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  1. Name Matthew City Atco, NJ Driver Taylormade RBZ Stage2 Rocket 10.5 Handi 7 Driver Speed 105 Wishing TSi3
  2. Matthew, Berlin NJ HANDI 7.9 Wilson Staff C300 Started out with the Ci7 then moved onto the Di5 now have the C300. I would be honored to test drive the D7.
  3. Matthew, Atco NJ Handicap 7.8 Home course The Links in Marlton. I draw lines on my balls using a piece of tape to keep it straight, usually a cross pattern. It definitely helps putting. My balls of choice Titleist AVX, "MV"
  4. Wilson C300 irons 4-gw stiff steel shafts Lamkin grips. Can't praise these clubs enough it's amazing the shape and control I have over the ball. People seem to look down on Wilson and their irons but these things are legit. Taylormade RBz driver 10.5 stiff graphite shaft and Taylormade RBz 3wood. It is getting old but can't find a new driver where I get the same distance and control. Taylormade M4 hybrid 19 degree stiff graphite shaft Cleveland Huntington Beach classic no.1 putter 34' Lamkin grip Titleist SM6 52 degree vokey wedge F grind Cleveland Tour Action Sand Wedge
  5. Waterford New Jersey Started playing around 15 years ago and it took me quite a while to fall in love with golf but it's a passion now. I am always trying to get better and am finally starting to figure it out and get to a single digit handicap 7.9 GHIN 10307433 and shoot in the mid 80's to the high 70's on a pretty consistent basis. My home courses would be The Links or Pinelands both close to home, and my favorite would probably be Twisted Dunes down the NJ shore. Was drawn to MyGolfSpy by the forums and the like minded people. I am always reading trying to improve my game in anyway. I am currently a student and have a couple part time jobs one at a golf course just another reason I love this frustrating game.
  6. I keep them clean throughout my round and then when I get home drop them in a bucket let them soak for a little then clean them along with my clubs. It's a good habit extends the life of the balls and clubs at the same time. Also I've seen people miss putts because of something on the ball, that won't be me!
  7. Didos66

    AVX vs PRO V1

    I tend to see the lower trajectory with the avx and that's all I play either the pro v1 or the avx. One big difference I see with the pro v1 is around the greens, they are not as good as the avx. Another difference I see between the two is the feeling at impact on the club, the avx jumps off the face and pro v1 is a little clicky. Another reason I sing the praises of the avx whenever I can. It is a great ball from start to finish.
  8. Hey I just has the same issue with my C300 5 iron. Was at the range and it just popped off the face. I found the piece and still in tact. But not sure what I should use to put it back on the club? Maybe a super glue? I don't want to effect the club though. I have used the club without the plastic piece on the face and honestly it doesn't effect the shot at all. But would like it back on for looks. Any ideas?
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