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  1. Overwatch player here. I've tried BR games and I suck at them. The maps are too big and I can't see what really good players are seeing a lot of time. I tried playing Apex Legends and got called the worst random ever paired up with. LUL
  2. I have a Seamus Fescue Project sunday bag and I love it. I have a Jones original as well, but the Seamus is a much better bag. I carry 12 clubs, (no 3 wood and no gap wedge) so sunday bags are perfect for me. I even use it on a cart when I play courses that don't allow walking, and I don't get club tangle because the bag is standing straight up. I've had ping moonlight, the titleist version, the mizuno version, and a sun mountain version. None of those are as comfortable as a bag with no spine and stand mechanism. And the reason why the Jones bag loses to the Seamus? The
  3. I'm picky about my bags. I tried the big vessel stand bag. I think there are 2 different versions. I only have experience with the big one. My first impression was that it was rigid, and bulky. And those impressions didn't change. I see it more as a staff replacement bag than a true carry/stand bag. Because the materials are thicker and feel more luxurious, it can't be made of the same thin, light, rip-stop nylon that other stand bags are made out of. I do like the pocket and zipper feel all around. The zippers are thick, track well, and the hardware/handle is more substanti
  4. I upgrade every club (driver, irons, putter, wedges, hybrid) in my bag at least every year or every other year. Except for my 7 wood. a 21* Ping G10 fairway wood. I got it new when it came out. 9 years now? Something ridiculous like that. My spider Ghost was almost as old before I replaced it a year ago with a Scotty 6M.
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