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  1. Well that is disappointing, I was going to try and do a ball fitting at GG next time I went into Houston or Austin. I will definitely call ahead before I drive 80 miles.
  2. It was two weeks since I touched my golf clubs, but I got two better than expected rounds in this weekend. My ball striking was the really good, but I could not get any putts to fall for me to post better scores. I still have my goal set to get back in the 6 or better range for handicap by the end of the year. Also, it was the first rounds with my new fitted SIM2 (beast) driver. Saturday Sunday Score 85 84 GIR 3/18 7/18 AGIR 6/18 10/18 FIR 10/14 5/14 PUTTS 31 35
  3. I really like the LS, but like you had problems with the cover. Cant wait to give those a try.
  4. I think the 223 is going to be at the top of my list to try when I get fit. February cannot get here soon enough.
  5. So I feel like things are coming together with my swing changes. I have really been striping it on the range, I added more shaft lean at address, and now I am getting more compression. It has started to trickle on to the course, but not completely. Just need some more work and time.
  6. Another round sub 30 putts, which given my striking it is very impressive.
  7. Well after a couple weeks of superb play, golf had to humble me lol I had a busy week last week and could not find time to practice. So my over the top and hold on to the face reared it’s ugly head… gonna try and start back with what helped me weeks ago and see if it helps. Here’s a picture of how left my path was… Kyle Field makes for a decent backdrop
  8. Put the Gravity Grip back on, due to the top of the grip coming off the superstroke. It was like coming back to an old flame lol first round back 30 putts. I was trying the "Sluggo Special" @Sluggo42 and miss greens and pad my putting, had one chip in, and two more inches away lol I did make some outside of 10 feet. I do like the feeling the Gravity grip gives me, especially on the short putts.
  9. Played a round on the island during my honeymoon, and the wife got a lot of good pictures. I had another great round when the winds were in the 25+ range. Score: 78 Putts 30 GIR 8/18 FIR 4/14
  10. She wanted to go ride horses, so it worked out perfectly lol
  11. I wanted to get a quick round in this evening before I go on my honeymoon tomorrow, but with a home A&M game this weekend against bama I could only get 9. I had a great day, 37!! FIR 5/7 GIR 5/9 PUTTS 16 So with recently breaking 80, I figured my next milestone is breaking 75, or breaking par on one of the 9’s. My swing is feeling and apparently looking really good. I 3 putted two GIR, so now that I’m hitting more greens I need to work on lag putting more during the week. This round definitely gives makes me think it may happen sooner than I expected. I plan on playing a round on my honeymoon, but that will just be a round for fun.
  12. Had another round with 29 putts and 8 one putts!! It must have a cheat code in the grooves.
  13. I have a brag, this weekend I completed my year long goal of breaking 80!!! Since my swing changes started a year ago I have gone up 6 points. literally on the tee box of hole 1, my pro gave me a quick tip to feel in my swing and it really helped. This weekend my handicap went down a full stroke. On Saturday I ran into a buzz saw match where I shot my best and @crbishopshot his personal best of 75. It was a great weekend for my confidence. Saturday's Round 79 FIR 8/14 GIR 7/18 Putts 29 Shot 38 on the back!! Sunday's Round 83 FIR 8/14 GIR 6/18 Putts 34 My ball striking really improved with the tip pre round Saturday, but I also mentally changed to where I am just trying to get it on the green. Then with my chipping and pitching I was trying to hit it past the hole, and I stopped coming up short. Sunday I wasn't as diligent with these mindsets and it shows in GIR and putts, I went at pins I shouldn't have and missed the greens, and with my chips I was trying to get it close instead of just getting it on and past the hole and came up well short. These were my best two rounds by far, but I still have some things I need to improve.
  14. I finally beat my buddies again, its been months since I have even been close. I found something on the range that worked with my feels, and I had a really good front 9 of 41, but just had couldn't get any putts to fall, and added two doubles on the back for 46. I really feel like I am close to putting it together. I didn't have any really horrible shots, just a tough conditions day mixed with sanded greens didn't seem to help. Also, I am loving the Taylormade Milled Grind 3 54*, it has been money.
  15. cjeffs12

    LEFT DOT!!

    I posted my review to Titleist, and I really liked these balls. They did, just as Titleist said, I noticed it was a lower ball flight, and never had one balloon on me. I could still get all the spin I wanted, I had several I could pull back, and on pitch shots it would check up and stop on a dime. As for now, I think I will stick with the TP5x, it is high like the pro 1x, but spins like a pro v1. The pix is also a huge plus to me.
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