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  1. It really has done wonders for my stroke. Consistency of strike and start line have really translated to the course almost instantly.
  2. Just had the best round of my life, so far!! I shot 72(+1)!! I shot one under on the back 9. I held this round together, I was very aware of my score throughout my round, and I was able to stay focused and never let it get to me. My short game, and putting was amazing. Career best 28 putts(final review for truestroke coming tonight). My pro had made a little change to my setup, and the weather had stopped my last two rounds short but I felt like they could have been as good as this one. I am absolutely pumped right now! Score: 72 FIR: 10/14 GIR: 10/18 PUTTS: 28
  3. It’s flooding here in Texas so I am forced to be inside, hopeful that I’ll get to play Sunday. I am gathering some final things for testing. I want one more run at my 10 foot competition. Here are some pictures I took at home, please excuse my dog hair on the mat, he thinks it’s his when I’m not using it lol. I start by setting it while trying to aim the putter, then use the bars to get it aligned. What often happens when I am trying to get it set, the teeth don’t sit deep enough and it’s hard to keep in the grooves when getting it aligned. So this happens… It gets very frustrating. Indoors I don’t really bother trying to keep it perfect because there is nothing to keep it from moving if I hit it. Outdoors I can use tees and it will stay put, but it does take time. I also, use an alignment rod when trying to get it lined up.
  4. I like it for both. Only thing with indoor is that it won’t be secured with tees like you would get with outdoor use. If you want to use it as a gate it would be outdoor.
  5. Great question. I have the wellputt wellstroke mat where you put tees along the stroke arc, and each have their own advantages and disadvantages. Ease of use and setup go to the wellstroke. The wellstroke has a line running through it, so once you find the line lay it down and then roll a few, make adjustments and put your tees in and you are good. The downside is that on some putts you may get off track and miss a tee and not know it, it’s rare but could happen from time to time. Now this is just for me, but with it my stroke would get a lot of arc and my face would really open and close, I had the standard arc for reference. When it comes to true stroke I love that they are solid one piece design. When I first started I used them as a gate and teed them in and would run the putter along the rail to get a feel that my stroke really needed. Now I set them wide enough to miss them, and they are solid so there is no cheating this, if my stroke is off I feel it. The negative that I keep coming back to is setup is cumbersome. These pieces are bulky, and trying to get everything on the putting green is a task. It’s not something I would feel comfortable using before a tournament on a crowded green. Unless I make a ghost hole somewhere out of the way. Aiming it on something that is not a straight putt takes some work, but with time I have gotten better. But to me performance has been so much better with the true stroke, and it does exactly what it claims, more straight back straight through and better face control. I don’t think I have ever had this much confidence in my putting, dare say with more time and work I might be a good putter.
  6. I was rolling the ball very well today. My pro came out to check my putting, and said me draining 10 footers was too easy. So we move back to 20 feet to work on speed, which is a huge weakness for me. He set up a tee about a foot and a half behind the hole, and if I leave it short or hit it past the tee I have to start over. It should not have been as hard as I made it, but by the end I made 5/12 and the others were less than a foot each from the hole.
  7. Loving the results I am seeing on the course!! I am averaging a half stroke better a round currently, and the wind and greens have not cooperated at all. Still having some struggles with setup and ease of use. Rain has ruined on the practice green pictures and video opportunities. I do have some insights that I am doing with mine that I am interested to see if others think it’s a good idea or if I’m just ocd.
  8. I went early to the course today, to get some more work with the Tour Stroke. It did not disappoint. Although setup is not as easy as I would like it does make me a better putter. It started raining so I had to cut it short. I did get the 10 putts from 10 feet. Much better results this time. 3 makes and total misses added up to 5’4”!!! Thunderstorms are headed this way, but I am hoping to get some videos this week.
  9. So I’ll start and post my scores from my 10 putts from 10 feet. It was not pretty. 0 makes The total distances from my misses was 12’4”. I did have two lip outs, so that was a plus.
  10. Been a heck of a week at work, but getting a little putter therapy in this evening. I used to hate putting, but I’m slowly starting to enjoy it. I gotta get ready for this competition!!
  11. I got out and played today, and I gained 0.2 strokes compared to scratch handicap, which is where I am trying to get to. I gained 1.3 strokes compared to 4 handicap. I had 4 one putts, 13 two putts and 1 three putt. I made a 30 and 23 footer today!!! I really had a poor approach and short game day, I could not hit it close, but my putting was very solid for all but one hole which was more of a mental issue.
  12. This is how I felt today, even in the 20mph winds I felt like inside 10 feet I wasn’t going to miss.
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