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  1. I enjoyed this podcast. i am curious though, regardless of Callaway possibly losing "mojo". Have they lost any steam? They are still the market leader right?
  2. There is a difference between made for and stock. Stock is just a no up charge shaft. Many times there is no difference between a stock and an aftermarket shaft. Then there is made for. These are watered down shafts that look like aftermarket shafts but under the paint they are not the same.
  3. Quigleyd

    7 woods

    I have been seriously considering a 7 wood lately. For some reason I am much more interested in that than a hybrid. I do have a utility that has been a great club for me but I am wondering if I would enjoy just a little more versatility.
  4. I 100% take practice swings. But honestly, I think it is less of a "practice swing" and more of a kick start or move to loosen up real quick to prepare to move my body to move a certain way. It is only one or two and then I am hitting the ball.
  5. These are kind of a bad idea used as well. The honestly are very individually fit. As they should be, but its not like other putters. If you pick one of these up that was fit for someone else. They feel really weird.
  6. I know Bill Presse and played a DF for a while. I liked it. It is super stable and the tech is real. I just got tired of the ginormus head taking up my entire bag.
  7. I will be honest. I am less interested in this than I was the TM driving relief match.
  8. Yep got done right at dark. 18 was kinda tough as it was straight into the sun and I could not see the ball other than that no biggie.
  9. I walked 9 holes last night.
  10. I am not sure. I think he pretty much just hits that high bomb fade. I am sure he can work it some, but I think is unique motion limits him in that area some, As well as overall touch. It just seems hard to have touch with that kind of swing. He is a very high level ball striker though. It is interesting when you look at some of these young guys just hitting the tour. They are all amazing ball strikers, but tend to lack imagination and short game. After Hovland won in Puerto Rico he even said "my short game sucks". Shortly there after started working with a short game specific coach. His short game was extremely one dimensional. As long as they can swing away, these guys can light up courses. When it gets tricky I think they lack the imagination of tool box of golfers from 10 years ago.. It could be largely due to the overall distance these guys hit the ball. They have all shown they can win though.
  11. This is really not news is it? I feel like we have all but accepted that kids and families are getting paid to play college sports. Thats why i think it is comical that there is this big push to pay student athletes. As a college athlete I saw what is available to them. I was a wrestler so not much came my way but the football players and basketball players.. Yeah, they were well taken care of. At a school known for its golf program, I am sure there is money being passed around.
  12. Well, the craze has started.. I don't understand it but whatever.
  13. He is a great player. For the PGA though, I feel his game has some holes he needs to plug to become a major star. Specifically around the short game.
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