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  1. We've all been there! It's amazing what Planemate can do for that motion. Good luck and keep posting here how you like it!
  2. So the whole first week is really focused on the short swing motion. I can't see a reason why NOT to start at least that now. My chip/pitching was immediately more crisp in contact but not significantly different in what I had for feel on distance. Honestly if I did nothing else but that week one routine as winter practice I think I'd have a big jump on my year next season, but I wouldn't worry about screwing yourself up too bad. But YMMV, so don't get mad at me if it takes an adjustment period! haha
  3. I'm pretty sure it asked me for my order number... It might be something worth giving them a call or e-mail about to see what you'd need.
  4. Friends in high places! That's awesome. What a cool experience that will be. I'm sure you'll do an awesome job writing it all up for us. So what do you think going in, and model preference or expectations?
  5. Oh man this is super cool! I got a sleeve of ProV1x proto balls a few years back through Team Titleist and was able to give feedback... this will be at a whole different level! and 24 testers! That's a quadruple gross amount of balls. Good luck to all those who apply!
  6. Congrats testers!! @artful_golfer i think you’re going to love this stuff!
  7. Yeah I played for many years where my 58* was more comfortable to me than a GW or SW around the green. The biggest change is probably that I am no really comfortable with my 52* so I default to that unless the circumstances require that I take more loft.
  8. I used to use my most lofted wedge for almost everything within its comfortable full swing range. I've since started to try using my 52* if at all possible, then my 56* if I need more loft, then my 60* only when it's a more demanding situation or greenside bunker. This seems to be working well for me, and is sort of in line with what Andrew Rice was talking about, while not being exactly the same. I know plenty of people who are more comfortable using their LW for all of that stuff though.
  9. It's usually a texture thing for me... that looked like it would have a good texture to not be too weird. and I do love me some peppers and onions.
  10. 327! tell me he's a lefty on top of it and he'll have all the D1 programs looking to recruit! Similarly, my son likes to add a "1" in front of his numbers at the driving range... so he's swinging his driver at 154 MPH. I think they both have bright future's as elite athletes!
  11. Watch out @Chip Strokes and @Lacassem. I’m coming for you boys! Yeah… apparently I walk down the stairs really freaking fast. Boss must have been calling.
  12. Solid group of testers, congrats guys! Anyone think they're going for the winged mallet style? That one looks the best to me!
  13. What I still haven't figured out is that I feel like I've rotated as much as I can but still get the band under me or close to under me on full swings. I have two thoughts as to why this could be right now: 1. My follow through is too flat going around my body vs up. I know that I do not have that same vertical shaft feeling as I do on the 3/4 swings. 2. I turn too much too quick for where my upper body is at impact. I'm going to try to record some swings later if its dry enough with the planemate on and I'll share. But I'd also like to add that the crispness of
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