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  1. Ok, so nothing to do with course conditions but with your putting stroke. Cool.
  2. Great looking Bag! Nice Setup! How do you choose which putter you use when you go out to play? Welcome to the site.
  3. Thanks. I'm not thinking about changing irons soon. I bought the srixon Z565 recently without getting fit but they seem to be a high handicaper friendly set. Next time i buy/change clubs it will probably be the FW's/Hybrids but when that time comes i intend to get a fitting/gapping session!
  4. Very nice looking setup! Have you been fitted for the new bag? Just kidding What's your opinion on the 410's performance? Feel, forgiveness.. think are suitable for high handicaper? Thanks man, don't change for 5/6 years.. how can someone not do that?
  5. Thanks for the advice! Off the tee it is great! Off the deck i'm still checking it because now i think it's still my fault (slicing the ball or hitting the ground before). But when i hit it well it really shows to be a tremendous 3 wood (goes very long). If i happen to think about changing it, i'll definitely consider your suggestion. Thanks.
  6. Daniel / Portugal 33.5 Srixon Z565 140 Yards
  7. I don't know about the shaft options that they present because i bought this driver used. The Shaft it's not one that they have in their options (i think).
  8. Thanks @russtopherb I've chosen them because they won the game improvement or super game improvement test on MGS. That and budget. They are so underrated.
  9. Objective is to lower the handicap and then assess the need in terms of game and gaps.
  10. Thanks @Apolloshowl! I would agree.. I understand people not liking the blue but i do love it!
  11. Hi guys, Just wanted to show you guys my bag. I started playing around 1 and a half year ago, i've never been fitted and am a 33.5 handicaper. Have 12 clubs in my bag now (plan to lower the handicap and then fill the bag with what i'll find necessary). Here we go: Driver: ST180 9.5º w/ Aldila R.I.P. NV 65-3.8 Stiff Shaft 3 Wood: ST180 15º w/ Tensei 70 Stiff Shaft 4 Hybrid: M3 21º w/ Tensei 70HY Regular Shaft Irons: Z 565 5-PW w/ Miyazaki 8S Shafts Wedges: S5 56.14 and 50.07 Putter: Spider Tour Red Sightline Bag: Inesis Stand Bag Ball: To be determined (now a mix of Srixon, Taylormade and Bridgestone)
  12. Hi guys, Just wanted you guys to know that i have chosen not to get fitted at least for now. The main reason is that i needed to buy irons and the fitting would take away some of the money on the irons budget. I've chosen to get fitted later. I'll do a WIMB soon.. thanks to all!
  13. I It turned out to be pretty good to you.. I think i'll go with game improvement or super game improvement irons but it's only because i think that there is so much offer that is almost impossible to not have something that suits my eye in this categories.. i agree with you, clubs are expensive so you should love your irons and the way they look! I intend to get a set that i love but also gives me confidence that i have the right specs dialed in as best as possible. I also am eager to receive another opinion (by the fitter) on my swing. Mainly the feedback i have is given by my instructor and sometimes it's good to listen to another person, different ideas and ways of communicating Thanks man
  14. But i need to buy irons (sold my old ones).. wouldn't you agree that it would be a good idea to get fitted before i buy them? Keep in mind that i told tony i don't intend to get better through equipment but through lessons and practice.. Thanks
  15. We have pretty similar views on how we look at golf and improving our games... My objective is not to get a lot better through equipment... I've always tought that the main reason would be the lessons and practice.. I need to buy some irons and i think the best would be to get the ones that are suited best for me as i do not intend to buy other ones for a while.. I'll go with an open mind and listen to the opinion of the fitter as to which clubs i should have in my bag is concerned. I don't have access to launch monitors on a regular bases but i'll take your recommendation and go to a driving range that has them or a top tracer.. Thanks!
  16. Yeah .. i'm glad you have access to GC Quad and gear! That's pretty awesome. I agree with you, knowledge is key! And i've been improving on that (as i said, been playing for not long). Mygolfspy helps with that as the content that i watch on youtube and research on the internet does also. I think in my case, the knowledge that you mention will help me to enjoy and understand my fitting better. Thanks.
  17. Seems like on your first experience your fitter/salesman had preconceived ideas and bias. Hopefully i'll get the second one. A pro that just looks at data and knows what to get out of me with his professional experience. My main objective at this point is the same as yours was. Get some irons with shaft, lies and head specs that hopefully are the best for me at this point. You mentioned the confidence that you leave that fitting with! I think that's a real thing! And an objective as well.. To "know" that you have the right "weapons". Mainly to narrow it all to me and my work alone. Thanks
  18. Yeah the closest i've gotten to a free fitting are the golf lessons that i have. But still we don't have access to launch monitors so it's not data driven. My swing is all over the place still so i'm curious to see how that will impact my fitting process. Main objective is to get opinions on shaft flex and lenght, lie angles and iron type. That to buy my irons. Man, wish you the best of luck with your True Spec fitting. By @jlukes experience it seems to be such a great facility! let us know how it went as i'll do with mine. Thanks.
  19. Thanks for sharing your experience! From what i read it's seem it was such a nice journey and process throughout.. I'll be fitted with a local professional here at Portugal. I don't have access to those you've recommended. From what i see you're a very low handicaper and i find it fascinating how a fitting experience can be so different for so many different people and still very positive to all. I liked that your fitter (obviously one of the best as you've mentioned) didn't even bother messing with what you had great in your bag and game (top of the bag). My objective is that this fitting gets me started in therms of shaft flex, lie angles (i'm relatively short), grip size and iron head type (probably a chunkier type because i need the help). Thanks man.
  20. Hi guys, I started playing about 1 year and 4 months ago. I'm taking lessons and currently am a 33.5 handicaper. I was looking to get fitted once i lowered my handicap a little. Recently i had surgery on my knee and as i recovery i find it suitable to get fitted as soon as i'm ok. Just wanted to know from you guys how were your first fitting experiences? Did you came out happy and really fullfilled? Any bad experiences? Did you get a clear idea of which clubs you should buy? Learned anything about your swing that helped you along the way? Hope to "hear" from you guys! Thanks.
  21. Daniel/Portugal 45 Mizuno JPX 850 Forged 130 meters
  22. D_Golfer


  23. Great suggestions guys! Thank you! As i think i've mentioned i'm a high handicaper and i've started to play golf almost nine months ago so not a long time ago. I already have about 12 clubs in the bag and the main criterias at this point were cost (budget is a little tight around here) need and looks. I've tried to buy when good opportunities appeared (of course i would for opinions and reviews online before). I think my irons were a steal! 120€ for mizuno jpx900 forged 9 iron+4 iron mp fli hi and 5 to pw (without 9) jpx850 forged! I think my putter was where i spent a little bit more. I think i'll try to get fitted at some point just to get my specs right as you guys have mentioned! But it's hard for me to think that i would gain a lot with a fit without having a good and consistent game and swing already. Your thoughts about this last part??? Thanks again guys.
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