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  1. I believe in losing fair and square, and in that spirit: Please take Dechambeau out of your lineups, as he's just officially withdrawn. Bummer to not have him in there - always fun to watch, even when he's insufferable
  2. So quick follow-up from today's round. Played an executive course (par 61) and had my best round (not even close to my previous best, too), shot a 68. Added four grams of tape (two pieces) to the heel-side (my miss tends to be right, so it felt like a good starting point), and then hit an absolute BOMB (for me) on the first tee. One heel strike cost me a shot later on, but then found the middle of the face (and the fairway) 3 more drives (one miss bad to the right, but that was purely letting the head turn in my hands - that was all me). Overall, a GREAT result first time out. Really felt like I could actually feel the head at the top of my backswing, which was the whole point. I'll keep you updated if anything changes, or as things progress.
  3. Dude! Just found this thread - super digging what you're doing here; not just the league play (super jealous), but the write-ups as well. Awesome stuff, and I'll be following along!!
  4. I love that the sixth field is like... Every other golfer. Gulp. Love these contests - that's a crazy great prize for the winner - I'm very confident in my picks. Not to win, just, like - "I'm confident these guys will play. Mostly. I'm MOSTLY confident these guys will play. Or at least arrive in Tulsa. Ok. Some of them might not know how to get there. Dammit."
  5. I have a 4-PW set of Ping Eye 2s (orange dot) - lol - refreshing them would probably cost more than they cost me/are worth, but I really loved them and have yet to have the heart to get rid of them. Anything ideas on whether they refresh that old, or is it only more modern clubs?
  6. That is shockingly good-looking. What's the shaft you went with? Love the combo
  7. The 7-wood topic got me wondering: what's the difference between the Hy-Wood and a 7-wood? Just loft/head-size? I've got room for another club - no longer need/never hit my 4-iron (GI Sim Max), and was thinking about some kind of hybrid, but have been loving my 7-wood (about 200-210 yards-ish), so not sure I need anything else. Absolutely love the look of the 3-hy-wood, fwiw
  8. Anyone have experience with the Cleveland Hy-Wood? There's another thread with people absolutely in love, and it feels like a similar-kind club - easy to hit, fills all kinds of options. I have a 7-wood I recently threw in my bag (got suckered into a 3-5-7 set from a DTC thing - a story for another day), but it is CRAZY easy to hit, and I've used it all over: tee on long par-3s, fairways, rough, even once from an impossible lie behind the green nested in tall grass - just putted it and stuck it to 2 feet. Big fan, ultimately, but curious (mostly because I have a sneaking suspicion my DTC/mail-order club isn't really optimized) about other options in the same arena.
  9. Wait. Who says driver has no turf interaction?? Dammit. I think I may have just had a lightning bolt moment. (Following this thread, as I have a Cobra and my miss is also push-fade. I did set mine to "D", and it's helped SOME, but the shaft in my driver isn't optimized, stop I don't use it currently - in the process of figuring that out. Separate thread.)
  10. Great thought - lead tape strips should be here tomorrow. Super curious to see if a little extra weight makes it a little easier to feel the head (that's what she said. I'll be here all week). Any suggestions on how much to add? From what I can see, each strip (I ordered) is two grams - it'll probably just be a lot of trial and error. Thanks for the suggestion!
  11. Appreciate you sharing that - glad to hear the meds are helping, especially when it comes to your enjoyment factor. I'm a big believer in letting medicine be a help where it can be, that's for sure. I also wonder, and this is from someone who JUST broke 90 for the first time, if the better you get the MORE likely you are to feel anger/frustration at bad (stupid, in my case) shots. Like, I'm not EVER expecting to be near scratch, so a duffed shot can be laughed at. But if I was expecting (near) perfection, I could see how a big miss could be pretty hugely disappointing. Not looking to enable bad behavior, mind you, but I definitely think MY reactions to bad shots does not equate to what EVERYONE'S reactions should be - I can laugh, because I know I'm on the road to getting better and more consistent. Sure, it sucks, but a duff's bound to happen. But if I were a scratch golfer, and knew how good I COULD be, well, that might be a different thing entirely. Now add to that the idea that this is your profession, and you bringing home money is actually dependent on it, well...crap. That's a huge amount of pressure. So more power to Matty for redefining his focus to be "fun", and hopefully that will help redefine his successes, too.
  12. Really really like that kid a lot - can't wait to see him put it all together and win again, but these steps are the important ones and the ones that will make that not only possible, but enjoyable. Hoping he finds the fun again soon.
  13. Hah! Speaking of those tags - how do you get them? I broke 90 for the first time this past month (main goal for my year), and recently donated, and would love to add at least the "broke 90" tag, but can't figure out where to find it. Is it something doled out by MGS admins, or is it somewhere I've just not looked yet? And those 659s look so so good, especially for the price. Not sure I could game them effectively, but I'd at least have pretty clubs to throw around the course... -Swanson
  14. That’s a great-looking iron, and the deal is pretty incredible for a full set, even with upgraded shafts/grips, it's sub-500. I've never heard of them, but that's not too much of a surprise - not super familiar with the DTC offerings outside of Sub-70/Takomo/etc. Anyone played these or any of their other offerings? -Swanson
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