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  1. Got a app for the iPhone and iPad, to mirror. so I can use the phone in the rapsodo unit, and i will get a tripod for my iPad to show everything through that. I also ordered the last few bits from the rainforest for me to use a practise net in my garden! Cannot wait! will update with photos when it’s all setup.
  2. Also, to add.. can I use the iPad at home, and then switch to the iPhone for the range? Or once one is connected, that’s the only one you can use?
  3. That’s good to know, it is almost a neon orange these balls..think I will still add a line with sharpy to the balls also.. and yeah, heard on videos the only two things people were missing was the apex height and spin rate.. rev - what distance is your net from your stance and address at the ball? I ask as I’m worried if too far away, I might sky one over the net to a neighbour window! Lol
  4. Not too good mate, the two local to me, (one I use for the range, and the one I’m joining) are snowed under, once it thaws, it’s gonna be severely waterlogged.
  5. Good thinking mate, I will give that a go. worst comes to worst, I can just change balls!
  6. Hey fellow golf mates, I have just taken delivery of my new MLM. Unfortunately it’s snowing so can’t go to the range.. I have also ordered a few things to setup a practice area in the garden, my question is however, can I use orange balls for the netting session? I read it’s supposedly for white balls, but I have a ton of new, but cheap orange balls I was going to use.. any input greatly appreciated!
  7. I do have a 4th gen, and for the most part it’s quite snappy. Will see soon enough for the course once it’s open again..
  8. I have some older Footjoy spike shoes I will use in the winter weather, and I have just ordered some FJ Flex XP spikeless for the range and good weather.. I was using some New Balance cricket shoes for a while, but an idiot I am, was wondering why my toes were problematic, it was the steel toes in them, Lol!!
  9. Thanks for the reply, very informative. I will keep an eye on things and once I have had a few lessons and ALOT of practice, then maybe review my choice of clubs if things don’t seem to be doing me any favours.
  10. Hey guys, quick opinion question I have stated in another thread, I’m getting back into golf, and going to stick to it now, I’m almost 34 and, not being big-headed, feel I have the ability to be a decent golfer.. Now, I am using the WS D7 forged irons, my thinking behind this was, as I improve, I can adjust quicker rather than buying GI irons, then changing again to forged clubs as I improve.. so, basically is it reasonable a method to have done this, regarding hitting them..considering it’s been a matter of weeks, I’m striking the majority of balls well, hardly any OB, I would still be chipping around the green..and when I do catch it sweet, man, it’s a nice sensation..and bullet straight.. Forgot to add : soon as the COVID / weather improves and my local club I’m joining opens, I will be giving the pro a hauler!
  11. Hey guys, At the range today, and I really need to slow my swing speed down! The reason being is I done some half 8 iron shots, soft and in tempo, hit it 95+ % perfect and still travelled a distance, I couldn’t believe it! so I’m trying to input this into my full swing, but near all the time I turn back into the habit of smashing it, not only does my accuracy suffer, but doesn’t gain much more yardage either tbh.. if anyone has drills or techniques to help with this issue I would be very great full.
  12. Yeah, I thought about that, I will keep my phone in my bag, on silent, and as it’s a carry bag, it will always be with me so the accuracy of the device should be within a couple of yards I would have thought.
  13. Cheers guys, that’s great!! had a look at Lydia Ko, damn, that’s definitely down on the grip!
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