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  1. I love that song! Love this version the best too:
  2. So I saw this on Instagram and it got me wondering...what would your walk up song be if you could do this? You know, like how baseball players come up to the plate. Mine would have to be Ludacris, "Get Back", just to keep everyone safe. haha https://www.instagram.com/p/CRwf_2Wn9dTSnEqSqQd_Q1NZNV30xdA_Xz5gP40/
  3. I am loving all the data that Arccos is giving you all. I think I need to do a better job collecting data of my own.
  4. Just got back from our trip two weeks ago and we played Royal New Kent, Golden Horseshoe Gold and Green, and Brickshire. I have to say Golden Horseshoe Gold was a BEAUTIFUL course with a very friendly staff. The course was well manicured, very tight and fun to play (we had a free replay on both the Gold and the Green). I definitely played MUCH better the second time through. The one thing that I have to complain about were the greens on the Gold course. I'm not sure I have ever seen more beat up greens in my life. Nobody repaired pitch marks here. Don't get me wrong, they rolled very well but we all were very disappointed in how bad they looked. We did our part and repaired more than our fair share of pitch marks but I just don't understand why people can't just bend over and do this themselves to make the greens that much better. That being said, I loved the elevation changes and the par 3's lived up to their reputation. The Green course...well....it was much easier, much wider and just lacked the WOW factor that the Gold course had. You could tell the Horseshoe put most of the money into the Gold course. Again, it was a nice course and if it were in my hometown it would be one of the premier courses around, but unfortunately, it is not. I did like Brickshire, although I heard a lot of negative things going into this trip about it. I was not expecting much out of this course, but I was pleasantly surprised by it. It too, had wide fairways and when I mean wide I mean WIDE!!! The greens rolled true and were receptive to attacking the pins. There were elevation changes and some short par 4's and some VERY long par 3's. The day we played, we had a pretty strong wind and every par 3 played to over 200. It was a lot of fun. I would definitely play here again.
  5. I have gone down there every year for the past 20 years and I can tell you, you picked a GREAT lineup! If you want the best course down there play Pinehurst #7. You will need every single club in your bag!!!!
  6. I love Mid Pines. The last three holes are great finishing holes.
  7. sorry, not looking to trade. I'm going to stick with my Del Mar
  8. Lets see your center...or heel/toe shots! Just in time to play Golden Horseshoe Monday and Tuesday!
  9. For sale is a brand new PING CA70 2021 34" putter with head cover. All tags and plastic are still on. They are selling new for $250, it can be yours for $210 shipping included. The CA70 is for BOTH slight arc and straight back and through strokes. It has a firm feel on long putts yet a soft feel on short ones due to PING's new face insert.
  10. The short game is the key. So much can go wrong with the swing, so keeping it as simple as possible is clutch. I only break my wrist out of bunkers or if I am trying a flop shot, which is not often.
  11. top 200, hahahaha okay, I still say I am disapointed with Viktor Hovland...really, a piece of sand...SAND! C'mon man haha
  12. works like a charm! I like how it takes out a lot of different variables. Just keep the same motion and change the club, not the stroke.
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