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  1. Rick, Is it me or are your clubs facing the wrong direction?!! haha Now get out there and hit the hell out of them! Let the fun begin!
  2. It was a great fitting on such a gloomy day. As we started rolling, I didn't even notice the gloom anymore. It was great too, seeing so many people out at the range.
  3. As you know, yesterday I was fitted for my PING G410's. I met Golfspy CG_2 at Arundel Golf Park (which is right next to BWI Airport). I have to say, at first I was a bit concerned being that it was in the mid to low 50's and had been steadily raining all day. I called them early that morning to make sure they were open and to my surprise they were. For me, this was about an hour and a half ride so I had to make sure. The radar showed nothing but green on the screen for the next several hours so you can obviously see my concern. I checked to see if they had an indoor fitting area and they did not. Upon entering their drive, I was greeted by a miniature golf course and I continued to think...how good can this place be?! I went inside and was greeted by a friendly staff and a nice proshop. I then walked outside to the hitting bays and boy was I wrong. The hitting bays were well covered and dry (think Top Golf), with automatic ball machines in the matts. Much to my surprise, there were people there hitting...in this weather...a lot of people! I then met John Miller, my fitter. John knew his stuff. He first measured me standing with a closed fist for my lie angle (which I am 2 degrees upright). Next he had me swing a club with Mizuno's shaft optimizer on it. Three swings and it was able to spit out about a dozen shafts. The top shaft was the Dynamic Gold 120 x100 shaft. In my head this is too much shaft for me. I currently play a Modus 120 x shaft but that is because Modus shafts tend to be a bit weak. I told John, I liked my Modus shaft and it WAS located on the list but it was the LAST one on the list. John asked me what I like to feel in the shaft and I simply told him I want it to feel like a baseball bat (hence my name Ballplayer...for baseball player). He set me up with the one I wanted and the one he thought and long story short, I don't know what the hell I am talking about. He was right 100%. The Dynamic Gold shaft felt much more rigid throughout. I couldn't feel it loading which I don't want to feel anyway. Now I was still launching the ball sky high! To help combat this, John suggested that I go with the Power Spec option. I will be the first to say, earlier on, I questioned why PING would include this option and thought it was more for ego than anything, but again...I'm not that smart. I will just have to get used to the fact that now my gap wedge will be like my old PW and my PW will now hit like my 9 iron etc. This should be a fun test. I will say though the ball flew pretty straight and true. I had a few baby fades and one or two shanks but the ball flew to the target. One side note that John thought was interesting was that he noticed when looking at the numbers that with these clubs I tend to back the ball up once the ball lands. Who knew?!
  4. Thanks again for coming. We will definitely have to get out there and play a round or two.
  5. So I went for my fitting today! First and foremost I would like to once again say THANK YOU MGS for allowing me the opportunity and trust to do this write up. I would especially like say THANK YOU to Golfspy_CG2! We met for the first time today at the fitting. We had the perfect day for a fitting today...54 degrees and steady rain. I was fitted into green dot irons standard length with Dynamic Gold 120 X100 shafts. Wait till tomorrow for more.
  6. This is the only thing that really worries me, your launch height increased. I am hoping that is more from the shaft then the actual club head design. When I had my PING G10's, I hit those high...too high and could not flight the ball down if needed. I am hoping that I can control the flight a bit better with these. I will find out Sunday.
  7. I would not consider myself a great ball striker however I hit my irons pretty consistent. I too am looking hard at a few things: 1) ball flight 2) forgiveness 3) spin I get fitted Sunday for mine so we shall see what they put me in. Years ago I had the PING G10's in red dot with stiff tru temper shafts. Lets see how things have changed.
  8. I have played in some that the the complete opposite, the longest drive gets a putter and the longest putt gets a driver. Makes more sense this way.
  9. Sounds good. We played it on our way through to Pinehurst. I love Strantz designed golf courses, intimidating sight lines but large landing zones! We play Tobacco Road almost every year.
  10. Just played Royal New Kent this summer, great course! Condition was pretty good too! Heard it had some problems in the past but I can say as of early July it looked and played great!
  11. I get that too! When I make up my mind that it's time to get a new club, the old ones seem to "know" and perform better then they ever have.
  12. I actually hope the PING fitting happens AFTER the full bag fitting for you. I will be interested to hear what set of irons they fit you for and why. I think it will be fun to hear how you compare the feel of all the irons they put you in compared to the 410's. This could make for a GREAT article!
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