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  1. I didn't see this video, it was good! Those guys know what they are talking about when it comes to equipment.
  2. I saw the reviews on MGS but I was wondering about the 201's, I think they would fit me great. Have you had a chance to hit them or know anything about them? They are a lot cheaper but I still don't want to spend the cash on the HOPES that I like them. Wonder what their return policy is, if I don't like them?
  3. So I am in the process of shopping for new irons, I currently have Callaway Apex 19 Tour/Forged combo set and it's time for something new. I recently came across Takomo irons while watching YouTube, so naturally I went down the rabbit hole with these. Video after video all I could find is how people loved these and the cost is AMAZING! I am looking at maybe the Titleist T150's, Srixon ZX 5/7 combo, Mizuno JPX etc but all of these have a much much higher price tag with them. Has anyone ever hit these or know much about them? They are direct to consumer I believe so it's hard for me to just pull the trigger. They look great (model 201). Let me know your thoughts.
  4. They look nice...kinda remind me of the older Taylor Made irons MB Forged. I like the idea of being able to add a heavier weight in the head (I like a higher swing weight).
  5. I was looking at getting the combo set, and I think they look great but I want them to feel better I guess. I will look also at Mizuno and Callaway as well. I love how the Sub 70 irons look, but can't demo them which is unfortunate.
  6. I found this to be true as well. I am looking for new irons, and these were high on the list. I hit the the 5's and 7's and was not impressed. I thought my old Apex pro's felt better. This season, I will hit them again to give them one more shot, but I was just a bit underwhelmed.
  7. I keep bouncing back and forth between ProV1, Snell Black (left overs that I had) and the Bridgestone Tour BXS. They all feel pretty much the same to me and perform close enough to each other. I just wait to see who is running deals, granted the Snell is much cheaper.
  8. I won some Mizuno balls in a tournament last year and I was excited to try them out. I hated them. Like you said, not very durable. I would not recommend the Mizuno golf ball to anyone.
  9. Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes! Two years closer to St. Andrews. haha
  10. I simply put 00 on each ball, this was my baseball number.
  11. Yes, I love the feel, and I think the TX will be your shaft. I have never hit them, but like I said, they are a bit softer than the x100. They just feel smooth, the x100 to me felt way more stout (which I don't mind either) but I would never use the word smooth with the x100. When I was fitted, using the Mizuno fitting tool, the Modus never even came up on the recommended shafts for me. The top one was the x100. I picked the Modus because I was used to it I guess. It was in the last set of clubs I had and is in my gamers now.
  12. I was reading through your posts, I have the Modus 120x shafts and I feel as if I have a hard transition too. I was a former baseball player and I absolutely love this shaft. It's a bit softer than what you currently swing (x100) but it's much smoother too. My swing is more like Jon Rahm, not much of a backswing but a lot of torque. The shaft keeps up, no problem.
  13. I kind of feel the same, I would love to see Mizuno or Srixon come out well. I would love to hit these, but there are no places around me that carry either one.
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