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  1. Time for a a long overdue update. I have been struggling for a while with my swing, no rhythm, bad take away, sliding instead of turning, leading to fats, thins and shanks . To go with all of that my chipping yips raised their head again. So my scores have suffered and my enjoyment has gone down. Queue a little video by James Robinson where he had a lesson from Pete Cowan. Cowan spoke about your fingers working against each other to stabilize the club head and deliver it back to the ball properly. Well, I thought it's worth a try, so I strengthened my grip and got my weight a little further back in my feet and woah the ball started coming out of the middle of the clubface!! I thought maybe it was a fluke but again yesterday I Played beautifully and was only two over par for the 9 I played . My chipping has vastly improved as well. I am feeling confidant that I have turned a corner and will be back to playing great golf again soon....
  2. So all I can say is, thank god I turned down all of the trade offers I have had for Joaquin Niemann!!
  3. Ooooo I'm in!! At least I understand this league and can compete!!
  4. Thanks for all the birthday wishes guys!!
  5. First post in this thread for a while, my golf went through a patch of 82, 83 and 84 rounds when I suddenly had two 89s in a row. My swing just fell out of the groove and I just couldn't hit my irons. The on Sunday I got back to an 82 (42 on the front, 40 on the back.) Highlight of the day was a faded driver off the deck from about 250 yards to set up an eagle putt on the longest hole on the course. I just missed the putt and tapped in for birdie.
  6. Thanks for the fun guys, I am happy that I made it to the second week of the playoffs and all that without a single trade . Maybe next year I will investigate the dark corners of the fantasy golf world and see if I can win....
  7. Yeah I would need a miracle to get through but then I would probably only have Rahm in the top 30
  8. This is all very exciting and is going to be a steep learning curve for me
  9. Oh man that sucks for him
  10. Ooooh made it right on the edge!!!
  11. Yep I'm one of the poor saps with only 3 for the weekend, one of them is Rahm though....
  12. All done and ready to finish last!!
  13. Hmmmm, I only had three in last week's field and it looks like the same this week. Hopefully my team will fire in the playoffs
  14. If there's room for me I would like to try...
  15. Oh man they are soooo sexy!! Can't wait for my club pro to get his fitting kit and get mine ordered
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