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  1. same here, wanted to try one of the PXG shafts, am 6'2" and cut to 35.5". Put it on a Seemore Nashville Studio milled head to try along with a Sweet Rollz grip
  2. less today than before as I am down to 3 brands XXIO 11 Driver + 5 wood XXIO 12 Hybrid PXG 0311XP 6 - G PXG wedges Edel putter
  3. Check out Edel, mine is heavier like you prefer and the toe up balance feels very forgiving. I also have a Seemore face balanced putter, they have awesome customer service so you may want to reach out to them.
  4. I bit, went for a fitting and added 0311XP 6-L, weak hybrid, 7 wood this month
  5. I have never owned one and will be looking at them shortly, would like to test and review it from a Luddite's perspective
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