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  1. 1. 29 years, I am a 2 hc. 2. How it always reminds me that I can screw up at any moment. 3. Learned about Spy from Instagram and I'm hooked. I'm sure I do just started out. 4. Roseville, CA home track is Morgan Creek 5. I travel the state for work so I play all of Cali, best is the weather for the most part. worst is when it rains for weeks straight. 6. Sales Manager 7. Nickname and best round I have ever shot.
  2. Can I ask if anyone has found that with a higher swing speed, that a ball like the Velocity or a Callaway Hot really go?? I just played in a alternate shot tourney last week and my partner said we would use his ball...did think much of it we both are decent sticks, and I was shocked how far I could hit it! All shots where fire, I was almost a club longer and I can move the ball. I see the data that was presented and when I play a "soft" ball its garbage but in this case I was shocked, no hot weather to blame it on or wind the balls where just fire. It has really confused me, I play the Snell MTB-X currently. We weren't even playing all that great, but the shots where coming of my clubs super hot.
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