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    I love to talk and watch golf just as much as I love to play.
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  1. Just realized BB is on youtube TV. Saved the series and looking forward to giving it a watch.
  2. 35 - Columbus, OH Current Driver SS -110mph Rate your fitness level: average Will absolutely see the program through to the end. I am dedicated to improving my game think this would be a great opportunity to do so.
  3. The Memorial is always one of the best weeks here in Columbus...I just hope were allowed on the course!
  4. Ive never worn a watch while on the course until recently. With most golf courses in my area being walking only, i have kept my watch on and used some golf GPS apps to keep my yardage. This seems to be a lot easiers and quicker than pulling out my laser for every shot.
  5. Yeah I had never thought of it either, until recently. it was fun to go back and think about all of the golf ive played!
  6. I recently posted about the games that my buddies and I play on the course. There are so many, and even among the common games there are plenty of variations. What games are you playing with your buddies on the course?
  7. Love it! Would love to play more overseas as well. Hope you can knock out some more states!
  8. Ive been bouncing chips into my shoe bag in the living room...driving my wife nuts ha!
  9. I wrote an entire blog about this. Came with 12 golf ideas to help me pass the time. I dont think im allowed to post it, but check out my site if your interested.
  10. I wish I had the room for one of these awesome set ups with a net etc. Stuck in an apt. but ordered a Sklz putting. That will have to do for now.
  11. What are some of the best shot tracer apps for iphone?
  12. I know its going to take a while, but I'm looking forward to giving it a go!
  13. Thats amazing! Thats a great story. I just gave you a follow on IG and will be reading through your blog more. I have a long way to go, but look forward to catching up to you.
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