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  1. Saturday was amazing, shot a two over par 75 and hit the ball really well. Sunday was no where near as good but I was playing match play and won 1 up. My team are at 10 and 0 for the season with only 3 games to go.
  2. So I've had a good start to the year, pars are done and birdies are moving nicely. I have even had some eagle putts so I may get to add them as well
  3. Somehow I have managed a personal best 21st position after the weekend but I can't see it lasting. I have managed to get 7 starters for this week though....
  4. Never used the trade block, never had anyone worth reading last year. This year I managed to get John Rahm and he's going no where!!
  5. These have me very excited!! I think they have the combination of feel and performance I have been dreaming of
  6. I am in for sure!! This year I have no surgery baring disaster, no lock down hopefully and a full year of glorious golf
  7. Managed 7/3 last week but this week not looking that good. Still I'm doing much better than last season already!!
  8. I'm thinking maybe a combo of say a "normal" person like me to visibly hit the ball and Ant-Man to guide it to the hole. So on a par five I will have 240 yards carry with 260+ run
  9. Congrats testers, get out there and get moving!!
  10. Had a round to forget yesterday but I have to share it. The first 15 holes went pretty well, had a putt for eagle, was only 7 over and was planning for a score of around 80. Then the golfing gremlins attacked me big time with a par 5 turning into a 10 followed by a triple bogey 7 and a final bogey 5 for a score of 89 . The worst and most amazing part of the 10 was I hit every shot. There were no lost balls, no penalties, it was all me
  11. Hmmmm CCC5.... who will we heckle this year In other news I have been switching between my f9 irons and a set of 2016 forged tecs. This is mainly because I don't need the 2 degrees upright that the F9s have. Also I had noticed a big spin drop off with the wedges so I have bought a set of Cleveland RTX Zipcores....sorry Cobra but it's hard to find your gear in NZ
  12. Ok let's see if I can make the draft this year....
  13. I didn't buy anything yet, I may have to get new shoes or a set of wedges but that can wait till after Christmas
  14. Today I took advantage of some free time and called into my local Golf Warehouse to get inspired for my next purchase. When I walked through the door my heart skipped a beat when I saw my childhood idol Sir Bob Charles in there doing a book signing. Sir Bob is the greatest Kiwi golfer ever and he's a lefty so I was obsessed with him when I first started playing this beautiful game. Naturally I was far too shy to just rock up and talk to him but then he started talking to one of the fitters about shafts. Next thing I am watching Sir Bob be fitted and talking to him about launch angles and
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