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  1. So after a 2 weeks of working out of state, I went to the range to see where I am with my swing. Honestly, I think it was really good for my swing. I have really been working on opening my hips more in the backswing, instead of swaying, that along with feeling my arms drop in downswing is really making my irons crisp with just a baby draw. My ball striking has been so much better. Hoping to get out and play today, or do some more practice. I am consistently breaking 80 right now, so I am going to be more mindful of tracking my tiger 5 stats to try and get past the current plateau. I’m also looking at new course strategies to help where I am constantly losing strokes.
  2. Had a really effortless 38(+3) this morning. I really focused on some exaggerated feels in my swing, and used flightscope mevo+ to do some driver testing before I played. It was really eye opening to see my angle of attack to down with the driver. I tried the Srixon zx5 LS in Ventus blue w/ velocore, and Mitsubishi av white, and I hit it okay. I was working on trying to get my aoa up, but it will be something that takes time. My numbers were good, but my callaway triple diamond was carrying 285+ on average about 10 yards more than the Srixon. On the course I drove it well, got my high draw back, and my feels with the irons paid off with amazing ball striking. I also put my odyssey two ball ten back in the bag, and I felt a lot better with it. 3 over with 2 three putts on dormant greens I’ll take for now. Score 38 GIR 6/9 Putts 18
  3. I have (7) DYNAMIC GOLD TOUR ISSUE 120 S400 and (3) DYNAMIC GOLD TOUR ISSUE S400 wedge shafts. These are straight from True Temper. Never used or installed. Now $350 Us shipping.. Or Trades would be X stiff iron shaft, or X stiff driver shafts.
  4. So with the cold and wet weather we’ve been having, I’ve taken this opportunity to play more golf. I’ve really been focusing on more rotation, and not swaying. Over the last two weeks it is really starting to click, I am making so many more pars/birdies, and my blow ups are nearly as bad/ as often. Now being a coastal Texan, I do not do well in 30/40* weather, so I am very optimistic about my game this year. I am really getting into a groove with my driver, and my ball striking really hasn’t been this good ever. My putting is starting to improve, but hard to trust with the dormant greens. Deep down I’m hoping I can keep this up lol
  5. I got to hit the ZX5 LS on the range, and for me it was a high straight launcher!! I didn’t have a launch monitor, but I hit it compared to my beast. It was slightly higher, a tab bit more carry, but I cannot stress this enough straighter. Now I have my driver setup to fade, but with the ZX5 LS, the ball just never seemed to curve. I played the zx7 last year and loved it, this was better. It is going to be sneaky good, I will not be surprised to see it pop up in most wanted. I also love the matte crown.
  6. So I tried a new swing feel today in practice. I recorded it and added it to YouTube, so I could add it onto here, but I can’t get it to upload. So I will try again in another post. It is my first swing ever uploaded, and I am very nervous to share. I have been working on keeping the club head outside my hands in takeaway, and then dropping my club in downswing to stop coming over the top. This feel I exaggerate in my practice swing really helped. It really squared up my divots, and added some carry distance. So before the exaggerated rehearsal, I was landing my 9 iron just short of the 152 yard pole, and after I was flying it well past. But my ball flight was noticeably stronger and much straighter. It was a huge game changer. I still need to work on my camera angle, and hit the gym I didn’t know how big my stomach has gotten So my swing still needs some work, but it is night and day different from where I started. I’m still a little steep in the down swing, but I am definitely on the right path.
  7. So it’s been very cold (for my area in Texas) and wet, but I am very thankful I can still play golf. Saturday it rain so I didn’t play a full round, but Sunday played 18. My game is really starting to hit cruise control, even on less than ideal conditions I am easily breaking 80. Last week I had a ground breaking lesson about wedge control. I’ve been good from inside 60, but 85 to 100 is hot and cold. My pro had me hit PW to our green complex with flag at 85 yards. I hit 15 balls, never missed the green and most of them were inside ~15-20 feet. He then had me hit another set with my 56*, what I normally would hit, first one stuck to 3 feet, second to 20 feet, and the 3rd was 20 yards left. I immediately switched back to my PW, and it has been amazing on the course. It’s a low flighted spinny shot that has so much control, I have a lot of those shots a round, and it really boosted my GIR this weekend. I am ashamed I didn’t try this sooner, but it honestly feels like a cheat code.
  8. So after my hot weekend, I went to the range to refer my feels ingrained. I told my pro about my PB, and he was excited and wanted to see my swing. He saw a few and really like what he was seeing, but noticed how mechanical I was swinging. I told him I love how it feels, but I have to really focus to repeat it. He made one tweak, gave me a trigger and now it is even better than I have ever hit it. It feels so natural and effortless. He videotaped my swing and it doesn’t even look like me. I don’t think I’ve seen my own ball flight high piercing fade. I’m hoping to keep riding this high and hopeful to get some more buckets and maybe sneak in a 9 one day this week.
  9. The wedges and the second group 7 iron looking good!
  10. Shot the best round of my life so far today. I shot a 76, so close to achieving one of my goals for the year of breaking 75. My swing is feeling amazing, my pro had me feeling a caddy drag to start my takeaway, and it is really working wonders. I am trying to play a fade, and it’s not quite a fade, but it’s keeping it very straight or a slight draw. The ball striking has never been better, I am loving my irons! I have also made a huge equipment change, I’ve change to the Z Star, the Pro V1x was too much spin on my irons, and the Chrome Soft X LS caused to many fliers and I struggle around the greens with the LS. The Z Star give me the right amount of spin but plenty of control around the greens. I have been getting up and down a lot more. I have also stopped keeping track of my round on the grint app during play, and only using my score card. This way I am not seeing my score as I go, and only focusing on my shots. 6 of my last 7 rounds have been 80 or better, so I am loving where my game is trending. SCORE: 76 FIR: 7/14 GIR: 11/18 PUTTS: 32
  11. Spent the day grinding on the little details at address. I shot 79 this weekend and only hit 4 GIR. I have been striking the ball well, so on the range my pro noticed my ball position had crept too far forward. So getting all clubs back to a more neutral position, and weakening my lower hand really helped straighten out my shots. It took a couple shots to get used to it, but I really have to focus on it for the time being.
  12. How do you like having a 7w? I’ve been so curious about one.
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