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  1. My clubs are the original AP2's and after 12 years they have been great clubs. I did my research and hit almost every major brand and it was great to work with a knowledgeable fitter who understood my swing and was able to switch and match shafts. It was really cool and very different from my Titleist tour van fitting 12 years ago. After the marathon session the top 2 were Mizuno JPX 921 Hot Metal Pro and the Wilson d7 Forged. I'm going back tomorrow to make a final decision and make my shaft decision. I am leaning to the Mizuno for the fact you have so much flexibility with options including grips with no up charge. I play midsize so this is a huge bonus. I will report back once they are ordered!!!
  2. I went for a fitting today and the top 2 were the D7 Forged and the Hot Metal Pro. Titleist t200 3rd
  3. Just reading the Title makes me smile. I was fitted over 10 years ago and ended up with S300 shafts. I am getting myself a birthday gift and new irons are on the list. I am going to go hit a bunch of irons in a couple of weeks and looking for a little direction with new shafts. My swing speed and overall swing is the same but I am now seeing other options like Nippon or KBS. I hit the ball mid to high with my irons so just trying to get a feel of what would be on par with the S300.
  4. Chris in Napa CA 13ish AP2's original model and was fitted by the Titleist van about 10 years ago... I am not sure if I qualify due to being new and my status but I am tossing it out there. Glad to have found this site.
  5. I have been playing TaylorMade Project (a) Golf Balls and Pro v1's. Had to make a Costco run so these came home for me to try out. I am going to go out on Monday to give them a go. I will be courious to see how they are. For $25 I had to get them, worst thing is they turn into backyard balls.
  6. Ok here we go... Yes the irons are the original AP2's and I went to the fitting van for them when it swung through my area. Cool experience and these irons have been amazing. As for the woods I will go in Chronological order Just so you can get the full picture Ping G10 21 deg WOW what an amazing club. I have had this for so long but still love it. It has missing paint and scratches but to date has one of the best feels and sound at impact of any club. Ping i20 10.5 deg The first Diver I was every really fitted for. I hit 15 clubs that day and spent hours testing and after all was said and done this was the winner. It is old and ugly but this is the best driver I have hit to date. Driver is the worst club in my bag but this seems to be my ride or die. Nike SQ DYMO 3 wood 15 deg This was was a random pick up that I hit a couple of times and it just worked. Love it off the tee and it is decent off the deck. Lastly this piece of garbage Callaway Xhot 3 utility. This was an desperate buy, I needed a club for a trip I was going on and found this cheap and could get to my house ASAP. I cant wait to get this out of my bag because it is the worst. My goal is to get a 5 wood to replace this. Yes I can safely say I am the only person in the world with this wood setup.
  7. Sorry for the repost but for whatever reason posting from the App didn't work. This is a combo post of the two I tried earlier one of my clubs and of my custom head covers. One of my favorite golf drinks is Crown and 7up so it is safe to say I have a few of these beautiful bags laying around the house. I went to my grandma with an idea and I think they came out great. She is over 90 and up until last year she still played golf (she is a gin and tonic fan)
  8. I tried to post a couple of pictures of my clubs from the app and it wouldn't work. The subject line was there but nothing in the body of the post and no pictures. I am writing this from my computer to test to see if that is the issue.
  9. It was a real head scratcher... I am assuming with the return of live sports the netwok had a hole and put it on.
  10. When I purchased these irons I was fit by the Titleist van and it was a very cool process. I am now 40ish don't play as much and am thinking some new irons could help. After 12 years with these clubs I figure technology has improved just a touch. My question is I am trying to put a small list together of similar style irons that I should consider when starting to research. I am not brand loyal so anything goes. Thanks in advance...
  11. Chris from CA REI jacket and some no name waterproof pants from amazon. Pajaro Valley Golf Club 5 years ago. Rain like I have never seen and it was a work thing and everyone wanted to play so I couldn't say no.
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