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  1. Interesting video that highlights the different trajectories of each type of club. As I am starting to fill in my bag, this will be a great resource in thinking how I deliver my irons vs. hybrids vs. fairway woods. My local club has a good variation on shots that might need the higher flight / steeper angle of a fairway wood over water or bunker, with some other holes might need that longer roll-out of a driving iron.
  2. Finally cleaned out one half of the garage to set up the hitting net I got for Christmas....next up is a proper turf mat (tried the fake grass dog pee-pad but just didnt feel right lol) Carpet strip with a moving blanket works for now haha
  3. Update: Got the NY update from Governor that courses would be closed mid 1st 18 holes, so ended up playing a full 36-holes that day!! Shot my best round ever 88 followed up by 90, slowly getting to a respectable, consistent game that will keep me playing for a while!!
  4. Hey everyone! Finally getting to do a WITB for 2020 as I am "almost" finished upgrading my set after a decade of gaming a chain store complete set! My signature has my up to date setup, including bag, preferred balls and current shoes....enjoy Full bag - Mizuno BRD-4 Cart bag in Gray / Red.....just waiting for spring / quarantine to be over to get fit again for new Mizuno irons!! WITB layout of bag contents...loving the ARCCOS caddie paired with my Apple Watch!! Decades old Slazenger Wrath irons 5-PW still in play until I get my hands on some quality Mizuno irons....got fit for JPX 919's last year but seeing the new MP-20 HMB's make me drool!! New Adidas Code Chaos shoes are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.....thinking about grabbing a second pair to switch on-off to keep them fresh!! Upgraded the 3W to a SIM Max 15 deg this year......man this thing is a WEAPON from 200 yards Replaced the Driver early last season with the M5 9 deg tuned down to 7 deg after a great fitting with Club Champion Even though I have always had a good feeling for putting, upgrading to the Odyssey Stroke Lab 7 has given me the extra bit of confidence when on the green!! Excited to see what the rest of 2020 will bring!! Thanks everyone! John (J_L_35) Stay Safe out there!!
  5. John Fishkill, NY 15 hcp Currently playing Slazenger Wrath irons 5-PW (desperately in search for a new set) T200
  6. My local course (27-hole) is remaining open, mandates to not rake bunkers or remove the flagstick. Only pre-made tee times of no less than 2 people (no walk-ins), and driving range is closed. Hopefully playing 27 holes Friday, since the CT Golf Expo was cancelled. Stay safe out there for everyone who has the ability to get out there!
  7. Also from Arccos website regarding Gen 1 and 2 sensors: 'We are committed to our loyal customers. Any existing user or new user who activates an Arccos Caddie account with the 1st or 2nd Generation version of Arccos Caddie Smart Sensors will not be charged a subscription. We will also continue to offer replacement sensors to users of the 2nd version for the life of the product.'
  8. The annual subscription for Arccos only is going to happen when the 3rd generation is released. You can still buy smart sensors with the Caddie and never pay a subscription, until all of the existing inventory is sold out. Right now you can get them for $179 and that's all you will ever pay, including any replacement sensors you might need down the line.
  9. Great write up and amazing detail.....leaving a comment here to bookmark for the future lol
  10. J_L_35

    Cooper TM TP5

    My buddy Cooper has a real taste for TaylorMade TP5's!!
  11. J_L_35

    Fujikura Ventus

    I won a SIM max 3W with the Ventus Blue FW-5R shaft at a recent PGA superstore opening, and for a stock shaft where I wasn't fit this thing IS A WEAPON. I have never hit such great shots from the fairway with a 3W in my life. 220 yds all day long with minimal dispersion. I haven't gone through extensive LM testing but in real life it pretty much goes where I am aiming!! Looking forward to upgrading the 5w and Hybrids similarly.
  12. March 20th has been on my calendar for about 8 months in anticipation for the Connecticut Golf Expo 2020 in Hartford, CT. I have been to plenty of sports expos but nothing specific to golf. I am heading out there for the Friday opening and will be looking to get as much exposure to the vendors and activities as possible without the crowds on the weekends. My main goal will be to try out / get fit for new irons. I got fit at Club Champion last May before I really started playing my best golf last summer / fall, and recommendation was JPX 919 Hot Metals. Since then I have had my eyes on those as well as the new MP-20 HMB's for a possible split bag scenario depending on how the fitting goes. Anyone ever been to the CT expo? Tips or insider ideas on how to maximize this experience??
  13. I received Arccos as an xmas gift and have been waiting for the spring to finally get out there and test it out.....To my pleasant surprise, and some 50 degree weather last week, I was finally able to pair my sensors and get out there on the course. I don't mind the phone in the front pocket as much as I thought I would (iPhone 8 Plus) and it does come in handy using the 'rangefinder' mapping when planning my shots from the tee box. I for approach shots and closer to the green, I have a Series 5 apple watch that gives front, back and center along with the 'plays like' distances side by side so I keep the phone in my pocket. The only thing I had to remember was to finish off any putts from gimme range or just add a putt on the watch if I forgot. All in all a good first time out with the Arccos and spent some more time once I got home looking at all of the data. Can't wait until I have enough rounds for the Caddie to kick in!!
  14. I need to dial in the top of my bag as I am finally upgrading my clubs after 10 or so years....Driver | 3w is set...there's a TaylorMade demo day this weekend and I am probably going to see if I can't figure out which combination of FW and Hybrids fit in before the 5i
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