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  1. I am in NV. I am a bit far for a Rocky Mountains meet up. But I something in UT may work with enough notice.
  2. Yes. Tweaked the 6 weak and the 7 strong. Each by a degree. Works perfect for me.
  3. I have a combo set of these and they have been great. I have been playing the 225 and 221s broken up between the 6 and 7. With a fli hi 4 iron.
  4. I get that. I have read plenty. I am simply skeptical. But, these are human tests and preference and excitement etc play in to all of that.
  5. I don’t know about this. I love the articles and test Mygolf spy does. But I have to be honest, this raises serious questions in my mind as to the validity of this test.. sorry, can’t buy it that new level beat out all the other OEMs. That have actual RnD. That don’t just purchase near net forging then mill them to some shape. Sorry. Can’t do it..
  6. If some one wants one of these trash shafts I will send you one. Has a tm tip. I got it for free. I actually have two because they sent me one and 3 swings in the tip came off. They didn’t even prep the tip. Then further inspection showed uneven layering of the carbon fiber and bubbles. so I have two. Just hit me up. I will send it.
  7. No they don’t. Scotty does not even come close to the sales of odyssey. It’s oceans apart.. odyssey is the undisputed putter king. Cleveland makes a solid product. I am not sure it is a better over all product than odyssey but it really doesn’t matter. They make a good product.
  8. It is just mediocre at everything. Feel is softish which is not my preference. Comparative distance was on the shorter side for me. Spin was ok but seems lower. the staff is better at basically everything. I can see some not liking it because it is pretty firm. It is longer, and spins more.
  9. I am not an insert guy either.. Although, I kinda dig the new taylormade spider putters. They are a bit different but I like their take on the 7 shape.
  10. I have tried these and they are ok... Nothing super spectacular to me. I like the regular staff ball more. Plus, while I am a fan of manolo. The marketing around this ball is as terrible as the name.
  11. Hard to bash odyssey much. they out sell the rest of the putter world combined. I have almost zero experience with Toulon. I think they look nice. the few I have rolled felt good to me But I cant say they are worth the money either.. The garage stuff looks good but $600 for a putter.. Eh.... tough to swallow. But then again. I think the average putter cost is like $300 now.. Mizuno's seem like the best value in a milled putters. They at least include weights for free.
  12. I like the slimmer fangs on these. Nice shapes. Not the biggest scotty guy but the futura phantom line is cool I think.
  13. That is fair, of all the scotty stuff, I like the futura stuff the best. The rest is just a more expensive version of the same putter everyone else is making.
  14. The most wanted test does not really prove in any way which putter is best.... That being said, Scotty's are way over rated...
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