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  1. Scotty has a sweat spot? Lol. Gross.
  2. Loved the vid - loved the concept of just playing the three clubs (plus the DF) to really get comfortable with them. Great decision, too, to not do on-camera audio - nothing worse than not being able to hear someone because they're 10 feet in front of the camera I don't get out to play too often early in the morning (thanks a lot, KIDS), but one of my favorite things is watching the ball roll to the hole making a tracer in the dew. Great stuff. Making me really want to go get fitted for some wedges...lol.
  3. This whole thread is just pure joy. Lol. So great.
  4. Hey all - Big fan of what a lot of these DTC companies are doing - bringing high quality components at crazy-low prices. I've had my eye on the 201s for a while, but honestly not sure my consistency would justify the less-forgiving forged cavity-back (currently playing the Sim Max irons from 2020) design. I see they (Takomo) just recently announced the 101T, which is a slightly more refined version of their 101 (hollow-body, akin to the P790), so kind of more of a P770. Wondering if anyone has any experience with Takomo - by all accounts I can find online (TXG, James Robinson, etc.), they're well-made alternatives, with the down-side being not being able to hit them anywhere before buying (and with no demo program that I can tell). KBS shafts, quality grips, etc. I'd love to up game enough to justify one of the two sets, and the idea of hitting a forged iron certainly appeals to my vanity, but I'm guessing the 101T's are the right club at the right time - but would love a little feedback if anyone has any to offer. Also, I'd be selling my Sim's for whatever I could get to offset some of the cost ($639 total with KBS C-Taper / Lamkin Midsize upgrades). Thoughts?
  5. I was being pretty facetious with the HOF reference
  6. Hah! When I got fitted for my Sim Max irons beginning of 2020 (the "Before Times"), the fitter laughed at me because I consistently hit the lie board at 2° flat - is it because I had the Orange dot, or did I gravitate to the orange dot because I had (unaware as I may have been) a flat delivery? Chicken/egg scenario. Yes to Santa Clarita! We moved up here a year ago, and are really loving it. I do wish there were more public courses, but LA is only 45 minutes away, so I why complain too loudly. Plus, Sand Canyon is a legitimately beautiful course. I actually just gave my set of PE2s to a busy who was playing (i sh*t you not) Jack Lemmon's old set of Acushnet irons (blades, naturally) from the FIFTIES. He worked on a movie with Jack and when JL found out my buddy liked golf, gave him an old set from his garage. They were garbage (for my friend who needs all the help he can get), but that story makes them priceless.
  7. Favorite thing I've heard in a while - when someone's lag putt comes up outside your putt, you tell them it's a "dead sheep" - when they look at you, confused, you tell them "still you (ewe)". So dumb, but makes me laugh every time.
  8. Samsonite

    PXG love

    The Bat-Attack was high on my list of "to test" putters before I got selected for the LAB test. Based on initial impressions, the DF 2.1 is going to be staying in my bag for a while, but if anything changes, I'll for sure be testing out PXG's offerings.
  9. Am I crazy or are Kenny and his former owner creating new accounts just to post here about each other, lol. "Kenny sucks" (review from person with one post). "Kenny's putters are the best I've ever seen/heard/looked at/thought about" (review from person with one post). I nominate this to the hall of fame thread, lol.
  10. This feels like an undue penalty on you. I'm surprised they didn't give you the option of taking the better score of the two holes, although maybe that would have also been unfair to the players behind you, but... That's a bummer of a ruling.
  11. I just read through all 12 pages of this - complete and utter delight. Can't believe the work you put into this - really, really fascinating. I have been playing the MTB-Black (in bright yellow) and really love it, but also have a box (well, two, technically) of Kirkland's that my wife bought, and it's fascinating to see the differences so well broken down. I have yet to put them into play at the same time, but I definitely think the MTB wins feel-wise. Glad I bought the bundle of these. The Kirkland's are a lot easier to lose, but as my game improves, I'm (thankfully) finding I'm losing way less than even a year ago. I have several boxes of the Vice Pro as well, and have enjoyed those, and nice to see they kept up with the other balls tested against. Seriously - congrats on this thread. Genuinely enjoyable to read through everything.
  12. Jeebus that's a purty bag. Hopefully the Mezz fits right in (I actually really dig the look of it), but at least you've got those 223s to keep people's attention
  13. Congrats on the 2x graduates!! We'll be (theoretically, anyway) dealing with a similar thing in about 16 years, so... Not sure "looking forward to," is the right phrase, but... I love your ball-imprint idea. I mean, it works on so many levels. Not only does it help you mid-round, but THINK of how much it'll mean to some random golfer when they happen upon it in the woods (after you've given up on finding it, and have naturally pulled another from your bag, reminding yourself in the process to Relax & Have Fun) - it will be like a sign from the Golf God (Geoff, for what it's worth. His name is Geoff), literally telling him to Relax & Have Fun. I think there's a business model here. "It's a Game: Enjoy It," "Enjoy the Walk," "Smile, You're Being Recorded" - I mean, the possibilities are endless. "I Saw What You Did On 7th Fairway", etc. Psychological Warfare via golfball. PsyOps Golf: if you're going to lose your ball, help someone else lose their mind. (I realize this went off the rails, but I can't help laughing at some poor guy (me) traipsing through the woods and thinking "ah HA!" and then reading the message on the ball and freaking out - I would legit watch this "hidden camera" show, for real. Good luck on the next event - once you find your groove, I'm sure you'll post some awesome scores.
  14. JT just birdied 17, Will par'd, so JT one up going to 18. They just said that starting the day, the odds-makers had JT at 1.2% chance of winning. Lol. Cue Lloyd Christmas: "So you're telling me there's a chance!"
  15. Birdie-birdie start. Pretty awesome. @fixyurdivotcan you not stream it on CBS?
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