonable based on low end of VG cash numbers and 2nd Swing doesn't have a comparable set under a grand.. Can email more views. Look at all reasonable offers. Reduce to $830. Possible trade for equal value Players Distance/GI type irons,ie PXG Gen 4 up, Mizuno 923 HMP ,HM,SRIXON Zx5 and Zx4 MKII ,i525,etc. PRICE REDUCTION == $799 includes reasonable shipping. THESE ARE SOLD Having issues loading picturses will resolve ASAP. IMG_1377.MOV IMG_1377.MOV
  9. These irons have made quite the splash on YouTube reviewers,ie TXG,James Robinson,Average Golfer,my favorite the no BS MobilClubmaker,etc,etc. Set is 4-p,C-Taper Lite regular,stock LLL,grip. The shaft in regular flex now carries a $100 upcharge. Total cost from Takomo for the solid piece forged iron is $739. Plus a lengthy wait. Selling these for $500 shipped. Great shape near new. Can send more pics if interested. Possible trade for GI player distance type irons SOLD.
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