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  1. I get them in tomorrow and plan on playing Sunday! At least getting a range session, pretty excited to see how they are!
  2. Recently graduated from graduate school and have a little more time on my hands than in recent years and getting back into playing a lot more. Was internet window shopping and found a deal I couldn’t pass up on a set of Mizuno MP 18 MMC With project X 6.5 (should be getting them Saturday) Wondering if anyone had any experience with the irons and if they like them. Been gaming Nike vapor pros with DG s300 for past few seasons. I feel like I’m in for a 180 on feel and performance. stay safe everyone! Fairways and greens
  3. I know It’s gotten mixed reviews but the E6 connect Home Studio Mini is a good option if you’re about to resort to your Wii golf. Fiancé got me one for my birthday last week and it’s pretty fun once you get an understanding of how far you can hit each club compared to real life. That being said not the most accurate but can’t expect much when paying $250-280 for a “simulator”. If you have the room for it my father has an optishot 2 set up in his garage that the fam got him a few years ago. Whole set up was close to 1K. Stay safe!
  4. Actually found a site that was selling them new last season for about $50 with grip and adapter. Ordered on for my driver and love it!
  5. Hey guys new to the forum and thought I’d do intro for my region! 1. How long have you been playing golf? - I’ve grown up playing since I was about 5y/o and just turn 27 this past week so 22 years! 2. What do you love about golf? - The thing I love about golf is you will never hit the exact same shot twice.... and flushing a 3 iron 3. what brings you to my golf spy? Know any other spies? - follow their account on Instagram and listen to some of the talks they do. I don’t know any other spies! 4. Recently moved to Manhattan, KS from Overland Park, KS. Current home course is Clay Center Country Club 5. Best and worst things about golf in the region? - best: golf is fairly inexpensive anywhere within 50 miles there’s plenty of course that are in good shape for under $40 with a cart. - Worst: great life golf and fitness. In my opinion it’s a death sentence for golf courses. Don’t put in the time to maintain a course and it’s goes to sh*t. 6. What do you do for a living? - I have recently graduated from Cleveland University Kansas City with my doctorate in Chiropractic. While waiting to get approved for licensing I and working on the grounds crew team for my home course. If any other spies are near my area let’s get some golf in!
  6. - Dalton - Manhattan, KS - Handicap: 6 - ITB: Nike Vapor Pro 3-9 - T-100-s
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