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  1. Havin some trouble understanding the difference between the Ventus and Motore X. Can you explain?
  2. To me that kinda botched the whole thing. Adding head weight almost universally increases ball speeds. By adding the weight, then giving a few "warm up swings". They threw the whole match off. As they stated. "they don't really care". But, I think they saw the potential for more speed in the Mav by adding weight and wanted to put on a show.
  3. Next week is looking promising to get out again. It has been the coldest month I may have ever experienced over the last month. So I am looking forward to getting back out with the skycaddie.
  4. This is awesome. having been lucky enough to have gotten picked to try the Sky caddie, I cannot in good conscience even apply. But I will happily read others reviews.
  5. Totally agree. I tried the ping and didn't get the best numbers from it. I would have just liked the bragging rights of the 2020 best driver award haha. At minimum I know the award is based on results and not paid for like other well known "hot lists".
  6. Wasn’t 03 the last set of apex blades? Or was it 05?
  7. I completely agree. I am not running out to buy a ping. It would just be cool to have the most wanted validation as well. I wonder if the ran the exact same test again if they would get the same winner? I am sure they would but they are relying imperfect humans with imperfect swings. So who knows. I personally love the SIM.
  8. Well, I was hoping that the SIM would win. I have one in the bag and it has been an absolute monster for me. It was good enough to beat the Epic flash SZ out of my bag. But, I cannot argue the results of the test. The data is far too compelling and that beats the eyeball test every time.
  9. I totally agree. Any time I see an article. I pull a pen and pad like its history class.
  10. That was a great read. I always enjoy reading @GolfSpy Barbajo stuff. These irons look really really good as well. They are as hogan as they can possibly be.
  11. Awesome. I just wish I was not going through a full week and a half of snow every day!!!
  12. True. I agree, I am simply saying that in many ways the A, R, S, X flex system is more confusing and misleading.
  13. I don't even know how you could standardize flex. In fact, I think it would be better for manufacturers to completely abandon any attempt at standardization and move to something proprietary to each shaft. Especially considering there are high launch S flex shafts. Low launch S flex shafts. Shafts where the tip is stiff and the butt is soft and vice versa. If anything. All companies need to move away from A,R,S, X ratings and into something else. it is then the fitters job to know the flex rating for that particular shaft. For example the KBS TD driver shafts. They are categories instead of flex. I play a category 5 shaft.
  14. It works just fine for me. I think it is a great idea. Maybe post it at the top of every page.
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