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  1. American golf also price matched another UK website so I saved around 15-20 percent, which I’m so stoked about. even without the discount there are awesome clubs for the dollar!
  2. Hey guys, thanks for the input, I will keep both as that will give me my 14 clubs in the bag. cheers.
  3. Hey guys, I currently have my 10.5 driver + 3 wood + #4 hybrid. Now do I keep that setup and add a #3 hybrid, or, get a 5 wood and remove the hybrids? any response quickly would be much appreciated so I. An pull the trigger ordering either way. oh, and my irons (when they arrive) are 5-PW
  4. Will do guys. Soon as I get them. man it’s gonna be a hard month lol
  5. Just back from the range, borrowed the stores D7 7 iron to hit for half an hour..even with the crappie range balls, man, does it feel nice to hit. i would advise anyone looking for new clubs to not write these off, try them..
  6. Thanks for the input mate. im not sure on my lengths, I have just ordered a launch monitor for the range to work on my yardage. I had my confirmation on my custom fit with the guy at the American golf shop and the site pro. Excellent service. Only bummer is my clubs will be around 4 weeks till I get in hand..but I asked if it was possible to come to the range and use the D7 when I’m up (few time’s a week) until they arrive? No problem! im pumped, they were lovely to hit when done right.
  7. Thanks.one quick question mate, I have a driver, 3 wood and a 4 hybrid. Will this be ok with 5-PW or will I ideally need a 4-PW to bridge that gap with the wilson clubs?
  8. Hey guys, after much indecision and back and forth on clubs, I have settled on the D7 Forged..I am getting back into golf and want to "future proof" my clubs for my game without "upgrading" once my performance increases. i have a tester tomorrow at my local range, and booked in for a custom fit before I order them on Thursday. Must credit American Golf store as they have been great for customer service! does anyone here with them or tried them, have any feedback it would be much appreciated if so.. thanks, Alex.
  9. Just to add...scratch that, gonna go Cleveland.
  10. Yes mate, thank you. quick question guys, I narrowed it down to these irons, or the Mizuno MP-59.. im looking to get back into golf, and want some "future-proofed" irons. will the Mizuno irons be too hard for me to hit and therefore get the Cleveland irons.. or are the Mizuno as forgiving as stated? thanks guys!
  11. So would you advise the 4iron included setup?
  12. Hey guys, looking to get these clubs as there are some good prices around for them new. do I get a 5--pw or 4-pw? i currently have a 4 hybrid and wondering if that will take the place or not of the 4 iron? thanks
  13. with the condition on the iron shaft, are these OK to use? Or could it be problematic?
  14. Hey guys, I have just received my TP Forged TaylorMade irons. They are is decent enough nick, the only thing I noticed when I went to clean the "PW" up.. Rust on the shaft connection where it meets the head Is this serious? I can't test them at the range until tomorrow, and I DO have 30 days to return, if faulty or just don't like, so no worry there.. Should I clean them up and use them (only looking to last me a couple of years..) or take them back and see what else I can get on offer? Thanks guys! Alex.
  15. Hey guys, thanks for the input, here is a photo of the clubs im receiving..if you can tell me how "bad" this actually is that would be awesome!
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