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  1. Yeah, once they get too stretched back they become distracting to me. Something about it doesn't suit my eye on the spiders and such, as much as I want to like them.
  2. Yeah it is smaller than I realized. But I loved the way it felt. I hit a putt from 20 feet or so and an employee walked by and goes “center cup nice putt!” Haha They always work for me on the sales floor Here a PLD Prime Tyne 4 vs a Sigma 2 or 2021 model, can’t remember. But it’s much smaller.
  3. Me too! I'm really glad that we're getting one going and there's a lot of interest in it. That way we can make sure its an annual thing and I can join in next year. In the meantime I think I'll need to try to get a day together for us in the North East!
  4. that's a sore spot for me. The two weekends proposed were both no-go for me. The August date is when I'm supposed to be up in Maine. Even tried to figure out how I could fly down and back and drive up alone to meet the fam but that's a really tough sell with the Mrs. Although with the home buying process being what it is we might be shifting Maine plans, so there's a glimmer of hope. I really do want to make it down there!
  5. If you need a place to send that PLD Prime Tyne... I know a guy... I rolled that at the store when I picked up a new glove, man do I like it a lot. that compact fang shape could be what steers me into the Mallet crowd.
  6. Have to find something to be happy about! Haha Usually I’m not very good at the daily style fantasy formats. And hey, Rob started talking trash!
  7. alright @Golfspy_CG2, what did I win?! #1stplaceMod
  8. oh man, the look on his face says it all. That didn't look like fun rough to be in either!
  9. I've tried that too, doesn't work. Hopefully you didn't pick any of my guys.
  10. I was sad to see this quote. Of course I haven’t seen the full context of it, but if he’s considering leaving the PGA tour that sucks. I’ve always enjoyed rooting for him and for a comeback, but it seems that train has passed.
  11. Finally got my first round of the year in! 9 holes with my son and brother. We all had a good time too. Told myself I was going to relax and enjoy it as there’s been a lot of business and stress the past few weeks between work and trying move. Focused on having good tempo and took an extra club into a lot of greens…. Very satisfied with the results! I didn’t putt particularly well, which didn’t lead to any 3-putts, but I missed 1 or two I think I could have had with a good stroke. Despite shooting a 1 under 32 (one birdie, 8 pars) the day belonged to Jackson. He had a blast and was excited to get back out there. He also “beat” my brother by 1 stroke, but I think Jackson might have forgotten a swing or two. No really long drives, but two were 260 on the nose and another 253. All were night high flights, and the last few were gentle draws. Nothing to complain about there. The last drive was 234, I tried to hit a little cut into a short par 4 and just went a bit too far right in the rough, but was at the front of the green. Jackson had the best drive of the day… 134ish yards! C9576E95-7998-4B76-A4B1-31A9FEB8C846.MOV Hopefully will be posting here a lot more now that we’ve broken the seal, but man did it feel good to get out and play a round!
  12. Count me in! Ready to DOMINATE the lower 1/3 of the leaderboard!
  13. Maybe I need to start breaking my windshield more often. glad you got out there on a beautiful day! Got my first 9 of the year scheduled for Sunday with my brother and my son, so that will be fun! sometimes just getting out there with zero expectations is the best for our games. Hoping your confidence starts building with this round!
  14. Stocking up for the official MGS golf outing are we?
  15. Many thanks to @Golfspy_CG2 for setting this up and Titleist for sponsoring this event! now Rob, can you DM me your picks? I’m going to eliminate those and my first 5 other tries so that maybe I actually do well in one of these! good luck to all, please don’t follow the very clear rules so they default to me.
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