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  1. I see what you mean. It had a much higher pitched "ping" to my ear
  2. I love the sound of my G400 and would be interested to hear the sound of this...
  3. Nunfa0

    WITB lmh3

    Love the clubs and really like the stampings
  4. Make sure you play Sea Point while you're in Louth
  5. Congrats guys, get out there, give it your all and most importantly have fun
  6. So the repel the rain but don't breath well? Love the pictures and the effort you guys are putting in with this review
  7. Wow nice work!! You need to get into so women's clubs if you go purely by the numbers. Did that club feel better than the others when you hit it? Oh and welcome to the forums
  8. Congrats to the winners, thanks to MGS for running this great contest and thanks to Wilson for coming to the party with the prizes
  9. All three of you are killing this test . I asked last year as well but do you feel comfortable trying to open the face for a flop shot or manipulate the head for different shot shapes?
  10. Nice work Stud, could be an idea for another certain contest that is coming....
  11. Well there of my guys are going well but the other two are cut
  12. It's ok Reece, the smack talk will come. We first need to get settled into our new threads and then we can open fire
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