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  1. I am loving my OMOI 2. I found the blacked out version, and it looks sweet. I have played with the weights, more of the standard and the 3g, and for now I think I will stick with the standard 8. It helps with my lag putting better, and now that I am getting comfortable with the heavier weight, I am starting to have better speed and making putts.
  2. Had a fun round this morning for my birthday, and my parents came down to join. It was cold and wet, so didn’t keep stats just wanted to enjoy the round. Hit some good shots, nothing horrible. Really liking where my swing is at right now. I did notice with hitting ball more solid and with a better face to path, I may have to consider a ball change. I had quite a few run out more than I wanted. Also, really enjoying the Mizuno M Craft OMOI 2.
  3. Had some free time this afternoon, so naturally I went to the range. I wanted to see if I could continue with good swings. By some miracle, I continued striping it it. The pro stopped by, and we chatted about my success with full swing. He wanted to see my chipping. Again it was a quick fix for him. I naturally keep the face open, he worked on getting it square and slowing my tempo. Game changer! My chipping was much better. Should transfer into full swings and continue to make me better.
  4. I had another really good round on Sunday. I feel like the pieces are starting to come together. My ball striking was really good, as I was releasing the club better. I put a new putter in the bag, and it was the Mizuno OMOI and it was much heavier than my old Ping Anser. My short game really struggled, but it still turned out to be a good score. I messed myself up on 17, I counted my score and if I finished at par I would break 80. I bogeyed 17 from middle of fairway 90 yards out. I made par on 18, but very happy with where my swing is at the moment. Score: 80 Fir: 9/ 14 GIR 6/18 Putts: 32
  5. It looks amazing, and feels like a Mizuno. It helped me shoot my best round in months. It’s something when it makes the Left Dash feel good.
  6. Well I did it, I bought the Mizuno OMOI 2 black putter!! Happy birthday to me! I tested it against Scotty Cameron Newport 2, COBRA Grandsport 35, and Odyssey Tri-Hot 5k. Did not get along with Scotty, and I really liked the Cobra. In the end it came down to Odyssey and Mizuno, with the Mizuno being the one.
  7. I had a pretty good round compared to what I’ve been posting. Also, played with some really nice guys today which just makes the round better. My ball striking was as good as it’s been since I’ve started the swing changes. Although I hit 50% of the greens I had 4 more that were just on the fringe, but my putting was ice cold. I couldn’t find the speed at all today. Came away with a lot of hope out of todays rounds, and my chipping and putting will be getting worked on this week. SCORE: 84 FIR: 7/14 50% GIR: 9/18 50% PUTTS: 38
  8. Played 9 holes yesterday, but didn’t keep score. I just wanted to see if I could take the changes I made on Tuesday to the course, plus the wind was 20+. I warmed up on the range, and was really hitting it well. First hole nearly drove the green, I haven’t been that close all year. I hit some really strong shots, but as the wind picked up there were some shots I just could not get comfortable over which resulted in some stinky shots. Overall I’m really positive, and with some more work I may be ready to enter another tournament in a month or so.
  9. I’m wanting to add a new blade putter to the bag. Scotty was at the top of my list, but Ping’s PLD and Mizuno OMOI2, in all black are really good looking. I think the hard part is testing these at one place.
  10. So, the struggles continued at the range this evening. I was trying to work on my takeaway, but nothing was working. Just weak slices. I walk into the clubhouse and the pro talks to me, and we shoot the bull for awhile. He asks how I’ve been playing, and laughs when I tell him, and says, “I gotta see this.” Grabs his clubs and off to the range we go. I don’t even hit one ball before he starts laughing. He adjusts my grip, and I start striping it dead straight. I told him he just saved my clubs from going on EBay lol
  11. Honestly it feels like that might be the closest one to try lol
  12. I’ve been really intrigued about these putters, I really want to try the #1 in black. I’ve worked on my putting stroke, and two big things have changed. One a mallet no longer suits me, I just struggle with the shorts putts, I switched to an older ping anser and I’ve been draining the short putts. The second is I no longer use a line on the ball, so the black version with not a distinct line makes me think it will work. I like the Ping PLD, but I like the Mizuno is cheaper and has weights that I can work with to get the feel dialed. The hard part is finding one to try out.
  13. Had a better day today, but just couldn’t hit it close enough to score, which made for a lot of putts. I had a goal of breaking 90 from the tips, and I did. I’m so close to having my driving range swing on the course, but I’m happy with my progress. Score 86 FIR 8/14 GIR 6/18 PUTTS 37
  14. Much better range day today, not as good as I want to be, but better than I have in a few weeks. I had alignment sticks down, and I stood a little closer to the ball which allowed me to get my backswing more up and out, my killer is an inside takeaway. This really helped me shallow and not slice, I still am working on getting a better release but this was a much better day today. Progress.
  15. Frustrating and very windy day at the range. I set up alignment sticks for aim and ball position. I only hit 8 iron once I warmed up, so that way it’s just working on some consistency. My ball striking is as good as I’ve ever had, but my path is insanely left( right handed player). This is causing very weak slices. I worked on gate drills, but I have to really align right and almost hit pulls to get it to go straight. I finished with like ~30 balls of half swings, trying anything to find something to work. A few months ago I was playing the best golf of my life, and now I feel like I’m at my worst. That’s golf though, so I’ll keep working and get it figured out.
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