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  1. Those Wilson's are as pure a blade as you will find!! That was daylight robbery getting them for $18
  2. I remember a time when if you said gapping to me I would have thought you ment the spaces in the bag Now I am obsessed with it. It will be very interesting to see if you guys have the compression at the top end that most sets get.
  3. I have a full bag of Cobras thanks to Cobra Connect 3 but prior to that i never had a full bag of one manufacturer before. I have bought another set of irons for a little experiment but they are Cobras too so maybe some brand loyalty has been born...
  4. Excellent to see they have arrived @chisag, now for the real question. Which of your 3 sets will they be competing with and will possibly replace? Or will they become playing set number 4?
  5. Apart from some fading your old bag has held up really well. I'm very impressed with Bag Boys quality control
  6. I can't believe that this is the APPLICATION THREAD!! I am already really enjoying this and it hasn't even started!! Just remember if you miss out on the hard work of the test you still have a job to do. We need to keep the testers honest, laugh with and at them (and our selves), encourage and cajole them and have a good old fashioned rip snortingly good time!! Besides there may be rewards for the followers too Oh and last year I put my application in while I was on vacation in Ireland so i didn't keep staring at the phone. I only noticed I was chosen when I checked the site that day and had 20 notifications .
  7. Having the rookie status prevents people from applying for this with their first post and that has done a massive favour to the mods and lowered the number of applicants to a realistic level.
  8. Good grief there's no easing into the round on that course . It surprises me that they haven't shown that lovely tree on the map, it really does look like a major feature and I think I would have threatened to cut it down more than once
  9. We are all looking forward to this review!! Man I love testing season, seeing the thrill of other golfers as they get the new stuff, watching their love for the clubs develop, seeing the honeymoon period wear off and reality hit and the honest reviews. THIS PLACE ROCKS!!!! Sorry, just got a little excited there
  10. It doesn't matter how good the "digital" driver is, the "analogue" human still has to swing it right
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