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  1. I was too, and I hated that watch. I may have received a bad one, but mine took a very long time to load up courses, would shut off (with a full charge) and it would skip holes at times. I did like the graphics on it, but I just think the Garmin watches are better.
  2. The S60 is a great watch/gps. Let me know how you like it, I've been debating on getting one as well.
  3. Okay, okay, okay. I guess we should not keep it a secret any longer. Yes, I will be attending and doing a small autograph/photo session before our round. Please, no need to get star struck. I am a normal person just like you all. I put my shoes on, one leg at a time. Rob, as always, I am humbled. Can't wait!
  4. I agree, St. Michaels is a very pretty small town filled with good restaurants, a winery and a distillery which is right on the water. Annapolis is also extremely beautiful with great food and sights. Kent Island and Kent Narrows both have great places on the water to eat and have some drinks while you watch the boats come in or go out for the day. Across the street from Queenstown, are a set of Tanger Outlet stores so shopping is always an option close by. If spouses want to travel, they can drive about an hour and a half and hit Ocean City, Md., or any of the Delaware beaches. The Delaware beaches offer tax free shopping at Tanger Outlets as well, and a TON of brewery's (Dogfish Head is a must stop along with Thompson Island Beer Company) I must warn you...traffic will be bad on the weekends. This drive, with traffic will be more like 2-2.5 hours depending on the time. Kent Island also offers a "beach" but it's on the Chesapeake Bay so is it really a beach?! Lots to do nearby, sky's the limit.
  5. Let's gooooooo!!!!! Masters week is here!
  6. I make my own jerky so I usually bring that. The protein helps curb my appetite throughout the round.
  7. I am golf only for Sat., can't wait to meet everyone and to be able to put a face to some names! Glad to see we are getting some out of towners too! This is why this place is so damn good!!!!
  8. Guys, I can tell you Queenstown is a great course, I live about 45 min away. I can also recommend restaurants if needed (many are at Kent Narrows on the water). I have never stayed in the cottages, however they look really nice and offer sweet patios with firepits for a few nightly drinks overlooking the water. If you are not looking to stay in one of the cottages, there is a Holiday Inn Express and a Best Western located in Kent Narrows about 10 minutes away that you can book. Let me know if I can be of any help and hope to see you all there!
  9. Great question! For me, it's the challenge. Many sports have always come pretty easy to me throughout my life. Golf is the one sport that I struggle with the most. It's the one sport that requires the most practice...("practice, practice...I don't need stinking practice"). When I played baseball, a lot of the motions were muscle memory and instant reactions, meaning if I saw a 96mph fastball I didn't have much time to think about swinging, I just swung. In golf, I have all the damn time in the world to think about what shot do I want to hit, what club should I use, how hard do I swing, where do I want to land the ball, where is the clubhead in the back swing and on and on and on. That is the challenge for me. It's just wanting to be good to prove a point to myself I guess.
  10. I am going out in June as well, but we are staying at the lodge. It is $$$$ but c'mon, it's a bucket list trip. We are playing two rounds at Pebble, Spanish Bay, Spy Glass and Del Monte. After the last round, we are hoping to catch a flight down to San Diego to play Torrey Pines as well. I will check out the bagpipes and take in as much as it's humanly possible.
  11. As some of you may know...or not know, I am a teacher and golf coach. We just started our new season yesterday and I have a lot of new golfers that came out. This is a great thing because we are growing the game. (I coach at a high poverty/high needs school). I have a few seniors on the team but mainly freshman and sophmores. My big question to any of you is simply what are some of your favorite golf drills? They can be anything from putting drills to bunker drills to driver drills...I don't care, let me have 'em. I love the ladder drill for distance control on the putting green.
  12. Aww man that's too bad. Usually they roll pretty good. You need to play Baywood, it's beautiful and has a unique hole with an island fairway. You like Rum Point over Lighthouse? Interesting. I was looking at buying a home on Rum Point just this past year.
  13. Please tell me you play Lighthouse Sound
  14. Something we always do every year is have each player put in money towards a hole in one purse. It can be anywhere from $5-$50 depending on what you want. The leader of the group just keeps the cash and brings it back down every year. The first person that hits a hole in one gets the entire purse. We have a pretty large sum of cash waiting for one of us after doing this for a while now.
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