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  1. I'm working at not breaking into laughter every time I hit a shank, slice, hook or thin it. I have a very loud laugh and it makes my playing partners question my mental health....
  2. That balance is so key, I always have 2 litres of rehydrate with me too, especially if its above 30 Degrees Celsius...
  3. I've been struggling to maintain or improve my HCP this year, too many thoughts going through my head, nerves, and me putting pressure on myself to break 10 HCP this year. CBD oil doesn't work, chewing gum works a tiny bit, but a flask of whiskey or a premixed flask of G&T is working like a charm! I'm down 3 HCP points in 3 weeks! I even manage to be sober before the comp is done.... Would love to hear others thoughts on this from fellow drunks or teetotalers....
  4. Has anybody played these beauties!? From youtube reviews these things look legit and are well priced, just hesitant biting the bullet as I can't get fitted in Australia. https://www.haywoodgolf.com/products/signature-irons
  5. From a quality and budget perspective these are my best pics that you can't go wrong with: Pants - Inesis (Decathlon) or Kando (Uniqlo) Great quality, Dirt Cheap, and a good selection. https://www.decathlon.com/collections/golf-pants https://www.uniqlo.com/us/en/men-ultra-light-kando-pants-426179.html?dwvar_426179_color=COL05&cgid=#q=golf&lang=default&start=1 Polos - Uniqlo, well priced and last long https://www.uniqlo.com/us/en/men-dry-ex-short-sleeve-polo-shirt-422962.html?dwvar_422962_color=COL00&cgid=#q=polo&lang=default&start=1 For that extra touch of funk or humour its all Golf Gods or William (Bill) Murray for me: https://www.williammurraygolf.com/ https://golfgodsonline.com/
  6. to elaborate on the playing partners, if they are better than you it can be very motivating too. Yes, you don't wanna kill the pace of play, but you also want to give them a run for their money.
  7. I got the audiobook and listen to it on social rounds or when practicing.
  8. I assume you read the Zen Golf book! hahahah Was a great eye opener for me.
  9. I'd love to hear from other hackers what you do to stay motivated when the going gets tough? Since i'm a proud golf bum aka thrift store7udget golfer, every-time I break into a new HCP segment I buy something new/fitted. When I broke 20, I bought, new Adidas shoes, when I broke 15 I got a fitted Cobra driver. Breaking 10 will mean some new cutlery (irons) for me...
  10. Mines a mixed bag... Won comps on 3 continents 1 Eagle, Slam-Dunk from 160 meters after topping the tee shot. Driver head exploded while playing at -3 degrees Celsius without pre-heating the Ball
  11. Most important thing and one of the first things I was taught is to keep the pace of play, 10-15min per hole. when I used to hit 15min and I had people behind me, I'd pick up and move on. Being respectful and not egotistical is key, all other pointer that are mentioned in this thread can follow.
  12. We used to play ''Good Shots vs Bad Shots'' off the tee. If you don't hit the fairway, you take a shot...of tequila..... We didn't last very long.
  13. Keto/Banting is the . Been doing that for a year now and lost 10kg and have sooo much more energy. Tim Noake's Real Meal Revolution is great https://realmealrevolution.com/
  14. My Hat is supposed to deceive people, so far nobody has called me out about it yet:
  15. I've been eyeing this beauty for a while..... https://golfgodsonline.com/collections/putters/products/golf-gods-the-big-d-putter?variant=32667103690838 ...........
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