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  1. Hit 25 putts from 3 feet and 25 from 6 feet. Am currently doing testing for the Odyssey White Hot Rossie so a plus of that is I will be getting a lot of putting practice haha. Head on over to the link to check on my initial impressions and follow along on that thread. https://forum.mygolfspy.com/tests/24-test-in-progress-odyssey-white-hot-og-putter/?do=findReview&review=83
  2. My initial impression has been posted! Go check it out under reviews. Or just click the link below. https://forum.mygolfspy.com/tests/24-test-in-progress-odyssey-white-hot-og-putter/?do=findReview&review=83
  3. Had the putter come in and then proceeded to put in a 60+ hour work week haha. Going to roll a couple today on my birdie ball putting mat.
  4. Congrats testers!! Always a great opportunity to test golf balls. Love the creativity some folks come up with to complete there testing.
  5. Did some wedge work in the yard at halftime of foolsball game. Have a tree in the middle of the yard that's split in the middle, which leads to a small window to hit through. Figured to myself if I can hit it through the window at all that's pretty good haha. Long term goal being to do it with some consistency which means I am doing a great job controlling direction and ball flight.
  6. Congrats on the opportunity! Definitely a golden one!
  7. Let's put it this way when is the last time ESPN covered a story about a kid finishing 81st in a tournament. I have no problem with JR deciding to do this and getting an opportunity, I just am personally not a fan of the overhyping of it.
  8. 1. Tommy Armour Impact #3 2. Odyssey Versa #7 3. Dont remember the name but it was a blade type putter that had Tom Watsons name on it. Honestly only ever used 1 other putter and it was a slotline that an ex bought me. Nothing but bad mojo on that club haha.
  9. Very excited and fortunate to be testing this beauty! I'll be Rahming it with the Rossie! I said it during the signup phase but could this be the one to take the TA#3 out of my bag. Been the steadiest club in my bag since it went in during testing a few years ago!
  10. The advice given to me was pretty solid if you switch it to recent content (the little newspaper at the top of the main page). It makes it similar though not quite like the app.
  11. Local course in Maryland. The Club at PB Dye. Was ranked the 27th hardest course in the country in 2007 by Golf Digest. Multiple blind tee shots and approach shots. Multi tiered undulated greens. Tall fescue rough. Yeah that course can be an absolute brute if you are playing for the first time.
  12. I was a frequent MGS app user and really was only way I interacted. When the app feature was removed it really cut down on my engagement. Even to this day I still struggle with the online format because I use my cell. I liked the ability to go in to the app feed and see everything that was recently posted and then I could engage that way. Now I feel like I have to look for what I want to talk about and sometimes it just feels tedious. I just think it's difficult to stay up on most recent content, especially if you are only able to log in once a day. Theres no real way to see what you've missed.
  13. I'm going to go Ryder Cup especially if you have the same situation as JT and Spieth, I mean how cool would it be to grow up together and win the Ryder Cup with a childhood friend. I also get chills whenever I hear those USA chants so I think itd be top notch to represent your country.
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