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  1. Interesting results. I am not too surprised.. I wish there was a way to do this blind and with now brand influence. I know that is not possible but I would be curious to see if not know who made a club made a difference. I bet it would..
  2. Got my whole squad in the event this week. Hopefully that equals out to some points..
  3. Yeah, you would hope so...
  4. Same.. They show committed on the Genesis page.
  5. Just curious. On the app if your player is in the field they should have a green dot next to their name correct? I know there are some players on my squad that are in the genesis but do not show the green light.. Just curious if that is just not updating or something..
  6. Lots of action on the waiver wire.. Lots of slinging players going on.. Haha so fun. This really makes me enjoy the season more.
  7. Just put a tsi3 16.5 3 wood and a tsi2 7 wood in the bag. So far big fan.
  8. yeah, I only have 6. They are showing pending.
  9. Werenski and Norlander.
  10. interesting.. I tried to pick up some players there were undrafted but it made me put in a bid number.. No biggie will see out it plays out.
  11. sure, unless someone else bids more than me right?
  12. Hoping that I can pick up the 2 free agents I want. Then I may just ride the ponies I have all the way to the end..
  13. Also, You have to think ahead to the playoffs.. The points reset. I was in first heading in to the playoffs but bad decision left me with very little fire power there.
  14. The only company to push out was Ping right? Mizuno initially pushed back, but then released on schedule due to demand.
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