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  1. HA! I play there all the time!!! Island fairway...did you go for it or play it safe off to the right?
  2. Before you commit, try a 5 or 7 wood instead. They launch the ball higher, and are more forgiving. At least compare a hybrid to one of these woods. I put a 5 wood in my bag about a year ago, and took out my 3 hybrid and I could not have been happier. Something to think about.
  3. Absolutely! I am game whenever you are buddy!
  4. I think you hit on some very strong points here. I have always been a very competitive person for better or worse and I have been an upper tier athlete in my younger days. I have very high expectations when it comes to sports. This is the one sport that has brought me(along with most of us) to my knees. I would say I am a decent golfer, not great but I can hold my own. This is the last sport I picked up. I've said it a hundred times, I don't consider myself a golfer. I think how I don't consider myself a golfer is one of the reasons why I, unintentionally, hold myself back from being a better golfer than what I am. My higher expectations adds a level of stress that I am always playing under. Why do this to myself...I will never be a tour player. I think that if I lowered my own expectations and didn't "care" as much as I do, then I would play better. I am like most of us on here...the less I think about my swing, the better I play. I just need to do this more.
  5. I help coach an inner city golf team here in Delaware (Dover High School), many of our kids have never played before and many have either old equipment or really cheap starter sets. If you have not found a home for them, I would love to give them to some of our kids. If they are spoken for no worries, this is a great thing you are doing!
  6. I agree with @cnosil. I will say however, I would try to find a small local shop if possible. In these times, they could use the business more so than say a Club Champion or big box retailer. As for myself, I went to Club Champion for a fitting a while back, got my specs and had my local pro order me the club in the specs I needed. Club Champion was paid for the fitting, and the local pro made out on his end as well. Just my two cents.
  7. Just be warned about Club Champion, they will try to upsell you shafts, heads etc. I have used them before and I tell them I am not planning on buying the upgraded shafts, so maybe tell them you want stock shafts. I will say however, they are very good, and you will love the experience!
  8. After being away for much of the season, I am back on now and I have to say I am liking the new look to the site. I just wanted to say, this is why MGS is the best site to be on! Keep it up gang!
  9. I have the Epic Speed 5 wood and that thing is a monster!!!! Launches high, lands soft and the ball flight is EXACTLY what I am looking for. This is a great club!!!!
  10. I'm with you, I thought the Green course was easier as well. Wide fairways and large greens, but almost no wow factor.
  11. I love that song! Love this version the best too:
  12. So I saw this on Instagram and it got me wondering...what would your walk up song be if you could do this? You know, like how baseball players come up to the plate. Mine would have to be Ludacris, "Get Back", just to keep everyone safe. haha https://www.instagram.com/p/CRwf_2Wn9dTSnEqSqQd_Q1NZNV30xdA_Xz5gP40/
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