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  1. Thinking about snow shoes and orange balls.... Saw this report yesterday and two rain storms for this week are being called "nor'easters" which is something every New England golfer fears as it's generally brought up as a winter storm pattern. Thankfully I'm pretty sure that snow was just due to the winds and elevation along the Kancamagus, but still... Also a wellness check on @ejgaudette you staying warm up there buddy?
  2. Question for you guys! How do you like the strokes gained data your getting from Shot Scope? Is the interface intuitive? Anyone that can compare between Arccos and this? I've been enjoying following along on this one. And quite frankly I wish Arccos had an easy "manual putt" mode (although the last update has made it better) to easily mark putt locations and the pin. But I guess that's part of the benefit of using the watch vs a phone in your pocket. Hopefully you all still have some good weather and can get some more rounds in. Its cool and rainy here all week... so I'll be looking for some happiness on here. haha
  3. And your golf game is probably better off not talking to me at the range.
  4. For those of us who are reading "15 in the sun" and "not too hot" and thinking, son that's damn cold: What model iPad do you have? I have the 2nd gen iPad pro and it's worked well at the range. but I haven't tried any net only practice.
  5. Your hard work continues to be an inspiration to keep pushing for those goals! keep it up man, also… VERY jealous of those round totals!
  6. That video made me realize just how close we are to November here in NE... not even the mass of leaves on the ground had made that sink in yet! haha I had another range session and the MLM worked well in the direct sun. It was about 70* out and the only shots missed were tops. There were 5 or so other shots with my driver that the shot tracer starting point was way off, so I'm not sure those shots were read properly. I was happy to see a few club head speeds around 108-109 on the MLM, which reads a, probably more accurate, few MPH slower than my swing speed radar.
  7. New feature coming soon: I think this could be awesome to help summarize your sessions, as the log of all your shots doesn’t really give you any “insight” as to how the session went.
  8. I've always been a fan of the two-ball look, I just don't putt well with them. ...That White Hot OG Rossie though... that shape and I have some history!
  9. congrats spies! @sirchunksalot you have any idea which OG model you'll roll with? (bad pun intended)
  10. The thoroughness of your reviews never ceases to amaze me, but now I can not unsee it! Folks, this is why Cody is one of the best posters on the forums. Always enjoy reading your stuff, thanks for a great season long review of the mystical AutoFlex!
  11. Thanks for the hard work @GolfSpy_APH and mods! Some growing pains, sure... but I think you guys have us headed in a good direction. And I agree with @bens197 it does seem like we've got a good amount of new members going the party, which is great news! As long as they aren't Bills fans like he is.
  12. Don't forget that 384 yard drive
  13. So you can count me in the group of having "5 wedges". Knowing the lofts were strong on the Cobra Forged Tec Irons I ordered them in 5-GW. I had the GW bent 1* from 49* to get it to 48* so now I have a comfortable loft progession of 4* through the wedges. Here's my Arccos gaps from earlier this year: Do I have 5 "wedges"? Yes, I do. Did I really configure my set any different than I would have if the numbers on the Cobras were 4-PW and the lofts were the same? No not really. The most surprising thing to me has been the nice gapping at the top end of the bag where I thought I would get bunched up. It seems Cobra knew what they were doing and these Forged Tecs work great for me. YMMV, but I'm cool with 5 wedges as long as my gaps look like this. I should also add that I prefer 3 specialty wedges versus using a set GW in that spot anyway. So if the Forged Tec GW was 50 or 52* I wouldn't have selected it anyway. The Cobra Forged Tec have really ended the notion of Loft Jacking being a problem for me. I can say with 100% confidence I hit them better, higher, and with equal or better stopping power than I did my 714 AP2s which were more traditional in loft. I pay less attention to the number on the club and more attention to the distance that it goes now.
  14. I'm loving the thing. I blame you guys and this review for making me get it, but I love it! I'm still getting used to the different flight I have with it versus the Speedzone and M5 so I can go left if I get lazy, but its been super consistent for me on everything but my worst swings. Arccos has my dispersion for my last 10 rounds down to 16 yards with the driver... when I made the switch from the Speedzone I think it was around 22, and I've gained a yard or two as well! The Epic Max LS is one sweet stick. I'm curious to see what Callaway does from here, but I don't see myself letting this one go anytime soon.
  15. Had a great time playing Saturday in a scramble with @StrokerAce and a few college buddies I hadn’t seen in a year. We had a lot of fun and ended up shooting -12 (tied for 3rd with 5 other teams). The tournament was played from the white tees, and my team was solid in hitting fairways so I got to play the Bryson role and go for some greens. Drove 2 greens, we converted the eagle on one of them. On this one I had the length for the green but I ended up just through the fringe into the rough on the right side. Not a driven green here, but I smashed a drive on the longest hole and Jason nearly got us on the green in 2 with a 3wood bomb. I hit the pitch to about a foot and we tapped in for birdie! Overall we had a great time and it was really fun to try to attack the course like I did off the tee. Makes me wonder why I don’t try it more often… but so many of those shots would be lost if they just moved a little to much to the left or right. But it was fun being Bryson for the day… even if it was from the white tees!
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