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  1. My oldest son found a pink Martini Tee on the ground one day and it instantly became his favorite. One which he does not use often if he thinks he may lose it. It cracks me up.
  2. Have not caught up on this discussion so sorry if it's been asked already. I was listening to the NLU podcast on the way in here (thanks for the tip @GolfSpy_APH) where they talked to Mike Whan. I found it interesting that he spent a lot of time talking about keeping courses from needing to be longer, and about a 10-15 year window where distance will be scaled back, but he ultimately thinks we will get back to where we are today in the future even with the MLR ball. My question is if is approved... is the PGA tour all of a sudden going to play tournaments at 85% of the tee lengths they are playing now? That would seem to support the notion that they're thinking about courses and sustainability... but if they keep playing on these lengthened courses I don't see what the point is. If course builders want these events and build courses to suit the PGA length then we need to see them playing shorter course setups along with the MLR ball which in theory will mean nothing actually happens to the pro game. Pro's will hit it to the same spot they do today, just from a more forward tee location. (I realize that the approach shot from that spot will effectively play longer too).
  3. Good Morning (Ok... it's late morning but I'm still drinking my coffee so it counts)! Actually in the office today, which is probably good for actually getting stuff done today. A lot going on outside of work with exciting forum stuff coming up and baseball starting soon for the kids. I can just feel the Spring time coming!
  4. Great reviews guys! It's nice to see that you don't need to pay at the top of the market in the rangefinder space to create a high quality product, and I love the fact that Cobalt has some very thoughtful features included in the design. That slope switch is more along the lines of what I'd love to see from my Precision Pro unit, which is just too easy to accidentally change to slope mode. @DaveP043 I have to agree with you that the lack of magnet is something that I have gotten very used to when I ride a cart. It's an awesome feature! Maybe the next version of the Cobalt will have it.
  5. If only I could skateboard.... haha. Driving in a convertible listening to rap music on my way to Gamestop could work though!
  6. I guess you could say I've got a type. -The Navy one I wear to block the sun from my vision and help protect the health of my eyesight in combination with my sunglasses. -The Gray one for protection of my scalp from skin cancer since even with a head of hair you can be causing damage with prolonged exposure. It also helps shield large portions of my face to help prevent sunburns with some sunscreen as well. -The White one I wear when I don't want to wear either of the other two. Mainly because I think it looks good. Perhaps my sense of style is wrong.. Actually it must be because I usually wear it backwards too, while wearing a hoodie.
  7. Good Morning and Happy Spring everyone! Here's to hoping all of us in cooler climates will be breaking out the clubs with regularity soon!
  8. Isn’t that the “what are you drinking” thread? and really it’s OK anyway, we’re global so when it’s night time here it’s early morning for @GolfSpy_APH
  9. 1.6 miles or so. With an icecream shop between us… and his house is on my way to the nearest golf course too. It was great house purchase planning.
  10. Must have liked what he saw, came back back for a night cap!
  11. Oh @Lacassem always eats more than his fair share. He didn’t leave hungry, I promise you that!
  12. Don’t mind the messy office. I’ll eventually get stuff cleaned up.
  13. Happy Saturday! Annual St. Patrick’s Day party at our house today. Nana is going to be cooking around 30lbs of Corned Beef plus all the fixings.
  14. Literally: sorry for the redacted nature of this post. ok, no I’m not.
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