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  1. I am wondering if there is a typo here. ball speed rankings high swing speeds a Srixon Diamond XV is listed. I don’t know that ball exists. Did you mean the z star Diamond? Or the Z star XV? Or did you just accidentally drop something g we shouldn’t know about. Lol
  2. Probably Ryan Barrath (spelling0. He is over at Golf.com now.
  3. There is a tangible difference since switching to Club Champion. I am not sure what it is but is feels way more mechanical. Not near as much of a "must watch"..
  4. Big Rory fan. Wanting him to win another major bad..
  5. Not sure that is exactly right. They basically order good balls out of a sears catalog from manufactures that have balls available and they put the Vice logo on them. At least that is how I understand it.
  6. Local shop where I know the owner has a bunch they have not even put out yet.
  7. Homemade Wilson staff model 8802 with strokelab shaft.
  8. T200 4 iron than straight T100s.
  9. Are you in or out? Personally, I am all in.
  10. There will be a standard and DCB model. They are coming later.
  11. JT has played poorly for going on two years except a week at the PGA and luckily for him the leader stumbling over his own feet coming in and gifting him a win. But we are going to blame the caddy?? Hmmm.. JT has never been long or accurate off the tee. He is extremely good with a wedge. But if you are always in the gunch trying to fight out to the green that takes a toll and puts a lot of weight on your putter. Which, he is also not great at. Not a great mix.
  12. putter covers is a game in and of itself. I was heavy in it for a few years. I have since sold off everything cool I had and just go pretty simple. I still do aftermarket headcovers as I think they are fun but I dont chase anymore.
  13. Taylormade had a new ball this year too. So probably not the same. Unless they got them early and tested pre release
  14. Current model chrome softs are going on 2 years old. New model coming in feb’ish..
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