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  1. Unfortunately have been down and out with sickness for past two weeks. Sweatshirt has come I'm handy wearing around the house though!
  2. Not sure if anyone else has had this issue or it might just be me but last two times I've gone to take the hoodie off I can hear stitches popping. I feel like it's partially due to my oversized head but it's happened more then once so I found it an interesting issue. I've seen no damage though.
  3. Probably going driver regardless of tee. Carry about 235 so unless its playing crazy firm and fast I would expect it to go about 250. Gives me about 195 in from the tips. This is where pin placement is the big thing. I fade the ball so a front right pin would be a no go because right of that pin looks pretty dead. A front left pin my miss would be short in order to give me green to work with or take the right side of the green. Looks like a ridge separates the back portion of the green so an aggressive play there seems warranted because I don't want a difficult long breaking putt.
  4. Wore the hoodie all day today and did a small range session with it. One thing I noticed was I had to keep adjusting it after I would swing or bend over to put my tee in the ground. It gets bunched up or pulls over whenever I do those movements.
  5. Couple of updates. Played a round in the polo the other day. At no point did I notice anything uncomfortable and was impressed how long it remained tucked. Only had to retuck it once. Washed it and something must have been sitting on it because it came out stained with orangish streaks. I preceeded to throw it right back in and second time around no issue. Nothing else in the laundry was effected so I have no idea what happened. Also washed the sweatshirt and boy does that thing get heavy when wet. Made me think that it would not be a great option on a day with a surprise rain storm but unless you're playing tournament golf I don't envision many people will hoof out a rain soaked round that has temperatures that require a hoodie
  6. Alright here's a weird one for you the hood is overlapping at the clasp which leads to it being rather tight fitting. What's strange is because of the stretch in the fabric it can cover a head with a hat as well. But if you look at the photo it is clearly stretching to cover based off whenever I do not have a hat. Certainly nice to have that ability but i do not imagine swinging with my hood up and a hat one would be comfortable.
  7. That's a great but tough question. My first thought jumps to Rhoback, but it has nothing similar to Rhoback haha. I think it was just a comfortable wear which is why I say that. It has a smaller softer collar then Rhoback. Collar reminds me more of Nike or Under Armour, but a little more pinched. The fit is more like a Bad Birdie because it's more fit to my body but has plenty of stretch. The sizing isn't like Bad Birdie though. I have a large in both and I feel RG is much more roomy. Honestly after one full day wear it has a lot of little pieces from lots which I think is a great sign. Washing it today so will be interested to see what happens after a wash. Did you have it tucked in? I wore mine the other day and it stayed mostly tucked even after I had about 50 swings at the range.
  8. Wore the polo the other day and it has nice cuts. Honestly was worried first time I held it up looked a little small but has great stretch. Have an early tee time tomorrow so will see about the sweatshirt
  9. First off big thanks to MyGolfSpy and RealGolfers.co for this opportunity. I have seen a lot of start up golf apparel companies in the past 10 years and am curious to see them grow. I like there simple small offering being a start up. To me that shows a attention to detail that some companies do not heed. My name is Thomas and I am from Maryland. I normally play late into November depending on the weather, I also wear polos every day. I am often a 1/4 zip wearer because I like the stretch most 1/4 zips give and they're comfortable to roll the sleeves up slightly. I am an absolute polo fanatic! Someone asked me recently how many polos I own and I said I could wear a polo a day for 3 to 4 months and not repeat. (Yes I know that's bad I am the same way with hats, maybe worse). I like floral print, firm celebrator of Aloha Fridays. Recently ive been on a clean cut kick where I like the matching hat/polo combo. Personally my favorite polo brand right now is Rhoback though I'm also a devote Nike fan and Under Armours polos have been great recently. I am relatively tall (6'2) and until recently have had a slimmer build (thank you fatherhood haha). For polos I wear a large because I don't like baggy polos. For anyone who has Bad Birdie polos they normally run smaller and I stick to large with them. I am an always tucked polo person as well. For sweatshirts I normally go XL, my arms and torso are a little longer so I tend to size up. First thing I'll be looking for is stretch, I think that is essential to a polo or sweatshirt built for golfers. Not only for the movement factor but the comfort. Next is the fit itself, don't want sleeves too long or shoulders/midsection too wide. The final piece will be the quality over time. I love the idea of a price friendly apparel company in the golf landscape. Most polos I see go for $50-70 with the high ends like Peter Millar going for $100. However if the polo doesn't hold up over wears and washes then the price doesn't matter because it won't last long enough. First Impressions (8 out of 10) Through out this review we will talk about these as two different subjects, the polo and the hoodie. For the polo straight out of the package it had a nice feel, seemed to be softer then your average polyester polo. According to there website it was a 90-10 polyester-spandex blend so I do not know where the extra level of softness really comes from or if it is just in my mind. The build of the polo was great, nice clean collar, button placket was a little firm. Just had a very crisp look to it, some polos look like you are dressing down, this is not one of those polos. The design on the polo was ok, I am a fan of the multi-print polos and the stick figures were different and cool. After looking at there website I would have preferred there sold out blue polo with white collar. I cannot seem to figure out what there logo is, they have the RG, the RealGolfers and a jester hat. I like the jester hat the most but not sure about how it fits with there brand. On the website the polos are priced at $60. The hoodie was the same, straight out of the package had a superb feel, it was very soft. It is a 63-30-7 rayon-polyester-spandex blend according to there website. Very thick cuffs on the wrist and waistband with a couple of stripes. Has the visible stitching on the shoulders which I thought looked nice. Had RealGolfers written down the sleeve in scrip, I did not like this, I felt it didn't match the esthetic. The hood was pinched at the front by the collar to give it an overlapping look and it had zippered pockets on the sides. The pale green color of the hoodie was muted enough where it paired nicely with the white, I thought the black stripes were a little to off the look to be added. On the website the hoodies are priced at $90. Aesthetics (7 out of 10) Here is where I kept questioning what route they were trying to achieve with there design. The design on the polos are much more modern with the multi-stick figure characters all over. It reminded me of what you would see out of a lot of companies currently like Rhoback or Barstool with many repeated designs. However when look at the physical design of the polo it matched closer to a Nike or Under Armour polo, cleaner and sharper with tighter fits. The design of the hoodies was even more confusing with its layout. There were clear attempts at making it fitted with the larger cuffs on the wrists and waist but then the body of it was larger. It had nice weight to it where you would believe it would keep you warm in cooler weather. However I found after one wash it gets really heavy when wet so it would not be a good item for a rainy day. The design of the hoodie was one that would be considered to be nicer where it could be seen to be worn by older and younger, aside from the RealGolfers down the arm that design to me is more for a younger crowd. I have many different hoodies from lots of brands and I do not think it can be compared to any in particular, it is definitely a stand alone for hoodies. Fit & Comfort (17 out of 20) Both are extremely comfortable when wearing lesiurely. The polo was a bit of a tighter fit, which I prefer, however at no point was I feeling constricted or uncomfortable with any of my daily living. I could move in many directions, reach up on shelves or bend down to pick something up and never really felt like I was going to become untucked. I have also added some beginning of winter weight so am a little thicker then I was over the summer and it did not make it overly uncomfortable. For the polo I would give the fit and comfort a 9.5 out of 10. The only reason I would take a half a point away is because after 4 washes it does seem to have gotten a little smaller but due to the stretch the fit is still fine. The hoodie is incredibly comfortable in terms of material. My 1 year old will just lay his head down on my chest whenever I am wearing it because of how soft it is. I am not a huge fan of the pinched hoodie, I felt like it kept getting tangled or would move and I would have to adjust it. I really did not like the cuffs on the wrist, I like rolling my sleeves up a little and they were just uncomfortable to have sitting on my forearms, I think it was more the material then the elastic. I did not notice any difference when it came to the washes except maybe the torso length became a little shorter. Whenever the pockets were open it would also make the hoodie sit strangely, I felt like it made me look a little rounder around the middle then I actually am. For the hoodie I wold give the fit and comfort a 7.5 out of 10. I removed points for the cuffs and the hood. On-Course (16 out of 20) These are flat out great golf polos for me! I had no problems out on the course with them. Never and punching or pulling, really never even recognized that it was there which I think is the biggest compliment for a polo. I think during the 250 shot I hit while wearing the polo I had to tuck it back in maybe twice. As you can see from the video even when I would stretch my hands up above my head there would be just slight pulling but it would not change the shape of the polo. I could not ask anything more from this polo except helping me to make more putts so I give it a 10 out of 10. 20231109_124806_1.mp4 The hoodie was great at keeping me warm and the material was comfortable, everything else did not work for me. I could not wear the sleeves down because the cuffs were so thick I could "feel" them whenever I was gripping my club. Whenever I rolled the sleeves up they were uncomfortable sitting on my forearms. During practice sessions I was also constantly rolling the sleeves up because they would fall down during the swing. I also felt like after every swing wearing the hoodie I had to not only adjust the body but also adjust the hood. Overall I just never felt comfortable when hitting golf balls while wearing the hoodie so I give it a 6 out of 10. 20231109_124806_3.mp4 The Good, the bad, the inbetween (17 out of 20) The Good: This polo is a top notch wear, they certainly will have a place in the current golf polo market place. The hoodie fabric is amazing, probably one of the softest clothing pieces I own and is super nice to the touch. The Bad: The "build" of the hoodie just does not work for me I think. Cuffs are too bulky, the fit does not match that of the polo, pockets are not easily accessible and I do not like the hood. The Inbetween: Overall aesthetic or style seems to be inbetween at the moment. Are they modern or are they traditional, is it eye catching or is it clean? Personally I think there is plenty of eye catching on the market and a well made brand with clean make up to me would be a great addition. Play it or Trade it? (15 out of 20) Polo is a no brainer for being a player. Easily can match it with any type of outfit and is incredibly comfortable when wearing. The hoodie would probably only work as a layer under a jacket. Has the ability to keep you warm but the jacket over the top would hopefully keep you from having to adjust after every shot. Conclusion "Our mission - Make the best polos in the world affordable. And make birdies." They make great polos that much can be said! There price point is $60, which makes them more expensive then some ($40+ Under Armour) and a lot less expensive then others ($90+ Rhoback). Unfortunately this polo will not help you make any more birdies but you will at least be comfortable and look good making pars. Final Score (80 out of 100)
  10. Congrats testers! What a great group to have this opportunity!
  11. Date 08/16/2023 Course Name Maple Run Gross Score 84 Course Handicap 9 Gross Strokes over/under par 12 Net Score to Par 3 Net Score 75 Net Birdies or better 7 Longest Drive 271 Longest drive "could" have been 323 but I cut the corner on a dog leg so don't really think that should count haha. Driver had a gasp or two of being alive but disappeared. Irons were awful. Putter was hot with book end front 9 1-putts of 24 and 15 feer respectively. Then preceeded to cool off hard to the tune of 3-2-3-2-3. Really frustrated with my game right now. Was only a month ago I was 10 strokes less.
  12. Wood! 100%! On any hole I'm not using a driver I'll pick up a broken tee so I really don't break many if any during a round. Normally just go with the plain bamboo ones but do enjoy a "nice" course wooden tee, cause they are so much different haha
  13. I'm playing a ping PLD. Blacked out no aim aid. I love this thing!
  14. Was not playing in it but was actually coaching in it. 20 to 30 mph winds. Temperatures at a high of 40 degrees. Precipitation mix of snow, freezing rain. Easily one of most uncomfortable sporting experiences I've ever had and for reference working football game back in college had the water freeze in the coolers haha
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