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  1. Brent Houk -- Atlanta Yes With a sharpie and a plastic stencil Titleist ProV1 Align XL Blue GO HOOS
  2. CT Pan. -6 sounds about right.
  3. I like the way it plays. Compared to my Evnroll, the balance is a little better in the Cleveland, the Cleveland has a smaller profile (which looks better to me), and the Envroll feels softer (I like the feel of the Evnroll more). I will be playing them both (and mixing in an Odyssey 2-ball fang slant neck too) as I like to change out putters when I have a few poor rounds on the greens just to change the look up. One of the things I like about the Cleveland is the WinnX Pro 1.32 grip. I have the Gravity Grip on the Evnroll and a Winn AVS midsize pistol grip on the Odyssey. The WinnX Pro is by far my favorite of the three.
  4. The new putter came today and it is a beaut. With a white Winn 1.32 grip and navy/orange/white trim it's a fitting tribute to the Hoos. I haven't had it on the course yet, but I am super impressed by the weight and balance.I have been putting pretty well lately with the ER8, but the lure of testing this out is too much to resist.
  5. Ahem. That would be me. Reader of My Golf Spy reviews. Not much for posting, but since you asked . . . Virginia grad and fan. 16 handicapper. Currently using an Evenroll #8 putter, but looking forward to trying out the Cleveland HB SOFT #6 with navy and orange accents and a white alignment dot. I will post pictures when it arrives.
  6. Question about tempo and swing speed: My SS on mid and long irons seems OK given my age and lower back pain (high 70s, tops out at 82), but my driver swing speed is only a few mph higher. While demoing a 3W I mentioned it to the fitter (a PGA teaching pro) who suggested it might be a tempo issue. I know from using a Zepp analyzer that my tempo is pretty inconsistent, but even when it is pretty smooth (2.9:1 or 3:1), I rarely reach 90 and usually more in the mid-80s. I am working on tempo with the Zepp and a golf metronome. Is there anything else I could be doing to pick up a little more swing speed on the driver? Thanks for any insights.
  7. Testing a TaylorMade 3W today, Callaway Rogue 3W in two weeks. I have hit the Rogue and like it -- looking to replace a used Adams Tight Lies that I like well enough but leaves a big distance gap after bagging a new Epic driver.
  8. Brent Georgia Callaway GBB Epic/ Project X Even Flow Blue 6.0/ 65g 85 mph Desperately need to bump this up somehow.
  9. Hi all, After a year's worth of reading the voluminous and helpful content here, and having been inspired to buy an Evnroll ER8 mallet because of it, I am taking the plunge to add a little content of my own. I am a slow-swinging, middle aged, mid-handicapper. I played some earlier in life but virtually none between the ages of 25 and 50. Then the bug bit hard. I typically play a range of 27 to 45 holes per week and practice another two hours or more. Basically as much as a guy with two teenagers and a desk job can justify.
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