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  1. In buying a custom putter I would want to choose: neck styles (flow neck for me) Heel shafted loft/lie weight grip paint fill colors putter head finish (raw/oil can/matte etc) engravings sight dot/lines etc I'm excited for you and this new venture you are diving into.
  2. I swapped out a 2 iron last summer for a 5 wood and could not be happier. The 5w is so much easier to hit and a lot more forgiving. To answer your question though, I do not swap out clubs depending on the course. My 3w is the oldest club in my bag and I use it off the tee or off the turf and love it the same. Sure I have good days with it and bad days but it's not going anywhere. Same with the rest of my set. It's the old saying (not politically correct here), "it's the arrow, not the indian."
  3. I only played it once, and I remember the fairways were pretty wide but, you are correct, you couldn't miss them or else there was trouble. I really remember thinking on many holes..."ohhhhh, if I would have driven up to look around that mound I would have hit a much different shot". I had a lot of those moments. Definitely, want to play there again!
  4. Have you played that? If so what did you think? I love his designs. They are just totally different and visually unique. I wouldn't want to play them everyday, because as mentioned before, they are not hard, but man they are fun. I'll have to check it out this summer.
  5. Yeah, my wife got us an Airbnb for Christmas so that was cool. It was a small condo, not as nice as Talamore but it worked for a few days. I keep looking at buying a condo down there but man this market is tight right now. Pinehurst is booming right now and places don't last long. Guess I'll keep looking.
  6. It was cart path only for us and I was beat from walking from the cart to the ball. It seems that whenever I play ANY course that is cart path only, I always tend to hit the ball the farthest distance away from the cart path. You need to go back and play it again WITH a cart. It won't be any easier but it will still be great golf! I'm always up to meet you down there to play it again! haha
  7. Actually, we stayed in the condo's on 3 (sorry, don't hate me) and we ate breakfast at the horse track. It was pretty good, large portions and cheap. So if you have not tried that for breakfast try that. Naturally, we hit the brewery (which you have been too many times I'm sure) and we got take out chinese one night haha. I agree, 18 was lacking a bit but it was refreshing in a way. Once we stepped on the tee box we could finally take a sigh of relief and simply said, finally we can rip a drive! The fairway was huge (by #7 standards) with very little trouble, but getting home in tw
  8. I just came back last night from a short three day trip to Pinehurst (I go at least once a year). The weather was not ideal being the highs were low to mid 40's and many mornings were delayed due to frost. That's no big deal for me though because it was much worse back home. I played Pinehurst #6, #7 and #9. I've played #9 before, even when it was a course called The National. Very nice course and I would recommend playing it if you get a chance. BUT......BUT....... NUMBER 7 What a MONSTER. I've played all the courses now except for the new #4 and I have to say Pinehurst
  9. I was going to say that as well, use an app or yardage book so you can see where to go. I too find Tobacco Road fairly easy, buy like you, I have played it so many times. I wouldn't recommend playing that course the first time, without knowing where to go. A bit of local knowledge goes a LONG way on all of his courses.
  10. I have played Tobacco Road more times than I can count, and I absolutely love the layout. I think every golfer that goes to Pinehurst needs to stop by and play Tobacco Road, but you need to play it more than once. This course is like non-other you have played before. So many blind shots and shots that visually look like you need to hit a very small landing area only to find out that you have more room than what your eyes told you. I love how unique Tobacco Road, Tot Hill Farms and Royal New Kent. I have not played the one in Myrtle but want to. I think with most of the Strantz courses, y
  11. I may be able to meet up once or twice if you are playing close to the DE/NJ boarder
  12. I tend to swap out my equipment when I start to lose confidence in the equipment...because it is NEVER my fault, it's ALWAYS the clubs!!!! I tend to keep irons for about three years on avg while drivers I will keep much longer. It's hard for me to find a driver I like and when I do, it will stay for about 4-5 years. Don't get me wrong, I will test out drivers and hit them but they don't change too much in the performance department for me to justify spending so much on them more frequently. Wedges last me about two years only due to wear and fairway woods will last about 4 years as well.
  13. How is the transition for you? Where are you working with one of his teachers, what course? Like I said, I like his ideas, just him teaching would be hard for me due to his being all over the place so quickly. If I could get someone to slow things down, I would be more likely to try it. I like the setup he explains. I have a pretty flat back in my swing and we could ALL use more rotation so if it's easier from his set up, I would be all for it!
  14. Yeah, I get that part. I like how he explained humping the ball. I think a lot of golfers tend to do this at times (myself included). Sometimes we just get stuck. I've watched a number of his videos and all the golfers he works with all have the same swing from young to old. They all look pretty good, much better than my train wreck of a swing.
  15. Weather in Delaware sucks lately. Snow, much like the rest of the Northern East Coast. When the snow melts, the rain comes in. We just can't dry out. What really sucks, is I am leaving for Pinehurst next week and was hoping to get a few practice rounds in before I go. Doesn't look like that is happening anytime soon. It's either been too wet or snowing for the past two weeks with more to come this week. UGH
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