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  1. I have to say, I've hit the Apex pro's and they feel better than my Mizuno's. If you are looking for new forged clubs, you have got to try the Callaway lineup! Loving the blades too!
  2. So I played this afternoon, the course is 6300 yards so not too long. I shot a 75. The greens were pretty soft so I could attack a lot of the pins. This year I have been high 70's low 80's. So here are my takeaways: I hit 44% greens in regulation and 36% fairways in regulation. Not good. I missed a few fairways by just a bit but still, the 36% needs to be better. What I think happened today was the fact that I was missing fairways, but not by much. If I had driver in hand, I think those misses would have been much worse. The length didn't bother me. I love my long irons and I I actually eagled a par 5 by going 3w then 3 hybrid to 4 ft. Ok, I'll take that. The next time (as of pre hurricane) that I plan on playing is Wednesday so I'll give it another shot of no driver.
  3. That's fantastic to hear! Looks like Srixon is really starting to make a name in customer service on here! Pay attention spy's, the are taking care of any issues which is where I will continue to send my hard earned dollars.
  4. I feel the same, my course is relatively short as well with no forced carries off the tee. It is tree lined and I feel if I am not having a good day with the driver it really gets me in trouble because I am having to punch out of the trees. I also look at the distance I want to hit for my second, third shots. I don't want to hit 4 or 5 irons into greens if I can hit say a 7 or an 8. I plan on trying to get out today before the hurricane to see what I can shoot. Wish me luck! haha
  5. I have an old Scotty that I put lead tape on and it worked well. I just like a heavy club and with the older model there was not much weight in the head. If you like the feel of it, roll it!
  6. off the tee, how far do you all normally hit your 3w?
  7. Go buy it yourself. Better yet, go in and get fitted for one. That way you know you will have it for many years to come. Just a thought. I would prefer for my wife to not get me anything golf related that way I can go buy the EXACT item I want myself. Works out better for us I guess.
  8. So I am thinking about playing a few rounds this week and I think I am going to keep the driver in the bag, just want to see how different I will score (if any), by using more irons or fairway woods off the tee. I hit a small cut with my 3W and hit my 5W dead straight. Driver has been a bit off lately so I just want to see how we do, have any of you tried this? If so, I would love to hear your results, if not, lets give it a try and see how good or bad we do. Who's in?
  9. I couldn't have said that any better, when we do get customer service, it often times comes as a surprise. That's sad nowadays. With so much competition with everything, it will be customer service that keeps me as a customer, not the product, especially in the golf world. I could easily keep using Bridgestone or Titleist or Taylor Made or Snell etc. They all make great products.
  10. I do about 50-75 depending on how personable he/she is.
  11. I would also like to add, during a fitting there is ZERO pressure because you are typically hitting either on a range or into a mat. Once you take them onto the course, whether you realize it or not, you put pressure onto yourself. Pressure to hit the green or hit the fairway etc. That pressure is not there during a fitting because we think, "if I hit a bad shot the club fitter will fix it with a tweak to the shaft or head or weight", so we don't worry at all. I also agree with everyone about the grips may be different, hitting off of mats helps, juicing launch monitors and maybe specs are off a bit. That being said, out of the two sets which one feels better or is more consistent for you?
  12. I had a pair of Oakley Oil Can's with the brown lens and it worked so well when I got the Costa's they had the same option. I would highly recommend it. I just hate carrying my regular pair of glasses with me onto the course so if I go into the clubhouse to eat, I'm the jackass still wearing sunglasses inside, but it's because they are prescription.
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