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  1. My course sanded the greens, so I’m still waiting for it to somewhat smooth out. Fingers crossed for tomorrow.
  2. I was very similar to you, I had the ER2, but I struggled with the face balance. I had the Spider X earlier this year, but switched to the 2 Ball Ten S because I like to tinker. I have not got around to testing that yet, but I am planning on getting to it this week. I can say that I am noticing a massive difference in proximity to the hole between my putters. I have tested all the grooves, and I have alot of tap ins with the ER5v versus my 2 Ball. Ill make sure to get pictures of the test, and post on here.
  3. Its going to be intriguing for sure… let’s see what technology does in the hands of amateurs lol
  4. I went to the range today after watching this, and it made a huge difference! I had a lot cleaner contact, and a lot straighter shots. Just that feeling of flat lead wrist really helped. Thank you for that! I feel like @sirchunksalot and I are usually working on similar things often
  5. So the way I was planning on testing this is set up two tees just outside the putter head, then line up the ball heel side, center, and toe side. It’s not perfect because we are not robots, but as long as we don’t hit the tees, a trend should emerge, if there is one. What do you think about that?
  6. I agree, I really want a thorough test head to head to know which one should be in my bag. Yet, some days I will just go with the Evnroll and collect numbers since it’s the one being tested, and it gets really hot in the afternoons and I don’t want to burn too badly.
  7. I would say they are the real deal, if it wasn’t for testing head to head I don’t think I would believe anything could have beat it. But here we are lol
  8. Worked on the range and the practice green collecting numbers for my Evnroll Er5v testing, and I wish the range had went as well as the putting lol Really struggled with shifting my weight and kept hitting it fat. Might be time for another lesson, but hopefully the rain holds off so I can get back out this evening before my Saturday morning round.
  9. Most days after work, weather permitting, I will go to the practice green to collect numbers. As I stated in my introduction, I thought it would be really tough to beat my Odyssey 2 Ball Triple Track S, it has by far been the best putter I have used so far... But as I collect more and more the Evnroll ER5v, is starting to pull away. I find it so much easier to align. There really is something to the groove technology, not only do I feel like every putt is going to fall, but the proximity to the hole on my misses is insanely tight, mostly tap ins. I am using a similar style as @fixyurdivot, 5 points around a hole at 5', 10' and 20'. I was really grinding over some of the 2nd putts on the 20 footers with the 2 Ball Ten S, I really do not want to 3 putt. The dispersion is easily twice as big for the Odyssey compared to the ER5v, and as of now it is really showing in the numbers as far as how much faster the Evnroll holes out compared to the Odyssey.
  10. I have not, I did not even think to check for that. I know what I will be checking tonight lol
  11. Worked on starting line last night by putting on a 4’ aluminum ruler. Results… EVNROLL ER5v 24/25 Odyssey 2 Ball Ten S 23/25 The misses with both were pulls, which is my typical miss. I really like the gravity grip on the shorter putts, gives me confidence of having a square face.
  12. Oh yeah, it took me a couple range sessions and a couple rounds for my FIR to go back up above 60%. Getting off to a good start is very promising, and I’m sure in time the rest of the round will improve shortly.
  13. I recently had been struggling with my driver, so I added lead tape and it really helped me square up the face. I am still adjusting to playing a fade, but this weekend it started feeling more natural and my ball striking really improved from the confidence. I just had 4 blow up holes, where I just can not commit to a target, and the penalties really added up. It gets discouraging seeing the handicap rise, but I am confident that I am really close to breaking through. Anyways, the round had a lot of positives, and really good learning moments. This week on the practice areas I am really going to work on picking a target, committing to it, and then executing the shot. Score 87 GIR 33% FIR 64% Putts 31
  14. Yeah I play early, and yesterday would have been perfect. I didn’t think to get a picture, but as long as I’m putting on grass, I see no skipping at all. Next time I’m out early I’ll get some pictures
  15. Got in a round this morning, and I average around 33 putts, and today I had 31. I left 4 right just a roll short dead center and a nasty lip out. Considering all greens still have dead spots from the Winter storm we had, it’s off to a very promising start.
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