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  1. Great write up, really enjoyed it. Felt the exact same way about my CC fitting. Solid experience but didn't end up buying from them with some of the upcharges that were suggested.
  2. Once was coaching against a kid who hit left handed and putted right handed. Was quite confused until I figured out what was going on.
  3. tchat07


  4. Thinking about either going with the flatstick or driver. Leaning toward driver because I am still playing my used R15.
  5. Early August is when my first child is due so definitely is a no go for me. The September date is middle of fall season so it'll depend whether games are home or away that weekend and will dictate my availability Saturday but I would certainly drive down for Sunday. Only an hour and a half drive for me.
  6. Completely agree! Been able to learn so many things from @DaveP043
  7. I change whenever I find something I like more. I used to buy used wedges so luckily have gotten away from that haha
  8. Some folks are sneaker heads or buy lots of golf clubs. I buy golf polos and hats. I've spent more money then I care to admit on apparel over the years. I do wear it daily though because it's comfortable and I work in college athletics so I am able to wear it to work.
  9. Testing is always a wonderful opportunity and will say that it often gives you an opportunity to work on certain areas of your game based off what you're testing. Really lean on your other testers because they become your "teammates" during testing.
  10. I really agree, though I think it has made the waiver wire much more competitive (already used more $ then I had last year haha). I do wonder if we might see a steeper drop off from the bottom of the standings, hopefully the engagement stays with it.
  11. It's the old I don't like my team so I'm not playing gig. I've seen it alot unfortunately.
  12. Love this for an update! And the mention of testing time has me excited!
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