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  1. Play it as close to the original resting spot as possible. Same rule would apply here.
  2. I hit this driver yesterday. While it is not for me I was very impressed with what it is trying to accomplish. The ball will not go right. Plus, if you have any kind of speed but fight the high rights (right handed). This driver could be a bit of a unicorn for you. This driver really accomplishes a draw biased head, that looks really good and just wants to go straight or left and has plenty of ball speed potential due to not over spinning the ball.
  3. This was my first dip into any fantasy sport. It was super fun and I for sure picked up where I made mistakes. I will say I think it was well run and fair. Looking forward to next year!.
  4. Congrats!! when are we starting 2021?
  5. I totally agree. I am concerned that with all the issues for the release of the CSX ball it is going to be less than average. Curious to see where a some others fall.
  6. I have never been star stuck by a titleist driver before. But I am now.. there is something about these that has a hunk of Nike to it. I really really like them. I love the pure pear shape of the TSi3 as well..
  7. I love when cobra and other companies release this stuff. That camo ventus needs to be mine...
  8. Quigleyd

    7 woods

    I would love for a callaway to make a sub zero 7 wood. That would be awesome..
  9. cant wait to listen to the conversation around the Chrome soft.. Super curious to hear what they have to say..
  10. Good luck to those that are still in it!
  11. This was super fun. I think i have picked up a few things that will help me next year.. Unless the process changes. haha.
  12. Fowler and Brooks boned me... If they had been less sucky, I may have had a shot.
  13. Haha. earned it is a bit of a stretch. I didn't set my self up very well for the play offs. But maybe next year I will make better decisions.
  14. Yeah, I know where I messed up. I really kind of miss understood the process and play offs. I had plenty of top 20-30 fedex cup points guys at one point. But, I kept dropping and swapping players to try and stack my deck each week during the regular season. It worked out well till I couldn't pick up solid players for the playoffs as they were all gone. With only 4 player scores counting, I guess with 3 if they show well and move on I could still have a chance. But, I am not liking my chances.. Next year, I will understand the process a bit better and make better decisions overall.
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