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  1. Corbin Jeffs College Station, Texas yes blue sharpie Titleist Pro V1x Align XL Personalized BLUE LINE Text: CWJ
  2. Corbin Texas Scotty Cameron Phantom X 7.5 Frontline 4.0
  3. Corbin - Texas 11.3 PXG 0311T 174
  4. Corbin/ Texas Scotty Cameron Phantom X 7.5 12.3
  5. cjeffs12


  6. So after the fitting I found I was so inconsistent due to having a putter that did not fit my stroke. My original intent was to get a lesson, but first I wanted to get a putter that was fit to me, so that when I worked on things with my instructor I would not be working on a stroke that fit my putter but working on making me more efficient within my own swing. Both will bring improvements for sure, and who is to say one or the other is better, this was just the way I felt would be more beneficial for me.
  7. @FromRightToLeft I highly recommend it. My putting has improved so much, and the Gravity Grip is a reason.
  8. Corbin- Texas 11 I have not used any yet.
  9. 1.7 is goals for me, glad to hear your fitting is paying off as well.
  10. Corbin- Bryan 112 Titleist Pro V1x I purchased their test pack, and I have done some work around the greens. I have yet to take them out to the course yet due to the success I have had with the Pro v1x.
  11. I will be sure to post my results after each level on that, thank you for thread
  12. I plan on doing a more in depth review of each stage that will include before and after of club head speed, ball speed, and swings with the sticks as well. As I stated this is a very early stage, just competed week 2, and I just got home from the range I am so excited I wanted to share. My end goal is to get my swing speed to 115, and a ball speed of 170. I have been keeping deligent charts, my starting averages are 105 SS and 155 BS. Today, two weeks in, I had multiple swings with a swing speed over 110 and ball speeds over 165!! I am using range balls reading off my Swing Caddie SC200. Very happy with this product so far, and even more motivated to work even harder to see how I can gain even more.
  13. It would depend on your financial situation, but I can say I am really seeing strokes off my game just by getting a putter that was suited for my stroke. For me it was worth it.
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