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  1. Any other MSG members here playing Belvedere in the GAM Senior Championship?
  2. David/Allen Park, MI/USA MacGregor DCT Sunset (Bobby Grace) I would love to check out the Anser 2. I prefer a blade putter and it’s design seems to fit my stroke very well. Has a great look to it. Would love to put it to the test on my indoor putting range and during the beautiful fall golf season in Michigan!
  3. Down to 1 more to go for the second loop through this season. Nice smooth 8 iron to just below the hole on a 168 yard par three then rolled in. Last one is a challenging par 3 that plays tough. Hopefully I can do it before the snow flies.
  4. Two more to go to complete the second lap. Almost aced #15 with an 8 iron from 168 yards. Ties the closest I’ve ever had to an ace. Someday.
  5. On my way through this a second time and have been stalled for a couple of weeks. Finally got #4 this morning, so I have three holes left—all par 3s so that may say something about my game. I’ve been playing the back tees a lot too, so that has made these par 3s (7, 13, 15) more challenging. #13 is 222 to the center of the green if they play the normal back tees. Hard to get birdie putts from there!
  6. Anyone know anything about this? They just tweeted out that it coming soon...
  7. Dave, Allen Park, MI 3.6 Callaway Razr X
  8. I should have thought of this sooner, but an alternative, and better, theory is that the problem is not the ball, but a change I had made on my driver. I recently went to 10 degree draw on my Cobra Speedking and still had the weights set for high spin. I had noticed that my ball was descending pretty sharply—sometimes backing up or bouncing sideways. Not being too bright, I was just thinking it was due to the recent rain and didn’t think about shifting the weights. Well, not surprisingly, once I shifted the weights to low spin and flattened out the descent of my drives, the ball is staying clean (and getting some great run out). Glad I don’t do this for a living or I’d be broke by the time I figured stuff out!
  9. Just for fun I started tracking it to see if I could complete the challenge a second time this summer. Only five more holes to go to complete a second loop of birdies. Three of the five left are par 3s and I have already picked off the three holes that took the longest the first time through, so I’m hopeful. For perspective on my game right now, I started recording stats via the GHIN app a bit ago. Over 21 rounds, 6% of my holes are birdies, so I’m cranking them out at a pretty high rate (for me). The down side, 8% of my holes are double bogeys. Without those birdies I’d be toast! As Jon Sherman would say, I need to make war on double bogeys!
  10. I love Snell golf balls! Great price on a great ball. I usually play the MTB-X, but actually have a stockpile of the neon yellow Get Sum balls for sunrise morning rounds. Huge fan. Here’s my question for other Snell users: Do you find that the balls collect mud/clumps on them more than other balls? Maybe just a phase I’m going through, but it seems to me that I get more mud balls with my Snells than I do other balls. I’m wondering if there is a cover difference that is more susceptible. Or maybe I’m just imagining things. Anybody else have similar experience?
  11. 5 handicap. Allen Park, MI Callaway Razr X. 145 yards. I have read positive reviews here and elsewhere online. I have explored their website for specs and pricing. Very impressive.
  12. David Doran, Allen Park, Michigan No, I have not used a GPS device. Laser and sprinkler heads.
  13. I did it! Completed the birdie challenge this evening by finally nailing one on #8, a 418 yard par 4 (from the blacks). Probably the best drive of the round leaving me 141 yards to a front pin. Actually almost holed it out, but ended with the putt below left to complete the challenge. Slightly downhill but pretty straight. Nailed it. Thanks for setting up the challenge. It was a fun bit of side action in each round.
  14. Dave, Allen Park, MI I practice 5-6 times each week. In the winter, 20-30 min sessions. In season, 10-15 min sessions (usually). Sadly, I average 1-2 (1.41) three putts per round. I think this system would help me with three specific areas on which I have been trying to focus: (1) consistently squaring the club head at imp; (2) tying stroke length to putt distance better and more consistently; and (3) using a short putting matt indoors during Michigan winters is helpful, but this would allow me to work on lag putts as well as shorter ones.
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