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  1. Just got my order from Golfballs.com yesterday of the new Bridgestone Tour xs. They had their buy 3 get 1 free deal. Can't wait to go hit them, they look sweet!
  2. Wow, I just saw this and would have loved to join you! Next year?!
  3. I am guessing that after this quarantine there are going to be a ton of really good putters and chippers out there, but I would imagine a lot of us will lose driving accuracy. haha It will be interesting.
  4. I too am very thankful our course is open. I don't know what I would do if it wasn't. My best friend lives in MD (just across the DE/MD line) and he is not allowed to come into the state and play. His course is closed so I guess it's my time to get better than him!!!
  5. Yes, I forgot to mention, all of our rakes are gone as well. There are also no flags on the practice range.
  6. So here in Delaware, they determined that our golf courses can stay open as long as they follow a few simple rules: 1. The clubhouses are all shut down as to deter groups meeting up 2. Cups should be raised 3. Walking is highly encouraged but not necessary however if in a cart, it is now 1 cart per person unless you live in the same household. What is it like where you all are?
  7. I was playing in the Delaware am and on hole 15 there is a small gully off to the left of the tee box, about 15 yards. This gully is NOT in anyone's thoughts on the tee because of its location. Anyway, my best friend and I were playing a practice round there and he hit a shank into that gully, I don't know how because he is a 1 handicap, he just simply shanked it. So, back to the Delaware Am. we get to that tee box (and this is my home course nonetheless) and he says to me before I tee off, "oh this is the hole I shanked one," followed by a small chuckle by us both. I was hitting the ball decent that day off the tee. Yup, you guessed it, pull out my trusty 3 wood and turn on it like I was a top! Shanked it off the tee and into the gully it goes! That was one of the worst shots I hit!
  8. I think the Ping's will last you a long time. They are packed with TONS of tech and are super forgiving. Like I posted in my videos during the review, the ENTIRE face is hot, unlike most forged clubs. I too, don't have a ton of shots that require shaping the ball, however at times I do need to so I take that into account as well. Enjoy the Ping's, they are a solid stick!!!
  9. I have an old Callaway Apex UT. It's old, so I am sure there are new ones on the market that are more forgiving. I have tried the Callaway X Forged and liked that one, but I only use my driving iron on about three holes at my home course so I couldn't justify spending the extra cash on it. I would try the X Forged, TM P790, Srixon Z U model. Taylor Made has the GAPR that a lot of people like, I just think it looks more like a hybrid so it would defeat the purpose in my opinion.
  10. How well do you hit your long irons? I have a 3 hybrid and a driving iron. I NEVER hit my hybrid off the tee anymore. I hit my long irons really well and find that I can control the driving iron fairly well. It is easier for me to shape. I cannot shape my hybrid. That being said, if you don't hit your long irons well, or if you want to hit a higher shot I would say go hybrid.
  11. John Magnolia De 5.6 Mizuno JPX 900 forged T-100 no doubt
  12. Indeed. I am good anytime you want! Hope all is well Rob! Stay safe
  13. See, that actually takes skill and talent. Skipping rocks...not so much.
  14. Oh by far... I was on the edge of my seat the entire time. Can't wait till this sport sweeps the nation. hahahahahahaha
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