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  1. I went with the EverFlow Riptide CB 60g.
  2. I almost made it but I finally broke down today and ordered the Proto x+. Cant wait till it gets here.
  3. My miss is a slice when I get sloppy with my hands and leave the face open. Wonder if this would help reduce the damage when that happens over moving to far left when I am more on my game. Definitely want to give this a hit.
  4. Just curious after having the Cobra for a couple months are you seeing and discoloration on the face?
  5. Starting to look ahead to building a new set of clubs for next year I was thinking of doing a combo set of irons with the break between 6 and 7 irons. Started thinking about the difference between having a matching PW or getting a similar loft wedge (probably a vokey). Wondering what you guys think?
  6. I ended up with a full Titleist bag this year by complete accident. I have always carried volkey wedges and my Cameron putter but usually the rest of the bag is a mix of Titleist, Cobra and Ping. I am pretty sure this is going to be a one year thing. Thinking the irons and driver are going to get switched out for next summer.
  7. That bag is amazing. Best project I have seen anyone do this year.
  8. 7 handicap, Glen Allen, VA Titleist 735 cm, 8 iron distance is about 146 I know that Sub 70 is a quality company. I have not ordered anything from them but I have chatted with there representative on the forums here. I really like there philosophy on club design and would love to see how they perform.
  9. Oh my God I had not seen that before he would be such a pain to play with.
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