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  1. Oh boy do I have an update!! Phase 2 re-opening here in New York and I have been wondering for three months if a certain set of trade-in irons were still sitting on the shelves in the Golf section of my local sporting goods retailer.... They were!! A pearly set of Mizuno JPX 919 Forged Irons (5-pw) to replace my +20 yr old Slazenger irons I would say they are in great shape, minor face wear but grooves are still deep and no noticeable dings to any edges. Will be testing these out on the course later today! Anything has to be better than my chain-store-complete-set-no-tech irons from 2007. I finally get to experience #nothingfeelslikeamizuno
  2. I am starting to see the same thing as well @tony@CIC with reaching a plateau, the SuperSpeed Training Cycles Chart shows normalization of increased speeds within Level 1, and a second increase during Level 3. This is going to be a marathon to Super Speed!
  3. Some great tips while getting through the starting line of this journey. I took a week from playing 18 since my swing was kinda all over the place and physically it was wearing me down a bit.
  4. Same thing just happened to me with the 1st session of Week 4...but I did spend a lot of time outside this weekend moving gravel / putting in a new pool liner No pain, no gain!
  5. Well....using the heel step gave me a little better 'dispersion' if you will in my speeds, I didn't have many sets with more than +/- 2 mph variation. I also didn't have any lefty swings in the 80 mph range for the first time since I started (lowest was 92 in the red stick)!! Still maxing out my green stick at 119/120, I feel like 125 is coming Friday....Max driver swing at the end was up to 110 mph, then I took a couple 'on course' swings that I would be comfortable with hitting a ball during a round (98, 101, 100).
  6. Great video. I am about to do my 2nd session for the week and will see if the heel action helps any. After a full week of sessions I was a bit sore on Monday but hopefully I am starting to build up those muscles needed for these higher swing speeds and is beneficial in the long run.
  7. I have done the warm-up for all sessions for far, and I wouldn't skip it. Just this first week alone I am seeing benefits. 95 driver speed to start the week, and I ended up after Friday's session at 110!
  8. I will second @ChasingScratch on raising the PRGR device to the level of the driver swing. Got nervous when I was seeing low 80's but once its up it is fine. Going to be using a tripod since it has a screw mount on the back, and when I start swinging the SuperSpeed sticks they suggest 8" above the ground.
  9. Hey everyone I am very excited to get started and wanted to thank MGS and SuperSpeed for this testing to happen! Over the last year I have been really focusing on improving my game and while I always thought my driving was decent, getting fit for one last year was game changing. Now it is time to see what some swing training can do and take it to the next level. I hope to gain both physical improvements but also some mental improvements that allow more confidence off the tee, allowing increased swing speed to equal more balance and repeatability. Here in NY it's been a roller coaster with closures, multiple re-openings and now back to open with walking only, it has allowed me to gain strength and challenge myself to stay focused. I can't wait to put SuperSpeed to the test and see those increases throughout my golf game!
  10. J_L_35 Intro I am a 33 year old Architect who lives about an hour from NYC. Been really getting back into the game the last few years and now I want to keep learning and gain as much knowledge about golf as I can. My handicap is currently a 16.5 but hopefully that keeps improving along with my game with each round I get to play. The nice weather has been great to be able to go play, and I have been taking every advantage of it. My average driver distance is around 220 yards but when I am striking it well I can be around 245. I have been upgrading my bag over the last year from the big box chain full set I have had for the last 15 years. Driver, 3W, Putter and Wedges have been replaced recently but I am just waiting for a fitting to get myself some new irons. I prefer my PW from anything within 100 yards all the way up to my 5i for 160-165. My new 3W can get me close to the green from 200 yards out. Hopefully the SuperSpeed training will allow me to gain some effortless speed in my attempt to gain more consistency with my driver. Usually I am only hitting 4-5 fairways off the tee per round, but I can expect to hit around 6-7 greens per round. Normally during this time in the year I am playing softball and getting my exercise outside, but it’s a bit different right now. I try and stay active around my house walking some trails or while we have been on pause here in NY, to get some golf walking which has built my stamina where I am not getting tired in the back half of the round. My goal for the program is to be able to see close to 105 mph club head speed. Currently my driver is around 95 mph on average. Being able to swing faster will lead to more distance but I also need to maintain that speed with a consistent swing and hopefully that leads to more fairways. First Impressions SuperSpeed came and I was immediately excited to start the program. It was great that they also provided the PRGR portable launch monitor. Green Club - 20% lighter than Driver Blue Club - 10% lighter than Driver Red Club - 5% heavier than Driver SuperSpeed uses overspeed training to try and break through and reset the roadblocks to extra speed! The gradual increases in speed allows the changes to become more permanent, and overtime permanent increase in club head speed. I had heard a lot about these sticks, and the protocol and have always been curious to see how it could actually work. The first time seeing 100 on the launch monitor I was hooked. It only took a weeks worth of sessions to see results and I cannot wait for the upcoming weeks and faster speeds.
  11. Oh I cannot wait for a fitter to open up and get that blue box on its way to me!!
  12. UPDATE to my WITB 2020 edition!! NY on PAUSE now allowing golf courses but Walking Only and after attempting to carry my cart bag for 18 holes I came home and promptly ordered this Tour Trek On-Click 4-wheel push cart. Pretty simple setup after unboxing. The 4 wheels are detachable with a simple button on the sides for easy storage in the off-season, or I MIGHT get extra creative and give some extra pop of color to the black wheels!! Pretty compact to be able to fit in the trunk for my 2-mile trek to the local course! The ONE-CLICK is as amazing as advertised. A single button releases the anchor point and allows for flawless opening / closing. The cart bag fits like a glove and the heavy-duty bungee cord like straps secures the top / bottom of the bag with no movement at all. Heading out tomorrow for 18 holes to test this bad boy out!! Will be making full use of the one-step brake, beverage holder and the adjustable handle to see what suits me best!!
  13. Not necessarily a new club but I did just purchase a new 4-wheel push cart to be able to get out and play here in NY with the new walking only guidelines.
  14. Dutchess County, NY / 33 95 avg Driver swing speed Average fitness level, avid rec sports player I don't just want to see this through, I NEED to see this through. Finally have an at home garage set up to practice while NY is under PAUSE and I can't let that slow me down!! I was playing my best golf just before the courses closed!
  15. Been dreaming about upgrading to new Mizuno irons since the fall....was planning to get fit in March but the event was cancelled. Either JPX 919's or the MP 20 HMB's have been keeping me up at night just waiting for a fitter to be open here in the Northeast......
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