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  1. cjeffs12

    Sub70 golf

    So, it has been a few weeks since I have tried the Sub 70 639 MB/CB. I wanted to get this up earlier, but as a driving instructor for a trucking company that moves food grade products, I have been training and driving many hours to keep shelves stocked in these crazy times. First off, the customer service is amazing! They truly care about their product and their consumer. They are good looking products that performs just as well. I play distance irons with a hollow body design, and one major problem I have with them is that they are jumpy and can hit some really hot ones that fly way past my normal yardage. I enjoyed the MB's the best, they launched really easy, and I thought I would sacrifice some yardage, but these were spot on my yardage as my gamers, but more consistent. It was difficult to send these back. Really happy with the demo process, and looking forward to doing business with them again. Pictures posted in a weird order. 1) CB 6-iron 2) MB 9-iron address 3) MB 9-iron 4) CB 6-iron address
  2. Corbin - College Station, Tx - 11 - PXG 0311T/0311 - T 200
  3. Yeah the XS really spins, I had one spin off the green and into a bunker. Taking spin off is pretty difficult to master, but not sure I could go a round hitting marbles. Tough decision
  4. Do you have any problems holding greens with left dash? If not, definitely left dash.
  5. After trying the Tour B X, but since winter I did not keep up my speed training and my swing speed fell down to around 108 to 110. I did notice on my slower swings I felt I wasn’t getting all the performance out of the ball, but on my faster swings it was very long. So I bought a sleeve of the Tour B XS to try, and wow it felt and performed amazing! The added spin really neutralized my ball flight off the tee and kept it in the air longer. I had 3 drives over 300 and before that I usually had one maybe 2, and 2 more into 20+ mph winds that were over 275. With the irons and wedges they spun the right amount for me, and no loss in distance that I could tell. Around the green they would check up really well, and bump and runs were good as well. The picture is from a 7 iron off a tee on a par 3, and it stopped very close to the pitch mark. It performed as well as the Pro V1x which I play(ed). I really enjoyed the ball, so I just purchased a dozen, trying to figure out which one I will game for when they do their buy x get one free deals come along. I highly recommend trying them, I was very pleased.
  6. cjeffs12

    Sub70 golf

    After doing some research, all from the data on most wanted, and after hearing from no putts given, I ordered the demo set from Sub70. They should be here this week, and I cannot be more excited to test them out. Its perfect timing work has slowed down, and my parents are coming into town this weekend. So, that means I will get plenty of range time, and test the two clubs in a weekend full of golf. Can't wait to see them in action!
  7. cjeffs12

    Corbin's Pets

    What kind of Texan would I be if I did not have two dogs and a horse?!
  8. ***NOT AN OFFICIAL TESTER**** I hope y'all do not mind my two cents being added to this post. I bought the Tour B X, as it is what I am familiar with, but I intend to use the V-fit once I get past my off-season rust. My first impressions was that Bridgestone stepped up their game with the visuals, I liked the graphic on the box. It's a vanity thing but imo it really seems they are wanting to move up in sales and it has shelf appeal. Now as far as the ball itself, when I first touched the ball, I was blown away by the texture of the cover, and the dimple pattern looks noticeably different than the previous generation. My current gamer is the Pro v1x, but I did try the 2018 model Tour B X last summer, so I will compare this one with both models. 2020 Tour B X Round 1- I put this ball in play without practicing at all with the ball prior to my round, I really wanted to go into this in game mode without any ideas of how it would preform and just see how it would go. It was a chilly, windy and a little rainy day in College Station, so the odds were not in its favor, nut I had the best round of the season so far and I really enjoyed this ball. It is very firm off the woods, and solid off my irons, so I can really notice the "REACTIV" cover is not just a marketing term, and I will touch more on this when I compare it to the previous model. As I mentioned earlier the cover is noticeably textured, and I am not sure if it was subconsciously adjusting but I really felt confident standing over the ball when 60 yards and in, and had the best pitching day I have had ever. The ball really checked up, and I had several pitches from 50-60 yards that I left within 3 feet, and for me that is exceptional and unlike my game. All I can really chalk that up to is that I felt like that cover was gonna make it stop, and I could really put a confident swing on it and it preformed amazing! On well struck hits the ball held its line perfectly, which was needed on a day that the wind gusts were 30 mph. Another highlight of the cover and spin claims, I hit an 8-iron out of the deep stuff( 2" thin grass) I hit it clean and it launched high, when it hit the green it rolled out about 5 feet. I was very impressed with the stopping power it had for a distance, not the spin ball in the line-up. I rotated a sleeve throughout the round, when one was plugged in mud I would switch it with a clean one( lift,clean,and place). I hit a tree and a cart path funny enough, and in several bunkers all cleaned up and miraculously all 3 balls survived the round(rare) and all three look brand new. 2020 Tour BX vs 2018 Tour BX- This is not a same day comparison, so this will not be a performance based comparison, but I have a ball or two left and can do that when I have a free day. The big difference is in the cover, the big reason I did not make the previous generation my gamer is because it felt too soft. Off the tee, I felt like I was hitting a tennis ball. The 2018 was long and straight and had great durability, I just wanted more spin on my short shots, and a firmer ball. Enter "REACTIV" cover, from the first hit off the tee I was amazed, it didn't even feel like the same ball. It was not a rock or hitting marbles, it just felt strong is the best way I can describe the way it felt. Then with the irons it was softer, not soft, but again it felt solid. I had a great wedge day but I felt alot better about the chipping, and I was coming up short due to expecting more rollout that the previous model would give me. The durability is top notch as what I have noticed about Bridgestone balls. The 2018 was a great ball, but 2020 imo improved, and is an excellent ball. 2020 Tour BXvs Current Gamer Pro V1x- Again not a same day comparison, but can do one in the future. Pro V1's have always been my go to ball, I will try a different brand but always gravitate back to Titleist. I play(ed) the X for the spin it had over the Pro V1. I like the confidence I get knowing they make a great product and have alot of checks the balls go through, same as Bridgestone which are positives for both( I do not need another reason for a ball going off line). I stayed with Titleist over last years Bridgestone's due to the control I had on the greens. In this round I am playing my home course, and familiar with where I normally hit the ball, but still strike is king and I had a good day, and because of that I noticed increased distance even on a wet day. On the first tee I was introduced by the distance gains the BX gave me, I hit 3 wood where I normally hit driver( working on mental game and playing a more conservative appraoch help that, and thats why I was laying up), my 3 wood went where I normally hit my driver. I noticed this throughout the round, well struck shots were about a club longer. The major performance category that I base my ball decisions on is how it performs on the greens, and it performed much like the Titleist which is my Gold standard in that category. Something that is important to me is the durability, I would have to give that one to the Bridegstone, most of my Titleist's can go one round or one bunker and then it goes to my chipping bag, and so far the Bridgestone ball holds up a little better. So as far as I see it, the 2020 BX is a real contender, and checks all my boxes. I will be doing further testing with it as it warms up, but this very well my be my new gamer. Thanks spies
  9. Same I have been busy as well, and I would hope it wouldn’t be all bad. It’s us regular people who fund the game, and I don’t think many people would pay to hit it shorter. That’s a great point of how they would tear up a soft course, and making it narrower sounds like an excellent idea. I’m glad to hear it may not rollback.
  10. So, after a night of needing to get over my initial reaction of frustration at the idea of losing yards I selfishly want to keep. I write this not having read the 80 something page plan, and this is just my general thoughts, and I would like to hear from y'all as well. I am not only trying to consider myself but others that play this beautifully frustrating game as well. I will discuss both on the side of the pro's and as amateur golfers as well. Also, how will this affect both the technology of equipment and the sales of equipment? Will this help more people go out and play at golf courses or run the casual golfer away? First, how will this roll back affect my game, and is this a old school vs new school battle? I have seen plenty of people of both sides of the fence on this issue. The long hitters, I myself am not considered a long hitter, but I am a high speed player. I need to work on strike and that is my goal for 2020. I workout, and I also do speed training. Yes I do enjoy when I do find the middle of the face, and really strike one, some say this is "ego golf", and for the most part that is true, but I do not play for money I play for the love of it, and I will continue to play even if there is a roll back. To the ones saying, " move up a tee." My course has 4 tee boxes, and I play the one appropriate for my handicap, and yes I can move forward, but doesn't that defeat the purpose of the rollback? Also, when I do play in tournaments, and they require I play a certain tee box I will not be prepared. Will the USGA make tee boxes based of distance rather than handicap? What about seniors or ladies? Their tee boxes are already forward and someone like my mother she already goes driver, hybrid/3 wood off my most par 4's, if she loses more distance I fear she may not enjoy the game and be less inclined to play if she has no chance to reach par 4's. What about the casual golfer who plays randomly and not up to date about the rules of golf and only about having fun, and hits a driver around 200 yards, and now moves back even farther back? They may play even less because they do not want to hit it 180 and have to hit 3 shots to the green. Golf courses are struggling to stay profitable, and do we need another reason to alienate the casual golfer? How will this help the pace of play? The game the pro's play is not the way a majority of the way us mortals play, that is why they are where they are and why I have a day job. As far as having a different ball for pros vs us, I am not a fan of either, I like that I can play the same ball as Tiger, that is the way the handicap system was in place, correct? It puts the way they play in perspective. So, as I have thought more about this, I thought about how on "No Putts Given" they discussed the death of the white golf ball, and how there is a old school approach, but with a new generation coming in will the old ways fade away? To me this feels like an old school way of taking away the young guys style of play. Second, how will this affect the technology of the golf industry? Will golf manufacturers slow down releasing new products as often? Will consumers not buy as often? Lets assume new drivers year to year produce 1 mph ball speed, why would anyone upgrade for .8? Will sales push OEM's into not releasing so often, and would this allow companies more time to put out better products? From a consumers stand point, I really hope so. Or will this keep the prices higher longer due to customers not buying as often? Food for thought, evolution in sports is going to happen. We as humans are getting more technologically advanced, and with that breeds gains, and yes we need to find a balance to challenge but remain enjoyable for everyone. For instance, basketball is no longer played with a flat ball and a peach basket, and has changed to the slam dunk to now raining 3 pointers. Football has evolved from run option, to more passing dominate game. Golf changed with Tiger, and "Tiger-proofing" courses and making them longer only more benefited the long ball hitters. In the end nobody wants to sacrifice yards whether you hit 300 or 216 yards. I think everyone can agree there is a distance problem on tour, but it is hard to see in the amateur at the local level. Will they target the pros or everyone? On "No putts given" they bring up course conditions the tour has vs what I play. I am lucky if I get 10 yards of roll, due to not cutting the fairways and playing soft fairways. So, what are your thoughts of this?
  11. Wow that’s awesome! It sounds a lot what I am going through. Very excited to start this
  12. Thank you for all the helpful thoughts, I have begun looking at golftec, and the local pros. The golftec is a bit pricey and far from home as well. I have begun looking at my local pros and seeing which would be a good fit. I like the relax part, definitely been missing in my game lately
  13. Interesting about not going in thinking I know what's wrong, and it makes complete sense, and I am glad you shared that with me.
  14. Thank you for all the advise, I really do like the idea of the one on one, and it being hands on. Short game, long game they have plenty to work with on me for sure. I am going to open my mind and have my goals and go to work.
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