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  1. I think that you must try some balls ang get used to one mark, for me it's easy to get used to any ball I play. However, I learnt lot of information before chose those i liked. Here you can read about different qualities of different balls http://golfclubguru.net/straightest-golf-balls/
  2. you are not only a golfer but a photographer:))) By the way, you may interest about the best golf bags, I found this review very interting! http://golfclubguru.net/best-golf-bag-for-every-golfer/
  3. I use free handicap system, sometimes it calculates approximately, but it makes no big difference for me.
  4. I have Titleist 718 T-MB, it's very cute blade. I bought it on ebay, there are always lower prices. I wanted to buy older models like here are described https://golfclubguru.net/best-blade-irons/ but decided to buy Titleist 718 T-MB and have no remorse about it.
  5. Oh... How just the guys play near him?? It becomes dangerous...
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