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  1. I would recommend playing Dormie Club and Mid South as well. They are great courses!!! Dormie is a Crenshaw course and it has some pretty unique holes on it. Mid South is just a nice layout all around. Have fun down there!!!!
  2. You are in my neck of the woods now. Ocean City has changed a bunch in the last 20 years, they are trying to become a mini Myrtle Beach. A lot of nice courses now.
  3. small world, I have family in Jamestown and Fredonia
  4. I go back and forth on a 2 iron and a lob wedge. I have a gap between my 3 wood and the next club, which is usually a 3 hybrid. I hit my 3 wood anywhere from 240-260 (depending if I am hitting off a tee or not). I hit my 3 hybrid about 225. So on longer courses, I will usually use a 2 iron which I typically max out at 240, so it fills in that gap nicely. However, if I am playing a short course, I don't need the extra length so I put in a 60* wedge for more options around the green.
  5. First set Dunlop Linear Force Tommy Arm 845 Titleist DCI's TM SuperSteel Burners Callaway Steelhead X16 Ping G10 Adams XTD Forged Mizuno JPX 900 forged
  6. Very true, most guys don't know what swing weight is or how heavy their shaft is etc. The guys that worry about how far they hit their 7 irons are the ego driven golfers. Most really good golfers I know only care about if they hit their number consistently. Take me for example, I hit my 7 iron 170 yards. I'm not saying this to impress anyone or care about those that can hit theirs farther, I am saying this because I don't want to hit my 7 iron 180 on one swing, 170 on another and 190 on the next. I want to know that I CONSISTENTLY hit it 170 yards give or take a few yards. If my 170 yard club is a 4 iron then I don't care, I want to know that when I pull 4 iron it will go that particular distance every single time.
  7. I felt this way about their drivers this past year. When shopping for a new driver, they only had the TS2 and TS3. I tried them, numbers were not the best for me, so I bought my Flash SZ, THEN they came out with the TS1 and TS4. Maybe one of these would have been the one for me. Who knows because I can't afford to go buy a new $500 driver every season.
  8. When I was fit for the PING G410's for testing, they did the same for me. I was put into the strong lofted irons to help with ball flight, not distance. That being said, I think I will be first in line to try these! They look fantastic and seems to be everything I am looking for in a club. But...gotta hit them first.
  9. You may also want to keep an eye out for any tournaments that this course may offer. I would love to play Shinnecock but as you know it is EXTREMELY private. They do offer a tournament open to the public one time a year (it cost thousands to enter). I don't have that cash either so it will never be played by me BUT the option is there technically. I work at a local course in the spring-fall and I also get free rounds and many perks. I have met many wonderful people and would like to enter the golf industry when I retire in 7 more years. Maybe go to the course and ask to pick the range or cart barn in exchange for rounds of golf. Talk to the pro, tell him he doesn't have to pay you in cash, you will trade/barter your time for rounds of golf there. Just an idea.
  10. So the guys on the trip want to do Bethpage, we are going to rent an Airbnb and then on the last day or two, camp out in the parking lot to play the Black course so we get the FULL experience. My question now, what are some really good must play public places near Bethpage or NYC for that matter. I have played Trump National Ferry Point so that is probably on the list again and we plan on playing the red and black course but other then these what else? The group consists of scratch golfers to 16 hcp. so we are up for anything.
  11. No, you don't really need to make a tee time. The Cradle is a fun little course where you will only need a wedge and putter, maybe a PW depending on how long you hit your clubs. It is not as crowded as you may think. You can go out anytime and play it, just go into the main clubhouse and tell them you want to play it and off you go. They have a drink station out there as well but bring your cash because it is very expensive. You will have fun though! What courses are you playing while there? I have been going every year for the past 15 years and love so many courses down there.
  12. These clubs are definitely point and shoot. I also had my lofts adjusted, my fitter did the power spec lofts, not to gain distance but to try to bring ball flight down a bit. Didn't work! I still hit these clubs a mile high.
  13. Wow, this is one hell of a road trip you are planning!!! Sounds fun, and a wife that wants you to FOCUS on golf....BONUS
  14. I like the top view of it, hate the bottom view. I know you don't look at the bottom but I don't think it is for me. Couldn't agree more, go get fit and go in with an open mind. These guys are good at what they do!
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