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  1. I'm with ya Ole Gray! I wish I was precise enough to hit an EXACT number but I'm not! haha
  2. I just use the Grint for tracking my shots, The watch will also do this from what I understand. I am pleased though to hear your opinion regarding trust. Garmin has been doing this from the beginning.
  3. I have always used a laser and love their versatility, meaning I can shoot the flag, a rock a tree or whatever. I have always been intrigued by the watches though. I use The Grint and have the GPS function on there which is pretty good, it just drains my phone battery very fast so I am trying to get away from that.
  4. So I am thinking about pulling the trigger on this bad boy. Looks amazing and I don't have a gps unit that is not my phone. My laser died and don't want to spend 500 to replace it. How do you guys like the watches? Any feedback would be great! This one is selling for 299.
  5. Name-John Leone, Delaware, 40+ rounds Social Media-Facebook and Instagram Handicap and swing speed-8 driver speed 112 mph Current set-(Irons) Mizuno JPX 900 forged w/Modus 120 xstiff, (Driver) Callaway XR16 Pro with Diamana d70 whiteboard stiff, (3 wood) Titleist 917F w/ Diamana d80 whiteboard stiff Desired Set F9 conventional, never tried one length, however I would be more than willing.
  6. hahaha, I would not mind if football was year long!
  7. I never really thought about that! You make a very good point there. I hear a lot of times people say, "I CAN hit my 9 iron 170 yards." Sure they CAN when teeing off from an elevated tee box hitting to a green that is 80 ft below them and the wind at their back. I need to remember that statement as well. There are those times where I am loose and I am feeling good and swinging good and I think I am going to hit the perfect shot and I wind up a bit short. Great point again! Bear down!
  8. Being a relatively new member here, and reading a lot of interesting and well written posts, I wonder what does everyone do for a living? How many golf professionals are here, who is in the corporate world, who is retired? Just curious and figured for some this could also be a good tool for other, this can be an area to get other advice or networking opportunities. I love the atmosphere here at MyGolfSpy, I don't get the feeling of being inferior or looked down upon by people in the golf industry. Thank you all for that! I hope others feel the same! I am a middle school science teacher. Yeah, I work with 12-14 year old kids that most people just scratch their heads at. I can tell you that everyday is an adventure. I coach football and baseball (the golf job is a hard one to get), and I also work in the summer at one of the areas golf courses and coach a childrens league there.
  9. Yeah, buy one if you don't get selected for the review!
  10. I hit the TS2 and TS3 both and have to say out of all the new drivers, these two felt the best to me! They felt solid and receptive! I would love to have them in my bag!
  11. Ahhhh, I get it now. Are you happy with the $20 fee year for the pro version, or do you want more bang for the buck?
  12. I will say what I love about Titleist is the fact that they DON'T release new clubs every 6 months or so like TM and Callaway. Titleist keeps a model for about 2 years. If I go buy any TM product now, it will be old news by August. I think that the snob appeal has started to come down and I feel as if Titleist is trying to go after a younger demographic with their drivers. As stated earlier, I don't see much push for any of the irons, just the balls and driver. I don't even see a push for the wedges.
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