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  1. Haha. Ok, that makes more sense.
  2. Are you some kind of sadist?
  3. Quigleyd

    ClearGolf Shaft

    You are right. I was mistaken. Clear, pearl. There are too many to remember these days.
  4. There is no Jim Brown or Babe Ruth but there is a Mike Trout. Probably the best baseball player to ever live. He just plays in Anaheim instead of New York.. I really wish there was a way to to drop prime Tiger, prime Jack, Prime Arnie, prime Hogan all into today and see what it would look like.
  5. I voted accuracy. I am just not convinced the numbers are real yet. Especially when I have access to a Foresight GCquad. I can only use it inside so one of these mini launch monitors would be great for practice. I could have also chose other because as much as I want one. I am not really sure I need one.
  6. Especially when you are not losing anything in terms of performance, finish, or R&D.
  7. I play the original cobra Utility iron. The chrome version. I have it set to 18*. Before that I had a mizuno MPH5 1 iron that was a laaser beam at 16 degrees. I just wanted a bit more height.
  8. I am in NV. No not really effort to push one over the other. People just come in asking about it. Or, many times, I will say, "have you hit the F9?" They say "no" and then like. They also tend to like that it is about $100 less.
  9. You are correct. It is non of mine or anyone else’s business. I simple state it as part of the story as to why he is not well liked. There is more than enough other evidence that this is not even needed. You can look at the Ryder cup, the baseball game where none of the other pros wanted to sit by him. He is not well liked. That is fact. Still you are correct, his personal life and his relationships are his and his alone.
  10. I think Reed is a well documented jerk. The stories about not talking to his parents, having the removed from events, his cheating, his crying on the course about "Jordan Speith would have gotten a drop". The move back, and I am not going to hit a shot till you leave. I wanted to like this guy. but I cannot.
  11. Quigleyd

    ClearGolf Shaft

    $68 a dozen?? That is crazy. If I remember correctly, they are making the OG K sig. Just under a different name. The shaft description is very vanilla and unspecific for a product your are trying to get top dollar for. I wonder who is producing this shaft for them?
  12. Although Tiger has never been a huge help in any of these team events, this is the perfect event for Tiger to Pick himself. I mean he has to right?? The US team almost universally wins this event. If it was the Ryder Cup it would be a different story. Way more pressure, way more at stake at the Ryder Cup. I am not a fan of Reed, I think he is a cancer and probably the most hated PGA pro by both fans and other tour players. That being said, you cannot pick Fowler who has almost been non existent since about mid year. If the international team somehow wins this, That could be really bad.
  13. Those stuffy northeastern'ers.. hahaha. They for sure do not have the posh factor of say Titleist or PXG. Out west, I see a lot of Cobra so your regional assessment may be correct.
  14. I think for a small executive type course that is a bit more of a gimmick and inviting for all types of golfer something with artificial greens and tees could be a lot of fun. With light to play at night, and nothing over say 170 yards. Maybe even less. I don't see anyway for the ball to hold the green past that.
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