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  1. NICE!! Let me know the next time you are in the area. Lakeridge is fun. That par three is total trip. Wolf Run is fun. The course is nice but and the greens there are always lightning.
  2. This event is way better in Vegas.
  3. I have been playing a TSi2 7 wood. and This has me totally interested. Seems like the perfect idea. Way more useful than the super hybrid in my mind.
  4. I have 4. They are all very different.
  5. I read a lot more than I post here. But the conversation is always good and the community is nice.
  6. I typically really suck at these things. Regardless, I am in..
  7. Multi piece I can agree with. Hollow, I am not sure.. If there is stuff in there is it hollow?? haha.
  8. These have aluminum in them. Does that make them hollow.
  9. Quigleyd

    LEFT DOT!!

    I saw these. Interesting and pretty player specific release. I am not the person that this ball would fit. I need more launch not less. The left dash is actually a great ball for me.
  10. Crossfield has long stated or been in the "the shaft doesn't matter camp".. I completely disagree and have seen in both personally and in others that it really does matter.
  11. Super fun year. I tried a new strategy and I think I bailed on it too soon. Oh well, next year..
  12. I looked on their website and cannot seem to find these.
  13. The problem with wilson has never really been their actual products. its that they have horribly inconsistent and confusing marketing. They make bad decision after bad decision. The ball is solid. I would avoid the weird raw ball though.
  14. Lots of info to sift through here.. Some interesting info but honestly nothing that unexpected.
  15. This is probably my fav test of all that you guys do.. Love the info that comes out of it. We had to of all known refurbished balls are crap. They make a decent shag bag option and that is it.. Glad that you included them though.
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