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  1. Thanks to everyone for their ideas and comments. I did an experiment yesterday and drew a small dot on the shaft of the putter about 6 inches about the head. I looked at the dot instead of the ball while putting and I have to say that it worked great and only had 30 putts for the day. No flinching. The short putts were where it really excelled with all of them going into the center of the hole. Whether this is a "works only one day" solution or something that is a continued improvement is still unclear. Whether this works at all in a tournament remains to be seen. I have a one day tournament in one week. We'll see.
  2. I'm a 4.4 index who has been playing in some senior tournaments this summer. Other than a propensity to make an 8 more than usual, the primary problem this summer has been struggling with short putts under pressure. 2-5 footers have been a major problem. The stroke looks and feels fine under regular conditions. Lessons have comfirmed that the stroke is ok. I try to putt everything out when I play a regular round, but in a tournament it gets really ugly. Usually starts with 3-putting the first or second hole and then I am off to the races with a typical 6-7 3-putts. Lots of jerky pulls and shoves. I never know when it is going to start. One tournament all I had to do to tie for first was 2 putt that last two holes for 71. I three putted both. Clearly it is psychological but I am open to any and all suggestions on how to improve this area of my game. I have a broomstick (L.A.B.) ordered and I am going to experiment with it.
  3. I have a big shed where I store my farm equipment as well as mat and net to hit golf balls. I always use ear plugs when I use the tractor. The other day, I forgot to take them out when I decided to hit a few balls into the net with some forged irons. I was shocked at how completely the feel of these clubs was due to the sound they made. Without the sound there was little feedback from impact aside from a very dull feeling in my hands. When I switched to a cast club, the feel was identical. After that accidental experiment, I have come to the conclusion that for me, feel really is 95% the sound made by the club and that the difference is minimal between a forged and cast club.
  4. I put mine on a lie and loft machine today and discovered that the 5 iron is 19 degrees and the 6 iron is 23 degrees. The rest of the irons were the correct loft, but the lies were considerably off with several 3 degrees upright. The metal in the hosel is very soft so make sure you have someone who know what they are doing and has a light touch. I wondered why I was hitting the 5 iron like an old 2 iron! I think a smart golfer should have their lies and lofts checked when the clubs first arrive and at least once per year regardless of the brand.
  5. I have the 0211 DC irons with stiff MMT shafts. I bought them as an impulse decision. I have about 15 rounds with them so far. They are really great feeling and performing irons. I was using G410 irons and one can see a family resemblance but the offset is less and the sound is better. The stock grips were nice Lamkins and not cheap appearing at all. The badge on the back does look a bit cheap and cheesy, but I don’t look at the back much and don’t care. The only real issue is the stock lofts. They are the same as the Ping Power Lofts. The 5 iron is 21 degrees and the PW is 42. Gap wedge is 48. The 5 looks and feels like 3 iron to me and I have replaced it with a 5 hybrid. I hit it ok but too low. It might be ok in the wind but not where I play. I may adjust the lofts but I am concerned about increasing the bounce. Overall I am really pleased with them and the price can’t be beat. Remarkable irons. I will probably fix the lofts.
  6. I gave up on it last summer. I definitely had less problems with the yips putting left handed, but aim was a bigger problem. My dominant eye is my left eye and the hole always looked to be in the wrong place. I went back to right handed with armlock left hand low and that seems to be somewhat better.
  7. About 2 months ago I picked up a used XXIO X Black driver with their version of a stiff shaft on Ebay and after changing the grip I put it into play. I'm a 65 year old 4 handicap with about 92-95 mph swing speed. I have to say this is best feeling and best performing driver I have owned since my Wilson Staff Strata-bloc driver from high school. Extremely easy to swing and very fast. I then picked up the 3 wood and it has even been better. I've not really missed a 3 wood shot since I got it. It has made the par 5's play much easier. If you are older and losing club head speed these are definitely worth considering. I'm now considering an 18 degree hybrid. the only drawback is that the stock grips are ridiculously thin. I change those immediately..
  8. I have a MGI Zip Navigator AT that I bought at Costco. I have about 30 rounds with it and I love it. My only complaint is how it handles uphill grades. It pops wheelies frequently and will occasionally tip over backwards. I've extended the Wheelie bar and that helps some. I play on a hilly WV golf course so there is no avoiding some hill climbs. I've thought about adding some ballast weight to the bottom of my golf bag. Has anyone else had this problem and how did you improve it?
  9. I've recently acquired a Ping Glide 3.0 SS 54 sand wedge to replace my TM High-toe 54 and it is a huge improvement. It maybe the best wedge I have ever owned. It seems very easy to hit pitch and chip shots with it. Now I am thinking about replacing my TM High-toe 60 degree wedge which is my primary wedge for bunkers. I like the Eye2 design but the SS 54 really impresses me. Have any of you played both the Eye2 grind and the SS grind and give me some idea about how they compare? I know the old 1980's eye2 wedge was great out of bunkers. Which is better from bunkers and which is more versatile for lob shots and heavy rough? Thoughts?
  10. After 3 competitive rounds where I putted really terrible and fought the yips every time, I decided to commit to putting left handed. I've now played 3 rounds where I putted left handed. There is no question that it is better for me. I shot 73 this afternoon in which I two putted a number of long putts and made a nice number of par putts. It is interesting that there is no yipping at so far. My dominant eye is my left eye and it seems like I don't peek as much while I hit the ball. The most important thing is that I seem to hit the sweet spot of the putter way more often which makes distance control much easier. I use a line on the ball to aim as it still is more difficult to pick a line from the left side. So far, so good.
  11. I just acquired an MGI Navigator electric cart and I am looking for a bag that has 14 or 15 dividers but isn't nearly as large as my c130 cart bag. I got it 4-5 years ago and don't use it much because of it's size. I guess I am looking for a smaller and lighter bag that works well on the Navigator but can handle small Jumbomax grips. Thoughts and suggestions?
  12. My wife bought one of these and I decided to give it a try yesterday. The putter is pretty crappy itself and I don't like the feel at all, but the concept is not a gimmick. It took no more time to line it up that any other putter. The idea that it would slow up play is a canard. I ended up with one of my better putting days in quite a while. I actually made some birdie putts outside of 5 feet for a change. I'm giving this putter back to my wife but have decided to order a Bloodline mallet which is the same concept but clearly is of higher quality and better design. Whether I can get used to the different feel is another matter.
  13. I am naturally left-handed. The only thing I do right-handed is golf. I think my dad read that Ben Hogan was left-handed so he decided to have me play from the right. I have always been an exceptionally mediocre putter bordering on the truly awful. This weekend I played with a guy who was naturally right handed but had switched to left handed for putting. Definitely putted better than I did. I dug out an old left handed putter (given to me by a pro who had switched to left-handed) and I do putt better with it, at least on carpet. The target looks weird, but If I use an alignment line and stick with that I should be ok. I've always had a strange stroke right handed where the putter goes immediately to the outside and loops back to the inside for the downstroke. I notice that when putting left-handed, the putter goes straight back or a little to the inside. Has anyone else made this transition? How did it go. How long did it take to get comfortable. Have you putted well in competition?
  14. I've been playing golf for 50 years, but after all of this time, my wife is just now taking up the game. The good news is that she plays with the ladies and has fun, but she really struggles with making good contact with the ball. She is tall and quite strong, so club head speed isn't an issue. I have noticed that women sometimes struggle hitting down on the ball and she is in that category. She tops most of her shots. You can see her trying to lift the ball into the air. If she tees the ball really high, she is more likely to make solid contact. Any suggestions for getting her to not lift up or retain her spine angle that I could pass on to her? If she could just make solid contact more often, she would enjoy the game more. Thanks.
  15. It was for two reasons, I wanted to see if would decrease the hooks that I occasionally get. It has but I still hit a few. More importantly, I have tennis and golfers elbow on both arms as well as arthritis in the hands and I switched to see if it would help with that. It has definitely helped. I am currently a 3 handicap, so yes I shoot in the seventies most of the time. The goal is to shoot in the 60's at least once this year. It is worth trying on the range with your extra club. Maybe trying the different sizes that they send with the trial package. They felt huge initially but I got used to them extremely quickly. Now they feel normal.
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