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  1. I agree. The distance from the front to the back of the green is much more useful. Am not accurate enough to worry about pins most of the time.
  2. I agree on the screen. I found it responsive. I was using it along side an app the whole time and would get frustrated with the app and not the skycaddie.
  3. I got out and played 9 holes today. I loved having the sky caddie with me. I found it accurate and very simple to use. I have the grint on my phone that has a gps system on it. In comparing the two there were always difference. Usually just a yard or to. The largest that was 6 yards though. The grint uses google maps images for the GPS images. I liked the scoring and stat keeping features of the sky caddie. It keeps some simple stats such as score, if you hit the fairway and putts. there are also some toggle features to just get yardages and no map or just a view of the green. So far so good, I need more time to get the hang of the information and how to interpret it. i do find that on shots to the green, I would possibly still like a range finger for shooting pins. You can move a curser around but it is just a guess.
  4. That would make for an interesting prop bet.
  5. Is it too late to pick Rory... I wish I had a horse on my fantasy team this week. So far no strong showing.
  6. So how much of the show is dedicated to CBD?? Its the new fix everything solution.
  7. I have been hitting the SIM alot and really like it. There is something though that keeps pulling me back to the Cobra Speedzone.
  8. I have always been interested in Arccos I just dont think it is user friendly enough just yet.
  9. Thanks for the feedback and asking the right questions. They do look super fun. I will have to see if I can dig up $3500 or whatever they cost!
  10. I get all that. I was just curious. Sometimes great ideas take a few alterations to make them right. It is not until they are out to the masses that you find some of these things out.
  11. Cool, I have not seen one in person, I definitely like the idea. Just curious what the other side of the coin looks like.
  12. True, but 2 thin tires vs 4 very wide tires and the idea that you can go anywhere. I am not saying they will be worse. I am just curious of unintended consequences and collateral damage.
  13. As cool as they are. i wonder how practical they will actually end up being. Also, how much damage will they cause?
  14. I think all these personal launch monitors are really cool. I just am not sure they are really helpful.
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