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  1. I know the impact snap has been around for a while, but wanted to share my experience with it. I searched the site but couldn’t find any threads on it, so as a fairly new member I hope it’s OK to post this. I finally decided to order one and received it Wednesday night. I watched the 7 day training videos on You Tube and worked with it for the last 3 nights. I played 9 holes Thursday and Friday trying to implement the release with some success. It finally started to ‘click’ on the last couple of holes. Today was a member member tournament at my club and I shot a 75, my all time low by 2 strokes. There is no way I would have shot anywhere close to that without what I learned by using the impact snap. By the way, my index is 11.6. I finally understand how to release the club properly, and stably. I think it’s a great product and highly recommend it!
  2. Greens are overall pretty good but most have a few bare spots which I wish they would do something about. I’d give them a 7/10 because of the bare spots, but they generally roll nice. Tee to green the course still needs work. Fairways need punching and tee boxes some upkeep. Would like to see what the owners do after things return to normal. As usual, the staff is top notch and the membership is great.
  3. I’d say this is spot on. The problem for me is finding someone local, knowledgeable and independent who can do a thorough fitting. I’ve had good fittings at both CC and GOLFTEC. The number of choices of shafts CC had available made them stand out to me. While the more expensive shafts do perform marginally better on Trackman, I’m not sure they are worth the extra $300-$500. You can get a similar stock or even upgraded shafts offered by the manufacturer for much less. But I ended up paying the extra $$ to make sure I had well fit clubs because I haven’t found someone local I trust who can do it as well as CC.
  4. Hi All, New member here and glad to be part of the forum. I’m 52 and currently live in Milton, GA and am a member of Crooked Creek Club. Been back in the Atlanta area for 4 years now and have spent most of my adult life here except for a couple of 6 year stints in Macon,GA and Katy, TX. I’m in manufacturing operations and have always managed or directed mineral mining and processing plants. Boring, I know, but pays the bills. I somehow managed to out kick my coverage and have a double beautiful wife (inside and out) and 2 teenage boys who are everything to me. Ive been playing golf since my 20’s and my current index is about 10 and coming down (my club won’t allow posting of scores during CoViD due to raised cups). I don’t think I’ve ever been more excited about my game. In fact, I’m hitting the ball farther than I ever have due to a recent lesson with a Plane Truth Instructor in the Baltimore area. I finally quit trying to make my swing fit what I thought it should look like, and changed to what my natural athletic ability produces, and it has freed me up and made a huge difference. If you don’t know about the Plane Truth, look them up. I love the challenge of golf. I’m a bit of a perfectionist so golf is something you can never master but I enjoy the process of always trying. I love the Golf Spy Reviews, both official testing and the unofficial ones from the members. My username is just my name. Glad to be here and looking forward to being a part of this great community.
  5. Did check the website and they are limited edition (as you said) and out of stock in every size. Maybe they will make some more for November.
  6. Thanks! I’m so stupid, I didn’t check their website. I get ads for True popping up all the time in FB and never saw these so just assumed they were a limited release for Masters week. Thanks again!
  7. I’ve got the ER10 Outback in the bag and love it. Some will hate the look because it’s a huge mallet, but I’ve never had a putter that better shows the line. All I have to do is focus on distance since it’s so easy to start the ball on line. Still have good and bad days with the putter, but had 24 putts Saturday due to my confidence with the ER10 and their technology.
  8. Agree, customer service is outstanding. Good product, easy to use and logs lots of stats, just wish they were a little more actionable.
  9. Where did you find them? Would love to add a pair of these. I have 3 pairs of True Originals and LOVE them. I walk 9 a couple times a week and 18 whenever my course allows and they are incredibly comfortable right out of the box.
  10. Chris Milton, GA 11 index Current irons PING G with AWT 2.0 Stiff shaft yellow dot +1/2 inch, except 3 iron which is PING i5. Choice i210 I've been playing PING irons for years and would love to test these babies!
  11. Welcome to the forums cjdibiase :)


    We are glad to have you at MGS. Go start your first message!


    There are thousands of golfers waiting to get to know you.


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