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  1. Anybody try these shoes out yet? I like the workout shoes and am intrigued by their golf offering.
  2. I wish they would offer a lefty option. The IV looks perfect to my eye.
  3. Patrick Dibsie from Grand Junction, CO Currently use Garmin approach X40 I also currently use a rangefinder, especially when my watch yardages seem to be off. Currently use a a TecTecTec rangefinder
  4. I would love an online trial program. I have one small golf shop in my town of 100k people. They have no custom fitting options, just the fitting carts they receive. I’m left to constantly buy and resell equipment to try to build my bag. I’d pay a small fee to try out shafts. Not $40 for a week as someone above said, but $10 or $15.
  5. I appreciate his thoughts but I don’t play with many (any) guys who have the game or their driver mastered. It’s a fun game that needs to continue to appeal to younger generations to survive. Let the kids hit bombs and enjoy the game as we get to!
  6. After some time with the Motore X F1 6X driver shaft in my G410 LST as well as the F3 7x in my 3-wood, I have learned I am a Ventus Black kind of guy. I’m a higher spin player and firmer tip of the Ventus holds up to my swing better. Never got on a monitor so purely going off visuals from a range day. If anybody is looking to try either of these shafts let me know and we can work something out!
  7. COmedic


    Like new, used for one range session. 44” tip to grip w/ golf pride cord grip. Has lefty G410 adapter, can be used on righty clubs, just have to rotate opposite direction from neutral. $225 obo shipped.
  8. Shaft loads and launches incredibly easy in the couple of rounds I have had. I use my LST 3-wood frequently off the tee and to my eye it appears the ball carries further with the Motore X, but doesn’t roll out as much as with the Hzrdus Smoke shaft that was in it.
  9. COmedic


    Fujikura Motore F3 7x 3-wood shaft with G410 adapter. 42” tip to grip. Untipped. Includes almost new MCC grip. Sold
  10. Love see positive reviews! Have an F1 6X ordered and just scored a deal on an F3 7x to plug into my 3-wood. Liked the Ventus Black for stability but felt like the shaft was sort of lifeless. Hoping these have similar stability with the bonus of a little added speed like they claim!
  11. Had a similar experience, don’t be afraid to put the sim in the upright setting. Wish I would have before I sold mine.
  12. Looking forward to these reviews so much. I have an F3 7x on the way myself that I suspect may get converted to a 3-wood shaft. Thinking the F1 6X for my driver but want to see some reviews first!
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