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    Golf and my family...what else is there?!
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  1. ballplayer002003

    Piretti Putter feel

    Good to know, thank you!!! I am looking forward to getting my hands on one
  2. ballplayer002003

    Piretti Putter feel

    Good to know, I have lead tape on my putter along with the 25g weight inserts. I too like a heavier putter. I don't always find the sweet spot on the putter so doing more research with the grooves on the Evnroll face, it looks like that really could help me. Would you say the Evnroll is a forgiving putter?
  3. ballplayer002003

    Piretti Putter feel

    I have heard really good things about the Evnroll putters, tell me more...how do they feel?
  4. ballplayer002003

    New member from Delaware

    Yeah, that's too bad! I figured that they know their product is fantastic so people will just deal with it. Long story short, we went to Trump Ferry Point which was beautiful, got to meet Michael Breed and played some good golf! We went back to Bethpage a few weeks later and the rest is golf history.
  5. ballplayer002003

    What equipment are you thinking about?

    I am in the same boat you are...I hear the Cobra is the one to beat this year. I myself am looking forward to trying the Epic Flash, TS models, new Mizuno (not known for their drivers but I hear good things about this one) and Cobra. I don't like the glossy finish of the Cobra but I am willing to overlook it if my ball speed increases. I'm getting fitted in mid Feb so I will post my findings.
  6. ballplayer002003

    Piretti Putter feel

    Hey gang, I am currently in the market to revamp my putter. I have always used a Scotty Cameron but I came across Piretti putters recently. I have never swung one so I don't know how they feel, although I love the look of them. I like my putter to feel mid-soft, however most Odyssey putters are too soft for me, I like a bit of feedback. Does anyone out there use a Piretti? If so, what are your opinions about them? I am looking for a slight toe hang putter if you have any recommendations.
  7. ballplayer002003

    New member from Delaware

    Yes it is, however the people could not be more rude there. We had a foursome coming from Delaware and Maryland to play on the black course. We left here at 6am, for a 1:00 tee time. They had a storm roll through as we were on our way to the course. We show up and a sign said closed. We went inside and spoke to the people in the proshop and they told us a storm dumped about 2" of rain in a little over an hour so they closed the course down. He told us to talk to the reservation desk and when we did they could have cared less. A man was in front of us arguing with them that he was on hole 3 when the course came out to get him. He asked for a rain check or a refund of his money and they told him no to both. Hole 3!!!! Crazy!
  8. ballplayer002003

    New member from Delaware

    Yeah, it has been a long time since I played it as well. It was interesting but the holes were too close to each other. I see we have the same logo...by far my favorite course!!!! Can't wait for this year for the PGA Championship! I'll be there!
  9. ballplayer002003

    New member from Delaware

    I've played the Rock once, not bad. I love Delaware Park, but I hear they lost a few holes recently due to all the rain!
  10. ballplayer002003

    New member from Delaware

    I work at Maple Dale in Dover during the summer. However I play all around, a lot down at the beach like Baywood. When Frog Hollow has deals I play there or Odessa National. How about you?
  11. ballplayer002003

    jlukes' Swing Overhaul

    Out of curiosity, what drills did your instructor have you do?
  12. ballplayer002003

    Putter change...maybe

    I've been missing 3-7 footers. It could be the course I play at, very wet greens that have not been rolled for a while or it could be me. I am thinking it's a combination of both. The arm lock has intrigued me as of late. When you say it would take you a lot of practice...why do you think that (above normal putting practice)? Was it the forward press or keeping the shaft against the forearm or did you feel like you would pull a lot of putts?
  13. ballplayer002003

    Putter change...maybe

    Hi guys, new member here! I have been gaming a Scotty Cameron California Del Mar putter 34" now for a few years, I have been using the claw grip and found a lot of success. Recently though I have been thinking of making a switch due to missing short easy putts (in my mind anyway). I am now thinking about trying the Bettinardi Kucher that requires the arm lock method. Do any of you putt this way (using the arm lock) and if so what are some pro's and con's? How long did it take to feel comfortable?
  14. ballplayer002003

    For Sale TS3 Driver

    Too bad it's a regular shaft and not stiff! I would be interested. Good luck, good price!!!
  15. ballplayer002003

    Price Breaking Point

    You are correct, however with these clubs being out for half a season or so, some golfers are already tired of them or just want the "latest and greatest", I have seen TS2/3 with only a few rounds played on them on eBay for 400. I am willing to spend that, I refuse to spend 500+. That money will be better spent on more lessons.