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  1. This is probably my fav test of all that you guys do.. Love the info that comes out of it. We had to of all known refurbished balls are crap. They make a decent shag bag option and that is it.. Glad that you included them though.
  2. Two awesome products combined.. it’s like an episode of Captain Planet!!
  3. Cant let these golf events get in the way of corporate events.. He has become extremely disappointing.
  4. I am in the same boat.. Have two in. Would like to add at least one.. But, who to drop?
  5. This is a thinker week. Do you try to add some players to cash in some points? Or just ride the week out with the one or two guys actually playing and wait for the US Open??
  6. I am not sure I agree completely with this. There are lots of ways to measure that. Phil showed a creativity that many of todays tour pros do not have. This course for sure rewarded that creativity and athletic ability to pull it off. It punished the guys the have grooved that knuckle ball fade that has become the shot shape of choice. But there are many weeks that the ability to hit the same ball repeatedly with consistency is the winning formula. I would be willing to bet that the US open at Torrey will play to a much different set of athletic ability.
  7. I think the M craft are as nice a putter you can get at retail as there is.
  8. Left the taylormade original one mini driver (2 wood) off the list.
  9. The 3 wood is honestly the hardest club to hit in a bag. low loft and second longest shaft. Also if you are trying to hit if from the fairway it generally requires decent speed to be successful. I prefer that beginner golfers skip the 3 wood. 5 wood is fine. It has enough loft to be more successful. I see it frequently that most hit a 4 wood or 5 wood better. The shorter shaft and added loft create higher chance for success. Plus you have to always think that a ball in the air will almost always go further than one on the ground. Gravity being equal. The club that gets the ball higher in the air will go further. Of course there are limits to that and other factors at play but I see it regularly that players hit a 3, 5, 7 woods and hybrids all the same distance.
  10. 5000 aps for 4 spots.. Low odds. haha. But gotta be in to win.
  11. Zal is a stud. I had to trade him as I just know that winning on tour is extremely hard. I think I got good value. If he ends up winning I will be a little bummed but that is the risk..
  12. Slight bump this week. Hopefully the pga provides some fire works..
  13. Only guy on my team to not make the cut..
  14. I think it is going to hold.. Not as much push this afternoon..
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