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  1. I too saw a clip of the starters. Gary Player is in pretty darn good shape for someone pushing almost 90 years
  2. I had a fancy Renault LeCar. Not just any model, the upgraded 4 door version. My sister bought it for me after she had borrowed my 3 on the tree Ford Granada to learn how to drive a manual. I'm not sure how much driving she learned, but she did learn that leaving it in neutral at the top of a hill would not guarantee it would stay there. At the bottom of the hill was a lake. The good news, it didn't end up in a lake, a tree stopped it (with extreme prejudice). So she got replaced my 2nd hand Granada with a LeCar in serviceable shape but needing a new clutch. I believe the purchase set her back a cool $150.00. I replaced the clutch with a friend over a long Thanksgiving weekend (pre-YouTube!) After it was all done we found out the better way would have been to drop the engine. I can still picture him standing on the engine, trying to get any tilt to remove and then re-install the clutch.
  3. Some big box golf stores will offer free promo fittings for certain manufacturers. it was during a promo fitting I found out my swing speed increased and the regular shafts were no longer the best fit for me. Didn't want to spring for new clubs and am really close to getting into the building aspect. Thinking about re-shafting an existing set. Or practicing on some older clubs. wait a minute . . . it's possible to sell firearms?!?! I seem to only have acquired more and more I'm starting to think I might have a hoarding problem.
  4. wait a minute . . . it's possible to sell clubs?!?! I seem to only have acquired more and more
  5. Don't do it! Take that red pill and soon all you'll be thinking about it, "hmmm, I bet I could hit a quick 18 on the sim right after work...." which frequently becomes 36 holes. It's a slippery slope!
  6. Happy Monday All! Eclipse day in my neck of the woods. Have the fancy cardboard (NASA approved) glasses all ready for the event. Hope all have a great day.
  7. I have a second hand PRGR I use for speed training. No complaints for that usage. Got the SwingCaddie SC4 in October 2023. Love the sim feature with their E6 partner. Getting all kinds of sim rounds in. I will say the auto putt is much better on the sim than I am in real life. I do wish the SC4 had a side spin reading.
  8. I've been really happy with my lag shot I've heard it described as vitamin C for your swing
  9. Field test complete. 9 Holes in early this morning. TLDR: No 3 putts!
  10. Happy Weekend folks! Up and about, coffee going in, dogs to be going out. Yesterday I was up to my ears in work. . . then the Bridgestone delivery brightened things up considerably. This morning I can hardly wait to get to the course and try them out.
  11. USPS with a surprise package today. Tee time already made for tomorrow!
  12. Happy Friday All! Crazy busy at work this week impacting my morning thread posting (the horror!) Looking forward to having a chance to catch my breath this weekend. I'll have to brainstorm for planning golf and golf related activities over the next 2 days. Hope everyone hits 'em straight
  13. my local Top Golf gouges, er, "enhances" prices during peak times
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