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  1. Definitely! Like he says, you’ll hit some weird shots. But once you get the tempo and feel right you will be set. I had to move to the end of the range lol
  2. I heard that, I’m hoping I get to try it out.
  3. I haven’t tried tipping before, so I wouldn’t know how it affect the feel. I would suspect it would get you close to the x flex
  4. Well as far as Srixon, these were my first experience with them. I played Taylormade lethal a way back and they were great, and bought a sleeve of the TP5 pix and just didn’t see the performance I got from the Tour B XS or Pro Vx. I have played Pro V for years, and the tour B was the first ball that has stayed in play over the prov for any long amount of time. I don’t really get a lot of scuff marks once I switched to the tiger version. The thing I see that really bothers me about the cover is that after a couple of washes the covers texture begins to change, like the softer outer cover of the
  5. I have been considering trying the pro 2.0ts or the pro ts, to help the swing weight. I can’t get away from my Ventus it’s just so good at my strike location and dispersion.
  6. 100 percent true, it is so smooth. I actually put it back in on days where I know I don’t get to warm up, and it’s effortless.
  7. I had the Tensei Orange 60X, so higher balance point. This one is more stable, and tighter dispersion, but the Orange is more friendly on days where I'm not swinging my fastest. The Ventus Black brings my flight lower as well, which I prefer.
  8. I have the Black in my G410, and it is a fairway seeking club for sure. Just watch the swing weight, I had to add a heavier grip. I kept getting stuck, but that was alot on me.
  9. I don't hate the use of rangefinders, as long as they are used as a way to speed up the pace of play. If caddies are still going to walk off distances, and check yardage book, then why even bother having them? At the end of the day a slow player is going to be a slow player and a fast player will be fast, no matter what is given to them. I can't blame them for being slow with that amount of money on the line, but I think it is good they are trying something.
  10. I may send them something, I really am interested in this ball, and hope it was just an early issue. Thank you for letting me know
  11. Maybe its the type of sand I have, and I have always heard of their durability. I have just never had two balls get damaged on the chipping greens on so few shots. Hopefully it was just a bad batch that I received.
  12. Same, once I tried the Bridgestone. I played ProV for years, and never really had any issues with it.
  13. That is what I thought as well, from MSG the cover thickness didn’t change on the XV. What a lot of people are saying is that they have the thinnest cover, and this is to be expected. At the same time it can’t be the most durable if a couple a chips is all it takes. It was a sample size of 3, so it may have just been my set or the type of sand we have at the course.
  14. Yes, I understand that is the nature of the beast. I am just glad I only bought a sleeve, and I am glad you said so I do not waste my time writing to them as well.
  15. Do something like the old Tootsie Roll Pops commercial, How many swipes to get the core???
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