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  1. Mate you boys kicked the door down and have strode straight to the top table!!
  2. Oh and brilliant work @GolfSpy STUDque the challenges were spot on this year. Congrats to @xOldBenKenobiX on a well deserved win. I look forwards to your thoughts on the driver and Arccos!! Oh and I vote for #C4CCC5 too, go @sirchunksalot!!!
  3. So here we are at the end of another Cobra Connect Challenge and what a season it was!! Our 5 fine competitors have surpassed the promise they have shown from the start and have delivered the finest iteration of the CCC yet, I bow down to you all Each and everyone of you has bought skill, tenacity and some humour to this challenge that has made it by far the best one yet. @edingc your attention to detail, courage to make a swing change in the middle of this and intestinal fortitude in the face of ever lengthening odds was a pleasure to watch, You're a class act. @GB13 Grayson my boy, I backed you from the start but it just wasn't to be. You came out firing burns left, right and centre, followed up with bombs and low scores but again swing tweaks stopped your march to the title. I really liked that you took your mom with you for the alternate shot week, that was a very cool move. @Headhammer wow, what could have been!! That Lexi tweet blew my mind and your social media game was on point. With out the broken wing you could have really pushed hard for the title but that's life for you. That nearest the pin challenge has to be the closest to a CCC hole in one ever!! @daviddvm what can I say to a man who has picked up the one lengths and swaggered around like you've been gaming them for years? Number one in the irons only, 2 in the burger week, you made a mockery of the difficulty of changing clubs and I applaud you for that. And that brings me to our winner... @B.Boston What a competitor!! Right from the start we threw everything we had at you and you just threw it right back. You laughed with us, you laughed at us but all the while you were playing brilliant golf and building a commanding lead. The quality of your reviews and your meme game were beyond compare and I can't think of a more deserving winner, I salute you!! and it's time...
  4. Big congrats to @golfish!, enjoy the swag dude!!
  5. Woah there trigger, the fat lady hasn't even finished dressing yet let alone started warming the pipes up....
  6. As long as you take an extra second to get set, it will usually pick up your shots with no practice swing
  7. Let's just get this year finished before thinking about 2021, Stud will need a big rest after dealing with you lot!!
  8. Nunfa0

    PING G425

    Love too but Aussie is closed to us and I don't know if they have made it to NZ yet. You could buy them online from GolfBox and get them sent to me to test though....
  9. Well testers, this has been an absolute pleasure to follow and occasionally participate in. All 5 of you have done a sterling job and you all deserve to win but there can be only one... My question to you all is, now that you are all well into this challenge and knowing how it has gone, would you have had a different set make up? Would you have approached the challenges differently?
  10. I am very late to this but after making a couple of nice birds tonight I thought i would add my self in...
  11. Umm no, you're thinking of Australia. NZ has one mildly poisonous spider, 0 snakes and 0 large predators
  12. It would be 8 years since my course was last shut due to snow....
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