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  1. I use a Polar Pro Tripler grip/tripod with my phone or GoPro. closed it sits perfect in my Caddy Tec's umbrella holder and is a good height. then the pole itself can extend to about 2 feet for some behind the ball, or even lower shots. Something like this or what you posted should work great! Also just a note, I shot most of my video on the GoPro and ran Shot Tracer on my iPad. do yourself a favor and at the end of the shot speak to the camera where the ball ended up. a lot of times you'll be selecting the end point, so having an audio note is very helpful.
  2. Awesome! I was worried since it’s basically a bedazzled ball target that it wouldn’t handle my *steepish* iron swing. If it can handle 400-600 and look like that I think it will be good! getting closer and closer to the buy button. Good thing the snow is melting. It might actually save some grass this year
  3. Now that is a pretty strike pattern. Is it holding up well? One is on my eBay watch list. Haha
  4. That does look sharp, and funny enough was one of the ones I wanted to look at. I haven't seen that colorway yet, that looks fantastic. Looking forward to your comparison next week!
  5. I got an email that golfballs.com is running this too, with some level of free personalization included. Not sure if they up-charge you guys out there in paradise from their standard shipping fee.
  6. That’s awesome! I can’t wait to get some full swings in Friday using that drill. It’s felt good with slow-no indoor swings. Seems to naturally get me to turn my hips more, but real swings with balls will hopefully show some consistency on strike, and maybe a little more speed.
  7. Can't blame you for trying. I'm still on the fence because of the snap pocket for the valuables... still just goes against my logic as much as the top seems perfect for a push cart. I also got spoiled by the quality pockets and feel of the Vessel bags with the Speedzone stand bag last season... while that one had a 4 way top I didn't love, the players 2.0 6 way looks pretty damn tempting... good thing they're out of stock right now. I'm going to browse around PGASS Friday, but it seems I'm going to need to start my own bag company to get what I want...
  8. same... those Marketing people are good at what they do. haha Even though I know, for near certainty, nothing is going to be significantly different since my numbers are in like with that you would expect to see. But I still want to try all the new shiny drivers!
  9. Better than almost 300 carry? Who do you think you are? Matty @TXG or @Chip Strokes? Keep tweaking that delivery and you’ll get there with a persimmon driver.
  10. Yeah I have tiny feet so sizing is always an issue for me. all the Puma shoes fit too long for me, even though I liked them and they were comfortable.
  11. I'll be rocking a former winner... the Adidas Tour 360 XT for at least another year.. I see that they weren't included this year so that's the only logical reason why they didn't win again! haha I'll have to give the NB model a try, their shoes usually fit my foot pretty well. But the Adidas ones are super comfortable for me.
  12. I can't imagine anything you swing tomorrow will sound more thunderous and explosive than how you were hitting the TSi3. If anything I just hope you swing that one the same and make your decision easy.
  13. Those new Copper Cobra Irons looks damn good, which made me remember I want to hit the MIM tours to see how they feel compared to the Forged Tecs. I'm going to PGASS for a Practice session on Friday... I plan to swing the Epic MAX LS when I'm there too. Maybe I'll throw the irons on there too. Some of the new puma polos and sweaters look nice too. I like some of the colors they have this year.
  14. A Titleist for the top and bottom end of the bag sounds about right to me!
  15. Just wanted to check in an see/peer pressure @Lacassem. Have you bought yours yet? If not, please scroll back up to the top for the photos and ask yourself why. Cheers!
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