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  1. I have the older JPX900 forged, and it's the same thing. Doesn't affect playability though, just appearance. However, I feel your pain...get a brand new set of clubs and you want to keep them looking as nice as you can for as long as you can!
  2. Thanks, I am looking forward to the experience.
  3. It's funny you say that because I couldn't agree with you more. We live in a very small state and there are guys that think they are the next Tiger walking around. One of my buddies used to play on the old Nationwide Tour, this guy is seriously the best golfer I have ever seen in person, the shots he hits are ridiculous. He will be the first to tell you that even he is not that good. He has said the tour guys are on an entire another level. I guess you get the cockyness in every sport sadly. Although I don't mind the cockyness, if you are not an ass about it. The ones that are, I tend to just laugh at those guys. I
  4. Luckily I do get a caddy. I am using my best friend who is a much better golfer than I am. He is close to scratch. He is the one that talked me into trying. I plan on using him to keep me calm and not thinking about every single swing thought. Since it is my home course, I am just going in with the attitude that I am just playing another Saturday round of golf! Hoping it helps.
  5. Oh for sure! I am not entering this tournament to win it, I am entering this tournament to see what competitive golf is really like. Like I said before, my goal is to not finish in last place. If I finish in second to last then I will feel accomplished. I would however like to start becoming more competitive in this sport. I know it will take a ton of work, which I am willing to do. A 7.4 is not going to cut it, you are correct there. But I gotta start somewhere right?!
  6. I see your point. I never thought of that! One shot at a time!!!!
  7. That is great advice. I am looking at it as if I am playing another round at the course. I, like many others I'm sure, play so much better the less I think. I tend to get in my own way sometimes.
  8. So one of the best things I think I have going for me with this tourney is that it is at my home course this year! I know the course like the back of my hand, the question is can I play well for these two rounds? I hope so! I have my best friend as my caddy and he is far better then I am at golf so I am hoping he will help calm my nerves.
  9. So, let me first preface this with I am/was a baseball player. I have never really considered myself a "real" golfer. I have been getting serious about golf now for the past few years and it is all I want to do. I play probably 40-60 rounds per year and have managed to get my handicap into the single digits. That being said, I have qualified for my states amateur tournament. I have never actually competed in this game. I have played with my buddies and have played in scrambles but never once played a true competitive round of golf by myself. Aside from nerves, what can I expect in my first true test of golf? I am hoping to not come in last. That is my immediate goal. I would love to hear your thoughts. Thanks
  10. Yeah, the guy in mine said that I had to buy a driver to get one and I then told him no purchase was necessary...he then did the same thing, moaned a bit and handed me one. hahaha
  11. Just got mine yesterday! C'mon RORY big week for you boy!!!
  12. The modern day clubs are just more forgiving then the clubs of 10 years ago. I don't think distance has changed much because it's not allowed to change. Distance for drivers are regulated. Clubs can only perform to a set standard, and now a days, every company makes their drivers to do that. What is not regulated is the way the companies can move weighting, change sweet spot locations, change center of gravity etc. This is the biggest difference. Sadly, this all comes at an alarming cost to the consumer and each big company out there has done a phenomenal job at marketing to make us all think that we should purchase a new driver every year or two, when the fact is, we are not going to see distance gains or if we do they are SLIGHT distance changes due to better shafts or aerodynamics of a head. The larger manufacturers are pricing themselves out of the game for a lot of us. I don't want to spend $550 for a new driver every two years but until we, the consumer, stop spending the money the companies will keep creeping the price up.
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